Aries - Ruled by the planet Mars, this is the cardinal fire sign. Aries, in general, is a leader, aggressive, enthusiastic and energetic. Red is their color; diamond and garnet are their stones.

CARDINAL FIRE-ARIES (March 27-April 19/20)

Applies to Aries Sun sign, Aries Ascendant, and those with Mars on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I am:'
KEY WORDS-Action, Initiative, Self-Assurance
MALE IDOLS-Elton John, Marlon Brando, Chuck Connors
FEMALE IDOLS-Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson


The first thing noticeable about the man with strong Aries the complexion will be swarthy or somehow reddish or pink in hue.

In dress, the Aries will generally choose clothes that suggest masculine activity, being most comfortable in jogging shorts or jogging suit or sweats. Those who are older or more conservative will wear clothing that suggests some sort of male uniform-bush jackets, shirts with epaulets, surgical greens, or old army fatigues.

If going to a costume party, Aries will likely choose to appear as a soldier, a policeman, a knight, a football player, or a hunter.


Aries epitomizes the masculine principle, but this does not mean that an Aries cannot be gay, or even effeminate Aries women, such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, are strong and self-assertive, yet appealingly feminine. While most gay will look like athletes or sportsmen, some may become so obsessed with activity and the present that they come off liek fussy old-maind schoolteachers, though they are rarely aware of the effect they create.

Whatever the case, you cannot keep a gay Aires down, and you cannot ignore him. Aires are invariably strong personalities. They are who they are, and it doesn't matter what others think of them.

Aries is the sign of the natural First House of the Zodiac, and as such it is greatly concerned with identity, Self, personality, and appearance. This, in combination with the Cardinal quality and the Fire element, makes Aries the most action oriented sign. Ruled by aggressive, driving, ambitious, active Mars, the pure Aries is an originator, an achiever, a sportsman, a talker, and a leader.

Aries rushes headlong at his goals and is highly competitive. Not only does he want to be the best at whatever he undertakes, he feels he has to be the best. He has to prove himself, to himself as well as to others. His ego is so strong he may feel that he is invincible, heedlessly placing himself in positions of risk or danger, as he attempts to achieve success, power, fame, or even material goods.

In social situations, Aries is known to monopolize conversation, and all too often he talks only about himself, his possessions, his goals, his achievements. He doesn't mean to be rude or boring, however; his is an unconscious egotism and he assumes everyone else is interested in his concerns And he is not always wrong. His mind is as active as his body and he can be extremely witty.

Aries is a strong individualist, with a belief in freedom and independence, and a great instinct for survival. He does not like to be bossed or directed by others, unless that person is at least as strong as he is. He respects aggressiveness from others for he understands it; sometimes, it is the only way he can be made to listen to the ideas or opinions that do not agree with his own.

He is generally quick tempered, and may be inclined to physical fights, but his anger doesn't last long, and he doesn't hold grudges. Even though he may have been Violent, or may have said cruel, vicious things in anger, he can't understand why others don't forgive and forget as easily as he does.

Gay aries can be a passionate lover. Certainly he has a strong sexual desire, and he is almost always sexually attractive. However, he has difficulty maintaining sexual relationships over a long period of time. AS with most of his actions, Aires lacks "staying power" in a relationship, and indeed is such an individualist he does not truly understand the meaning of "partnership" so essential to love. (The reason for this is that Libra, the natural partnership sign, is the one in opposition to Aries, and Mars, ruler of Aries, is in detriment there.)


No astrological sign exists without imperfections. One of Aries' little flaws is his tendency not to believe this fact. Aries is inclined to believe he is perfect, that there is nothing to achieve by looking inward Once Aries realizes that there are challenges or obstacles to overcome within his own makeup there is no stopping him, however. He will attack them with the same vigor he would to conquer a mountain peak.

Because Aries rushes headlong at his goals, he has to be-ware of being too rash or hasty. He needs to learn to think, or even to plan, before acting, to make sure the goal is truly what he wants or even something worth achieving. Because of his headstrong nature, he is somewhat accident prone, and should learn some degree of caution.

His life's challenge is to learn to be aware of the needs of others to learn patience, to learn to listen with as much energy as he talks to others, and to learn to complete one project before beginning another.

This is more difficult for an Aries to achieve than it might seem to be to one of the more receptive signs. Aries doesn't know that he seems arrogant or pompous or self-obsessed. There is no intentional malevolence or calculated malice in the Aries. He has no idea that his words or actions may hurt someone; when his rash words or acts inflict pain, he isn't aware of the fact. He is as naive and as inocent as a child when it comes to his effect on others.

Love is the ultimate challenge for Aries. If he can learn to be as sensitive to the needs of another person as he is to his own, if he can understand why others do not operate with the assurance and determination that he does, then he will truly have accomplished the goals of his astrological sign.