See how ‘Fabulous’ I am??  No, really... How hard I work?


After leaving the Avon Cosmetics Data Center in Pasadena California, I worked as a Data Communications Technical Support Specialist for AST Research when I lived in California. During which time I had to engage in field service training for their flagship products which included Micro-to-Mainframe products as well the the Premium-286 and Premium-386 computer systems.

dBase III+ Class

This is the class I took for dBase III+ in July 1988 which I used later to build the AST Research Technical Support Database used to track customers who were having problems with the products the company made and sold.

PerkinElmer OS-32 for Hubbel Telescope

In August 1983 I was working for a company called Perkin Elmer and had to go to Neptune New Jersey for a week long class on a 32-Bit Mini-Computer they designed and manufactured called a PE OS/32 which was later bought out and sold by Perot Systems. 

We used several of these computers when plotting and building the Hubbel Telescope for NASA and it was my job to maintain and assist in troubleshooting if operational problems occurred.

Patricia Nell Warren

Back in December of '99, my husband Wynn and I engaged in a Pagan Hanfasting Ceremony which many could associate the same as a wedding. We invited our friend Patricia Nell Warren, author of the popular gay romance book called "The Front Runner" but she had to decline but sent this colorful handwritten card with her best wishes.

QE2 Cruise

In August of 1988 my Huz Wynn and I took a cruise on the Queen Elizabeth II ship and also went to the JVC Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. Sadly though, Cunard addressed the two of us as Dr. & Mrs. Richard Wagner thinking Mr. & Mr. was a typeo which they tried to correct. How could it possibly be Mr. & Mr. Richard Wagner?? LOL--<smirk>

Rick's Orion Stargate

This is 'Rick's Orion Stargate', my German Rottweiler and his AKC pedigree registration papers. His mom's name was also Egyptian and her name was Cleopatra or "Cleo" for short. My mom in Connecticut was the breeder. Later, he would prove himself to be my guardian once when he helped saved my life when I couldn't breathe while having a seizure.


My boss Mark and several co-workers convinced me to go with them and take a skydiving class to learn how to tandem jump out of a plane. Later I liked it so much that I began leaning towards getting my AFF (accelerated free fall) license.


Back in January 1995, my JDS Microprocessing boss Mark, convinced me to join him in going for a sdydive in Perris Valley California.. He did AFF and I did Tandem and although I flailed all over the place I liked it so much that I later did a second one. 

Years later I learned that both of my instructors were dead. One died from a navigational accident when colliding with another jumper, and the other commited suicide when he packed a fake chute and a note which revealed another suicide note in his dropzone-parked truck. 

Later, my Huz Wynn made me promise not to persue getting my AFF license because he couldn't deal with me leaving to go on a jump one morning and never coming back home again. 

He had a past boyfriend named Marty who left one night after a huge heated argument for a pack of cigarettes and was killed by an oncoming car. As he says "once was enough" and I can personally agree with him there.

VaxGen HIV Study

This is the certificate I received after completing a 3 year clinical trial for the Vaxgen company which was developing and testing and AIDS/HIV vaccine. It was a 'double blind' study and in the end I learned that I received the real deal and not a fake placebo. Participants had to be HIV- and have strong associations with HIV+ sex partners. After my motorcycle accident, doctors where very curious as to why I was able to heal so rapidly and wondered if this had something to do with it.

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