Hebrew Relation to the Purple Star Reiki

by Mariah Prosper

When the energy first started channeling down, I could see flashes of light and
hear music--sound. I interpreted this as my way of understanding the energy. I was
meditating on the dream of my friend and the Purple drink that was offered as Purple Star
Reiki. Suddenly, I saw flashes of what appeared as balls ofbrilliant ultra-violet light
that pulsed with bursts of energy. I perceived my being following these balls into a
tunnel of spiraling light. As we came out the other side ofthe tunnel, I began to see
lightening flashes ofbrilliant light against a black background. I began to notice that the
flashes of light appeared as Hebrew letters and I observed that I received vibrations of
Nun, Samekh, Tau, Shin, Aleph, Yod, Lamed, and others. With the experience ofthe
lights: there was sound. The Kundalini energy within me rose like a hot blazing fire and
spread throughout my being. It hasn't turned off since. That summer, I thought I would
experience spontaneous combustion.

Each time I used the Reiki healing energy, I would experience this light. I asked
that it slow down so I could understand, and could see the atomic radiance ofthis light.
It was definitely atomic, except it had an extra electron loop making it appear as an 8
rayed star within a MerKaBa that was indigo in color. It definitely was a purple star and
was burning up my system. I meditated and researched and discovered much about this
energy and understood this was coming from the Creator in his\her language. I asked for
guidance and understanding and received more than I could ever expect. The Star, I call
Adama, for it changes our genetics back to the original Adam, before the fall. The
tunnel definitely can be expressed as the Reiki symbol Dykomyo. The more I used the
energy, the more I changed.

I have practiced Kaballah for a number ofyears, and noticed that with the energy,
I could create tremendous healings using the Hebrew alphabet as symbols within the
Reiki ray. Books literally fell offthe shelffor me to read. One I had not read in a long
time, "Book ofKnowledge, Keys ofEnoch", by Hurtak enlightened me the most. I first
asked for guidance and understanding. Then I let the book fall open and began to read
;about the Metatronic energy which I relate to you here.

Key 2-1-1

1. If we could align the energy focus ofour field of intelligence with the next
universe ofthe Higher Intelligence, the direct communication or new vibratory
wavelength would work with what the Higher Intelligence calls "Metatronic energy".

4. "Meta" is the half-life function ofMetatron who is one ofthe Creator Presence
ofYHWH, who works with the scientific programming going on in our universe.
Metatron is the Creator of the "outer Light" programs of the external universes which
were created from formlessness and void. The power ofMetatron sets the weight and
measures for creation which allows for the dawning of the Living Light ofYHWH in the
regions of darkness so they can eventuate into spiritual domains.

5, Metatron's name appears in connection with Enoch, "One who Initiates into
Light" .in a hidden mystical scroll ofLight which tells us how in the darkness of
primordial creation Metatron brought the Father's plan of creation to the outer worlds by
alphabets ofLight. These cosmogonic alphabets were the weights and measures
recorded by Enoch to be used by the other Creator Gods.

16. These keys to new heavens are brought forth in a special ARCHANGELIC
alphabet ofMetatron known historically in Kabbalah as 'eye writings' .. '" .shaped like
flames....They are a greater language of creation through which the elements oflife are

21. Thus, the people of God act as a branch of god's family in their own local
universe. They are able to actually reach out to attune other human biological vessels so
that they also can partake ofthe sacred Light vibrations to change their molecular
structure allowing them to follow the energy trace back into other universes and become
The Adam Kadmon.

27. Therefore, the 'tree ofLife' is seeded into Gardens through replication and is
activated through the angelic command ofMetatron into the flesh ofMan which is
multiplied and projected into new heavens. (the Tree ofLife ofthe Kaballah represents
our genetic code, the kundulini that runs up the spine)

28. Metatron's name is used because He is the 'final seal' for all the bodies of
light that have descended into the lower worlds...

30. The 'left hand' ofthe Father has descended by means ofthe names of
Metatron. Listen: you shall ascend by means ofthe names forming the sustaining 'Right

After a time, the energy turned calmer and I began to see Tibetan flame letters.
There are a specific number of 12 that Recode our genetics as the energy burns the amino
acids ofour right side DNA helix. This info came to me by way ofa picture ofthe Orion
Nebula and a scientific explanation ofhow the spiraling energy is the same energy that
burns amino acids in our DNA which are located on the right side ofour double helix.

31. The seventy-six Names.......are part ofthe harmonics used to access the
database which will deliver you into the....mansion worlds through the Lords ofLight
who quicken your soul to enter into the mansion world on the Left and Right side ofthe
Throne. (here I perceive throne to be the double helix ofour DNA)

36. Understand the words, "His Throne is a fiery flame,". The Kundulini energy
that lies dormant at the base ofthe spine, is the fiery serpent that rises like a flame up our
spine, opening our chakras (the seven seals), until it resides within the pituitary gland
where higher kundaJini resides. Cobra and Tantra breathing help one to accomplish this,
but it may take a lifetime to do so.

Following, are the Hebrew letters I use most often with the Purple Star energy.
Using these letters with a knowing oftheir energy creates instant results. Those letters
that have double meaning (good or bad) must be used with a clear mind and intent, and
your heart must be pure or the symbol will tum upon you. Please use with caution ifyou
are attuned with the Purple Star energy.

The Adama symbol is part ofthe genetic code 'switch'.

Aleph-it is the first of the Hebrew letters and symbol ofGod's Oneness
and Omnipotence, it is a 'Mother' letter. It represents the Breath ofLife and is sounded
as an in-breath--the first thing we do when we enter this world. The letter Aleph is
composed ofother letters. It's upper right segment consists ofa yod; the first letter in the
Tetragrammaton. A second yod is in the lower left segment which signifies the Creator
resident within Her creation. The center diagonal connecting line is the 'vau', symbol pf
transformation. Aleph represents the process ofspiritual transformation from human to

Dalet-it literally means door and represents dimensins in space and time,
the four physical directions, north, south,east, west. It also represents the metaphysical
'Four Worlds' ofEmanation, Creation, Formation, and Action.

Mem- It is a 'Mother' letter and is a symbol ofthe Revealed and the

Shin-A mother letter, I see this one often when working with the Star
energy. This letter appears when something is being burned away-which is very often. It
is the symbol ofthe Shekinah, the Divine Presence, the Holy Spirit, El Shaddai: it was
the sign on the door post ofthe Israellites when the Lord passed through Egypt killing
their sons. It is one ofthe holiest letters, and is the symbol ofDivine Peace, Power, and
Mastery, but also ofCorruption and Falsehood.

Lamed-literally means 'to learn' and is the sign ofWisdom and of
Purpose. It is the central letter ofthe alphabet and brings things into baiance--especially
during chaos (the Purple Star energy appears to some to cause chaos in their life, but it
only brings up one's stuff for release, and some people resists this.)

Nun-symbolizes Everlasting Faithfulness and Emergence ofthe Soul. It
is also a letter used sometimes as a substitute letter in order to disguise a name.
Samekh-means 'to trust', 'depend upon' and 'support'. It symbolizes
Divine Support and Protection and is associated with the process ofMemory. It also
depicts Abundance and Completeness.

Tau-the equal armed cross-means mark or sign and also a symbol for
'vehicle ofsacrifice'. It is the final letter ofthe alphabet and represents completion of
the spiritual cycle and is a sign of Truth and Perfection. It denotes the final spiritual
destination for man and is closely associated with the letter shin..

Yod-literally means 'the hand' and means 'monument or share'. It
signifies the Creation itselfand all the processes. On it's own . it is an important symbol
for the Creator.

My first Reiki circle after I received a few symbols, Spirit told me to use the
energy on the others. After I drew the symbols I was given in order to channel this
energy, all I could see in my minds eye was lots of 'rain drops' and the lightening that
acompanied it. It was a complete Kabbalistic experience when I realized I was
experiencing the energies ofour Creator in both aspects of water and fire, male-female,
yod-shin. There was no sound, no thought, no anything but what I was seeing, which was
many simultaneous lightening flashes ofthe two letters on black background. I had a
complete understanding ofAin-Soph-Aur.

Note to self: see keys through 221 also prologue at beginning of this book