Gay Aquarius

Aquarius - ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn, this is the fixed AIR sign. Despite being called the water bearer (a misnomer), what he actually pours out is spiritual ethers. Aquarius is stubborn, unpredictable, social and inventive. Electric blue and shades of blues are their colors; lapis lazuli is their stone. Sexually Aquarius gets bored easily if sex becomes routine or a duty.

FIXED AIR-AQUARIUS (January 27-February 79)

Applies to Aquarius Sun sign, Aquarius Ascendant, and those with Uranus on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I know,:'
KEY WORDS-Humanitarianism, Independence, Originality
MALE lDOLS-James Dean, Billy Oe Wolfe, Ramon Novarro
FEMALE lDOLS-Tallulah Bankhead, Mia Farrow, Ava Gardner


Gay Aquarians are almost invariably attractive, though it may be as much their personalities or spiritual natures as it is their physical appearances that draw others to them. Usually, there is a strong aura of masculinity about them. They are tall and well-built; many choose to engage in sports or exercise that will develop their muscularity.

However, they may not be aware of the reasons for this. Their sign is that of the waterbearer, and water is an extremely heavy element to carry. They must be strong, robust, and healthy to bear such a weight. (Symbolically, what they carry is an intense spirituality and intellectualism, confined and concealed within an urn. The motto "a healthy mind in a healthy body" is a very Aquarian one.)

The Aquarian's facial structure is generally rather long or narrow, with some feature or facet slightly unusual or strikingly noticeable. In most cases it will be the nose or the mouth that is prominent, but not always, for Aquarius is a highly individualistic sign.

Contrasting with other aspects of his appearance, the Aquarian's complexion may be delicate or fair, with clear hazel eyes that have a rather sanguine or melancholy set to them. Their hair may vary from sandy to dark; to the Aquarian's frustration, it seems, however, to have a will of its own, with cowlicks or waves that are difficult to control.


Aquarius is the sign where Uranus, the planetary ruler of homosexuality and bisexuality, is most comfortable. It is the sign of its home. For this reason, one would expect Aquarians to represent the largest percentage of the gay population. But this is not, in fact, the case. Because Uranus is comfortable in Aquarius, it emphasizes the spiritual rather than the physical side of homosexuality. Most Aquarians, straight as well as gay, feel a strong spiritual bond with those of their own sex as well as with the opposite sex.

Because Aquarius is the waterbearer, many people also think of it as a Water sign, though it is an Air sign. Being the Air sign that occurs at the peak of winter, it carries water. And being Fixed, it generally carries it in the form of snow or ice. The significance of this is that Aquarius can be coldly intellectual, perhaps the most objective of all signs.

In some ways, the Aquarius may seem like a cold, unfeeling machine; indeed, he would like others to think that he is. However, he is generally quite sensitive, and he has an abundance of sympathy for those around him, though it may appear to be rather impersonal because his responses are invariably of an intellectual nature.

Aquarius is the most intellectual of signs, and the one w ith the greatest degree of social consciousness. The motto of the French Revolution- ,'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity',-is deeply meaningful to Aquarians, who devote themselves toward achieving an ideal society through social reforms. Their belief in democracy and the "rights of man" is a devout one, and their opinions are extremely liberal ones, so extreme at times that they may become dogmatic and be looked upon as cranks.

We are supposedly approaching the Aquarian Age, yet Aquarius is always uncomfortable with the existing age and the prevailing norms. They can be so unconventional and so uncomfortable with the status quo that they indeed become "rebels without a cause:" (It is more than mere coincidence that the star of the film, Rebel Without a Cause, was James Dean, an Aquarian. )

Most often, however, they do have a cause, and it is generally a humanitarian one. They affiliate themselves with groups that have social objectives, and they draw others to themselves, inevitably becoming leaders, despite their eccentric temperaments.

Aquarius delights in meeting new people, and it is amazing how they consistently attract others, for they do not really go out of their way to make people like them. They are highly opinionated, very determined, and extremely stubborn. Yet those very qualities can be fascinating to others.

Most Aquarians despise hypocrisy and lies; and they abhor snobbery and affectation. When they perceive those qualities in others, they become like a small child faced with a balloon-they cannot resist puncturing it. They don't mind if they lose or discard a friend, for they will always find new ones. They are so stubbornly sure that their own opinions and ideas are right that they will become argumentative at the drop of a hat. And they cannot understand when others are unreceptive to their ideas.

Generally their arguments and insults are not intended as personal, and they cannot always see why they are taken personally. This is the one blind spot in their usually keen perception and intuition of others. But they don't suffer long from the loss of friends. They move on quickly to new ones. Though, somehow, they do manage to keep many loyal and devoted friends for long periods of time, friends who understand and love them.

When Aquarius has problems, he usually exaggerates them, revealing the restless anxieties that lurk beneath his surface calm.

So strong is the desire for knowledge in the Aquarian that he will constantly ask questions, yet he is so impatient that he will usually go on to the next question before the first is answered.

Sexually, Aquarius may not be an extremely passionate lover, but he can be unconventional, inventive, and imaginative. He is capable of loving one person deeply, though that love may appear to be impersonal, and he may have a desire or need for group sex. It is extremely important for Aquarius' lover to be his best friend as well. It is also necessary that his lover or partner realize Aquarius is faithful in his own way and that he looks upon sex as something quite separate from love.

Aquarius sets his sites on distant goals, and he will almost always achieve them, though it may not seem possible to others, who perceive his actions as too erratic for consistency, for Aquarius does everything in stops and starts. They also have a tendency to take on too many projects at one time, and it seems that they cannot possibly finish them all. However, they are aware of their responsibilities, and they will eventually accomplish everything, if given the opportunity.

For that reason, it is important that Aquarius' partner or lover understand this aspect of his nature and not attempt to interfere, but grant him the freedom he needs to act alone.


The life challenge for gay Aquarius is to ''stop and smell the roses;' to realize that feelings and emotions are as important as ideas and social goals. They must discover that persons are as important as humanity, and that they themselves do not have to be cold efficient machines serving society. Aquarius' own needs are important, as are the needs of those he loves.

Aquarius is also challenged to learn patience, for himself as well as for others, and to admit when he makes mistakes. He can accept himself as imperfect, and as human as those he seeks to serve. The service he performs will be more meaningful when it is done with genuine personal feeling.

He needs to discover the gentle pleasures of intimacy, the simple joys of sights and smells and tastes and sounds, but most important of touch. From time to time he needs to get down off his soapbox and listen-truly listen- to those around him