Who DaFuq is Rik Wallin?? - 

Praise the Lor... err ughh... Bored !!!


So, you came here looking for incriminating dirt about me, the real Rik Wallin?   Don’t despair, I’ll do my best and try try not to disappoint. 


I’m more than just another gay fag in the Oak Lawn Gayborhood area of Dallas looking for a trunk to stick my junk.  I seek real friendship but it seems that this has become just a fantasy since I no longer look like the confident, long haired biker dude I used to be. 

Yeah, I can be snarky at times about everything and everyone but it’s mostly in the spirit of fun intended to make others think wider about the foolishness we encounter each day.  Humor gives me strength to manage all the pain and trauma Ive dealt with throughout my life.  . 

Lowes might have ‘wider aisles’ in their commercials, but I have ‘wider smiles’ when I think about all the goofy shit some people around here do. 

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