Favorite Faery Oils

I have sent far and wide throughout Fairyland to find all the best faery oil recipes for you. I found more than 40! Here they are, for your use and enjoyment.

If you are thinking, "oil recipes??" do not fear! Scented oils are not very hard to make at all. However, if it sounds hard to you, that is okay...you will just need to get someone older to help you.

You will need...

* an unscented massage oil, like jojoba, as a base.*

* essential oils. Choose your first recipe carefully! This is the most expensive part, but a bottle of essential oil will last a very long time.

* a pretty little bottle to put your oil in.

* eyedroppers.

* a few recipes call for food coloring, but you can leave that out if you don't want it.

Now, all you have to do is pour a little base oil into the bottle, then follow the recipe. (Some of the recipes don't give amounts. Don't panic! Just start with equal amounts, and then you can adjust it however you like. If you make changes, write them down so you can make it again later!) Swish it around in the bottle and smell it. If it's too strong, add a little more base oil. If it's not strong enough, add the same number of scented drops again. Seal and shake the bottle, and you've got your oil!

You can wear this oil if you like. You can use it to bless your favorite fairy-things. You can use it in your bath by pouring a little straight in, or make bath salts by pouring a bit of oil into a mixture of table salt (1 part), Epsom salt (3 parts), and baking soda (2 parts).

The recipes are in alphabetical order. I always give the name of the person who, as far as I know, created the recipe. Failing that, I say who sent me the recipe. If you know the origin of an "unknown" recipe, please let me know!

Angel/Archangel Oil (Lothlorien Village)--Very potent, protects from evil spirits and overcomes hexes.




Holy Water

Spring Water

Angelic Wings Oil (M. Alchemis)--An anointing oil for Angelic Intervention or use during prayer.

19 drops Sandalwood
9 drops Magnolia
5 drops Myrrh

Blodeuwedd Oil (unknown-Diva)

1 dram lily of the valley oil

1 dram violet oil

1 dram honeysuckle oil

lemon balm herb

Brid's Oil (unknown-Diva)

2 drams almond oil

1 dram sage oil

1 dram dragons blood oil

1 small crushed garnet

Crystal Grove Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--for anointing faery tools.

10 drops anise

20 drops violet

15 drops jasmine

3 drops ylang-ylang

10 drops honeysuckle

Dragon’s Hoard Oil (Lyz)--helps you find opportunity and resources.

1 part Clove
1 part Patchouli
3 parts Frankincense
1 part Pine
1 part Bergamot

Dragon Shield (M. SummerWind)--This blend is for protection against physical, mental, and emotional attacks.

3 parts patchouli oil
2 parts sandalwood oil
½ part lilac oil

*Dragon Smoke Bath (DJ Conway)--for prosperity.

5 drops cherry

2 drops anise

Dryad (Silver ShadowWolf)

musk (main scent)

oakmoss (minor scent)

civet (trace)

vanilla (trace)

Excalibur Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--helps with releasing.

15 drops lemon

9 drops orange

4 drops thyme

2 drops ginger

5 drops rose geranium

1 drop cinnamon

14 drops lavender

Faerie Enchantment (Silver ShadowWolf)

10 drops rose

5 drops thyme

1 drop evening primrose oil

Faerie Fire Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--to work with fire elementals.

12 drops peach

4 drops musk

2 drops chamomile

2 drops poppy

5 drops ylang-ylang

4 drops new mown hay

2 drops dragon’s blood

Faerie Fire Oil (Laurie Cabot)

1 garnet, crushed

1 dram dragon's blood oil

coriander seeds

1 dram almond oil

Warm over low heat.

Faerie Flower Oil (Laurie Cabot)

1 dram elderflower oil

1 dram lavender oil

dried rosebuds

Faerie Magick Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)

7 drops lemon

10 drops gardenia

7 drops jasmine

11 drops violet

5 drops lavender

7 drops lemongrass

7 drops rose geranium

7 drops ylang-ylang

Faerie Spirit (Silver ShadowWolf)

6 drops oakmoss

4 drops rosemary

3 drops cypress

2 drops patchouli

*Fairy Ring Oil (Silver ShadowWolf)







*Fairy Sight Oil (Rowan Fairgrove)






Flower Faerie’s Fancy (Lyz)--to enhance beauty and musical/artistic skill; beware its enchantment!

4 parts Rose
1 part Jasmine
2 parts Clary Sage

Use this spell to charge it:

"Grant me your favors, Fair Ones I pray; your tales I shall tell, your songs I shall play! With harm to none, no secrets betray, Lend me the might of your talents today. So Mote It Be!"

Friendly Nature Spirit Oil (Silver ShadowWolf)





Gnome’s Cap Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--to work with Earth elementals.

10 drops cypress

5 drops lilac

2 drops narcissus

25 drops siberian fir

10 drops musk

Gossamer Wings Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--to work with Air elementals.

12 drops violet

10 drops lemon

5 drops cajupet

20 drops lavender

Kindly Spirit Oil (Lothlorien Village)





Lady of the Lake Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)

25 drops lavender

5 drops lilac

5 drops "earth" oil

1 drop jasmine

5 drops rose geranium

4 drops carnation

1 drop rosemary

Laughter of the Muses (M. SummerWind)--This blend will chase away the blues, leaving you happy and refreshed.

6 parts rose oil
6 parts wisteria oil
1 part lavender oil
1 part freesia oil

Liban’s Touch (M. SummerWind)--Liban is a Celtic Goddess of healing. (And she's a mermaid!--Ozma.) Use this recipe to speed recovery from illness, especially colds or 'flu.

6 p. carnation
3 p. sandalwood
1 p. rose

Lugh Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)

9 drops lime

9 drops rose

6 drops sandalwood

6 drops dragon’s blood

9 drops rose geranium

9 drops lavender

*Merddin Bath (DJ Conway)--for prophesy spells.

4 drops violet

4 drops wisteria

8 drops lilac

8 drops narcissus

4 drops ambergris

Merlin Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)

6 drops vetivert

5 drops pine

1 drop clove

2 drops cypress OR cedarwood

2 drops rose geranium

5 drops "green forest"

5 drops oakmoss

Merlyn’s Might (M. SummerWind)--To boost your magickal powers.

8 parts dragon’s blood oil
3 parts vanilla oil
2 parts ginger oil

Midsummer Faery Oil (Estara Korai)

12 drops rose

6 drops chamomile

4 drops lavender

3 daisy petals

3 pinches vervain

3 pinches elderflower

Mists and Shadows Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--to go to the "between" places.

4 drops heather

3 drops lemon

4 drops lilac

5 drops rose

10 drops Faerie Magick oil

10 drops "green forest" oil

5 drops siberian fir

5 drops honeysuckle

2 drops musk

Morgan Oil (Estara Korai)

22 drops lavender

12 drops cypress

12 drops apple

pinch of dragon’s blood

1 hawthorn berry

Nature-Spirit Attracting Oil (Silver ShadowWolf)

1/2 dram carnation oil

1/2 dram gardenia oil

Nuada Oil (unknown-Diva-adapted by Estara Korai)

1 part rose

3 parts frankincense

3 parts cinnamon

5 ml jasmine oil

10 ml lily oil

3 ml clove oil

optional: strip of willow

Nymph Oil (Lady Galadriel)--To attract men.

3 parts Jasmine

3 parts Rose

2 parts Ylang Ylang

2 parts Gardenia

2 parts Violet

1 part Musk

1 part Lavender

Nymph and Satyr Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--attracts men to a woman.

25 drops rose

11 drops anise

13 drops violet

15 drops jasmine

15 drops ylang-ylang

12 drops narcissus OR

4 drops lotus and

8 drops lilac

Rhiannon Oil (unknown-Diva-adapted by Estara Korai)

2 parts carnation

1 part rose

3 parts frankincense

5 ml jasmine oil

10 ml lily oil

10 ml lavender oil

optional: strip of willow

Satyr Bath (DJ Conway)

4 drops carnation

4 drops musk

8 drops patchouli

8 drops vanilla

2 drops cinnamon

Satyr Oil (Scott Cunningham)

musk (main)

patchouli (main)




Satyr Oil (Lady Galadriel)--Wear to attract women.

3 parts Musk

3 parts Patchouli

3 parts Civet

2 parts Ambergris

2 parts Cinnamon

1 part Allspice

1/2 part Carnation

Satyr Oil (Lothlorien Village)

1/8 part Saturn Oil

1/8 part Ambergris

1/8 part French Musk

1/4 part Civet

1/4 part Valerian

1 drop Cinnamon

Satyr Oil (M. Alchemis)--Very powerful aphrodesiac oil to be worn by men only. Blend on a Tuesday.

3 parts Musk Oil
3 parts Vanilla fragrance oil
3 parts Patchouli Oil
2 parts Amber Oil
1 part Cinnamon Oil
1 part Pine Oil

Siren Song Oil (Yasmine Galenorn)--to work with water elementals.

3 drops lemon

4 drops lavender

3 drops primrose

3 drops rose geranium

15 drops camphor

Siren's Song Oil (M. Alchemis)--Wear the oil to bewitch the one that you desire.

9 parts Lotus Oil
7 parts China Musk Oil
3 parts Rose Oil
3 parts Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil
1 small sea shell, if desired

Sprite Music (Silver ShadowWolf)

10 drops rose or carnation

8 drops violet

8 drops sandalwood