Welcome to the MysticWays /  Book of Shadows WiKi.

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We're a group of spiritual beings centralized in the Dallas, Texas / OakLawn area and share pagan, metaphysical, new age info, and ancient ritual celebrations.

We harness the power of "Spirit" and the universal forces of nature in a quest to better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

We are of no faith, and yet of *all* faiths.. We are sexual, and yet disinterested in sexual orientation. We are nothing, yet we are everything!

Forsake Inhibitions, Pursue thy dreams!

Welcome to the "craft of the wise ones". The place where the unseen becomes seen and the place where fear is replaced with understanding and betterment. This WIKI knowledgebase was conceived by Rick Wager, senior product designer of MysticWays located in Dallas, TX at:

We Invite you to contribute your own content to be shared with others and you also have the ability to correct any errors you may run into with existing documents.  Our goal is to create a home where you can perform research and also find suggested healing remedies from holistic authors all over the world.

NOTE: Newest items will always appear in the RECENTLY CHANGED box on the left!