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THE HANGOUT for GayPeeps !!!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:41 am
by RikWallin
I formed this system because I was sick and tired of all the political bullshit and hate speech on FaceBook and wanted a place where I can be as "ADULT" as I choose without being sent to FaceBook jail for posting an artistic photo of a man's butt cheek. It's primarily for other gay men but I also have the occasional gay-friendly females here too. No, you can leave your bible, and fluffy bunnies at the door cuz yeah, we can get a bit narly around here at times. But the keys to it all are Honesty, Compassion, and willingness to listen/learn about things you might not truly agree with or understand. It's never a crime to ask "Why?" and you won't be humiliated [well, not seriously anyhow] for not knowing something.

Instead, it's a great way to share cool things you learned, found, tried, etc. and also a way to break the ice with some local Dallas Peeps you might even get to meet face to face someday. [if you play your cards right, of course.]. Sure, we all have opinions, but do be careful with JUDGEMENT or HARASSMENT which can be extremely hurtful. After all, each one of us a 'one of a kind' and truly unique in each and every way. Who the fuck wants to live in a world full of 'clones' competing to out-do each other for acceptance anyhow?

Instead of creating a boatload of "TOPIC" areas I think this "Just Sayin'" area would be pretty much the anything goes place. No, don't post naked sex crap here. Use the FAP ZONE and don't get all nervous about censorship either. Fuck That... Long before the internet, we had Bulletin Boards, Modems, Telephone Lines that we used to connect to others all over the nation building friendships and staying on top of news that affects us all.

Do you know the true meaning of Gay, Bi, Straight, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, Asexual, MetroSexual? Well, this is the place to ask about things you want to know more about. Many of us use the word BEST far too much. What's BEST for you could be a living NIGHTMARE for someone else. I don't take kindly to assholes who unconditionally force their methods on others even if they truly believe they are right. To that, I say FUCK YOU and your little RIGHT BOX too! Life is too goddamn short for bullshit like that and many of you reading this know just what I'm talking about.

I know what it's like to grow up as a "Have Not" instead of a "Have" but I still continue to have faith in humanity. Yes, I truly have a right to bitch, moan, complain, be angry, frustrated, hurt and any other emotion you care to dream up. But it's my job to accept, adapt, and adjust to it all while at the same time trying to warn others of things they can do to avoid winding up in the same situation themselves later on.

So before you go off on a judgemental tangent about how fucked up your life might be right now, do it with style and grace remembering that it's good to vent, but it's also good to listen afterward to commentary from others that could lead to better changes you never thought of.

Anyhow, enough of this rambling... Just know this is why I made this place. If you need help, or get stuck, don't hessitate to ask. Ok?