Gay Cancer

Cancer - ruled by the Moon, this is the cardinal water sign. Cancer, in general, is emotional, patriotic, home-loving and partner-seeking. Cream is their color; onyx and crystal are their stones. Sexually, Cancers are aroused by appealing to their emotional natures.


Applies to Cancer Sun sign, Cancer Ascendant, and those with Moon on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I feel:'
SYMBOL-Crab POLARlTY-Negative/feminine
COLOR-Yellow orange KEY WORDS-Home, family, Sensitivity, Protection
MALE IDOLS-Yul Brynner, Tab Hunter, Jan Michael Vincent
FEMALE IDOLS-Susan Hayward, Ginger Rogers, Barbara Stanwyck


One doesn't always notice the distinguishing characteristics of the gay Cancer immediately. Cancers aren't really shy, but they sometimes seem to be, because they are the quietest, most conservative of the Cardinal signs.

Usually, the first thing noticed about someone with heavy Cancer influence is the dimple in the chin. The next thing is the eyes, which are rather round and impassive. The eyes may be of any color, but in purest form are gray to gray-green. The Cancer face is generally round and firm, and sometimes there are dimples in the cheeks as well as in the chin, though not always. Except for the eyes, the features are generally rather small or delicate. They hair may be brown or blond and is usually rather straight. When it is brown, there is a tendency to premature graying; when it is blond, it tends toward the platinum shade.

The Cancer's body is relatively short in stature, though strong and sturdy. The chest, or the upper body, is generally proportionately larger than the lower, with slim hips and legs and large or barrel chest, with slender arms.

Cancer does not stick to a single style of dress, but changes clothes with his changes of mood, which are frequent. However, he rarely wears anything outlandish or outrageous The most extreme choice for him would be to dress entirely in white, reflecting the Moon, which is his ruling planet.

There are some cases of transvestitism among Cancers, and a great many others would choose drag if attending a costume party.


Like the other Cardinal signs, Cancer is assertive, but he does not appear to be, because he never approaches anything directly and because he frequently changes his mind. Because of the element of water in its nature, Cancer is the most sensitive of the Cardinal signs, yet it is the most dynamic of thf Water signs.

The emotional nature of gay Cancer rarely shows on the surface, and especially not in public. Like the crab that is their symbol, Cancers build a protective shell around them to protect their extreme vulnerability. Because the Moon is their ruler, they tend to feel everything more strongly than other signs. Once they have been hurt, they try desperately to avoid being hurt again, generally unsuccessfully.

Under any circumstances, Cancer is a complex sign. Gay Cancer is even more complex, requiring much understanding from others yet very reticent about sharing the feelings that would help others to understand.

Cancer is devoted to home and family. His motivations, and his accomplishments in life, are all directed toward build-ing a home and toward protecting it. He can succeed in anything so long as he has a home and family to reflect his success. This presents a very special problem for gay Cancer, whose first inclination is to marry heterosexually even when he knows he is gay. Some find an outlet by remaining devoted to their mothers, others by attempting to establish gay rela-tionships in which they serve as the domestic partners, keeping house and playing the role of wife. In keeping house, no one is cleaner or more efficient than the Cancer.

Sometimes these solutions work, but not always. Often, it is necessary for Cancers to create a family atmosphere among their friends or to form close platonic relationships with women, in order to achieve the security and stability so essen-

Like the other Cardinal signs, however, they lack staying power, primarily because of the changeability of their emotions. They are at their best when they have someone or something they can nurture. They do well in public relations, promoting others; in building or decorating houses; landscaping; selling real estate; with nurseries or flower shops; as architects or builders; managing nursing homes; or in almost any of the creative arts.

In love, Cancer is a devoted partner, some might feel too devoted. They are the most loyal of the signs, yet they ex-pect-even demand-loyalty from their partners. They are generous with their love, even to the point of smothering the lover. And they are as possessive as they are passionate. When they have been hurt, they will never forget, but will nurse the hurt, bringing it up repeatedly in disputes. If anyone should attack or threaten them or their mates, they will fight tenaciously.


The life challenge for the gay Cancer is to learn to under-stand and to cope with his emotional nature, to become more trusting of others and less possessive of those he loves. Cancers must discover that pain is not quite so painful when it is not nursed, and that they should let go of old resentments to make way for new joys.

It is important for them to realize that they do not have to sidestep to avoid confrontations, that expressing their thoughts and feelings directly and openly will mean less pain and suffering, for them as well as for those they love.