Gay Capricorn

Capricorn - ruled by the planet Saturn, this is the cardinal earth sign. Capricorn, in general, is thrifty, practical, good in business and pessimistic as a rule. Black is their color; rock crystal and hematite are their stones. Sexually, once sex is over they become cool quickly in bed.

CARDINAL EARTH-CAPRICORN (December 22-January 20)

Applies to Capricorn Sun sign, Capricorn Ascendant, and those with Saturn on the Ascendant.

RULER-Saturn MOTTO-'I use:' SYMBOL-Goat POLARlTY-Negative/feminine COLOR-Indigo KEY WORDS-Responsibility, Conservatism, Ambition MALE IDOLS-David Bowie, Cary Grant, Johnnie Ray FEMALE IDOLS-Marlene Dietrich, Ethel Merman, Dolly Parton



The first thing noticed about the pure Capricorn is usually his rather prominent jaw and long neck, beneath a long, thin, or narrow face. The second thing is the general impression of boniness or severity of physical makeup. Generally, Capricorn's tall and slender, with a narrow chest and bony legs and knees. The eyes of Capricorn are usually dark, with a rather placid, steady gaze.

Through either appearance or manner, the Capricorn may appear older or more mature than he really is. He tends to dress rather conservatively, and if left totally to his own choices, will pick dark or somber colors.

Capricorn will try to hold onto his old clothes as long as possible, and when he purchases something he expects it to last a lifetime. For that reason, he usually purchases quality in a rather simple style. At the same time, he may pick up a bargain by buying old clothes at a thrift shop. Rarely will he choose something that is trendy or currently fashionable. He feels most comfortable in a business suit or a pair of slack and an old sweater.

If attending a costume party, gay Capricorn would choose to go as a monk or priest, or even a nun; or he might dress as some prominent figure out of history or possibly as Father Time.


Gay Capricorn is extremely ambitious and very career oriented. He likes dealing with the public and loves position of authority. He sets goals for himself, and achieves them Once one goal has been accomplished, however, he must set another, climbing ever higher. To him, success means economic security and material goods, and he achieves it by planning methodically and working hard.

Extremely responsible, Capricorn is the natural "father" of the Zodiac, the efficient executive, who makes rules and lives by them, expecting others to do the same. A workaholic himself, he may be a slave driver to his employees. Discipline, in work and in personal life, is important to him.

He tends to structure everything, making schedules preparing organizational charts, and even planning his relaxation times well in advance. To him, everything must be in order if it is to function properly.

The problem is, not everything fits into structures and schedules. And it is often the frustration from this fact that causes the lack of staying power for Capricorn. Normally i the position of leadership, it is when his discipline falls apart that he must depend on his followers to take over. He may a tempt to take on too much and find out too late that he can accomplish none of them well. Of all the Cardinal signs Capricorn is the one most conscious of the past and future because it is ruled by Saturn, the timekeeper. It is the limitations and restrictions of time that drive Capricorn, making him save his money and put it away for his old age. It is his nature as an Earth sign that makes him practical and pragmatic.

Although rather sober and serious, and not very spontaneous, gay Capricorn can be a good lover. Often he chooses partners who are considerably older or younger than he is. As an Earth sign, he is quite sensual, and he has a strong sexual drive. He can be a rock to lean upon, sturdy and reliable, faithful in love, but he expects the same from a partner.

Because his sign is ruled by Saturn, gay Capricorn can have guilt problems to resolve, and some may be related to sex and to his own homosexual nature. The means by which he resolves these problems is determined by the specific sign and house placement of Saturn in his chart. Generally he comes to grips with the problem by age twenty-eight, during the time of his first Saturn "return,"' the period when his ruler reaches the place when it was at his time of birth.


Life challenges for the gay Capricorn are to try to be less critical of others and of Self, to endeavor to allow others to be themselves, and to try to overcome feelings of guilt and melancholy. Because they expect so much of themselves, they sometimes feel that others expect too much as well. They feel overburdened, and must ultimately realize that they do not have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

A sense of loneliness may also be a problem for Capricorn, even in a room full of people. They must come to understand that they create their own isolation, and must break down their reserve and caution to accept the warmth of love and companionship.

Gay Capricorn sometimes has to remind himself that he is a good and deserving person and it helps to consciously reward himself from time to time. He is able to achieve his greatest success when he understands that true responsibility is free of all motivations of guilt.