Gay Leo

Leo - ruled by the Sun, this is the fixed fire sign. Leo, in general, likes praise, is stubborn, generous and a born boss. Gold is their color; topaz and ruby are their stones. Sexually, Leo is able to be flattered into bed where they want to put on a good show.

FIXED FIRE-LEO (July 23-August 22)

Applies to Leo Sun sign, Leo Ascendant, and those with Sun on the Ascendant.

RULER-Sun MOTTO-'I will:'
SYMBOL-Lion POLARlTY-Positive/Masculine
COLOR-Yellow KEY WORDS-Integrity, Authority, Dignity
MALE IDOLS-Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Robert Taylor
FEMALE IDOLS-Mae West, Clara Bow, Jacqueline Onassis


In a gathering of gays, the person with the largest group of people around him is usually a Leo. At first glance, there appears to be no obvious reason for this. He is not the most beautiful; he is not the most outgoing; if anything he seems indifferent to the attention. But it is the magnetism of his personality that draws almost everyone to him.

Leo is generally thought to be tall, but that is not always the case; he simply gives the impression of stature by his commanding manner, by his confidence and assurance.

Leo is aptly named; there is about him the indefinable quality of a lion, partly stemming from his regal carriage partly from his catlike eyes, which are large, usually dark and sometimes heavy lidded. His stare seems to take in everything and everyone around him without effort.

Leo generally has an oval face, which may become more round with age. His complexion tends to be ruddy, and his hair may be blond, reddish, or brown, but is almost always wavy or curly and thick. Often, the set of his mouth and jaw suggests that he is smiling wryly with some secret known only to him. Some Leos have an overbite, or a slightly open- mouthed appearance, that calls attention to the upper teeth.

Whether he is tall or of medium height, he usually has broad shoulders, and carries himself proudly erect. In middle age, he has a tendency to gain weight around the waist.

Leo dresses tastefully, but with a flair for the dramatic. He may wear subtle, muted shades, but may often set it off with a single bright or startling piece of apparel. Most Leos have a liking for sweaters or for shirts with a soft, plush feel to them, such as velvet or velour. Whatever they wear, they wear proudly, secure that it is right for the occasion.

If attending a costume party, Leo's first choice would be to dress as a king or a medieval prince or a Roman emperor If in a whimsical mood, he might choose the costume of a cat or a lion. It is unlikely that he would permit his partner or date to select his costume for him, though he might insist that it be picked up and delivered to him.


Leo is a very social animal. He needs attention and doesn't like being alone. It's not that he suffers from loneliness, but merely that he prefers to have others around him, the more the merrier. Of course, his ego demands that he has to be the center of attention, though he rarely has to expend any effort to achieve that position-unless there are other Leos around. Surprisingly, he usually does not resent other Leos, but enjoys the spirit of competition.

Gay Leo takes on responsibility without hesitation. He is a very good executive, because he can delegate authority. He expects those who work for him to carry their own weight. He is not particularly good with details, but concentrates on the overall approach. He needs others around him to take care of the small matters, like keeping him organized. The Leo executive has to have a secretary or an assistant; if he does not, his office will always be in chaos, with piles of paper in complete disorder.

Similarly, one should never ask Leo to give directions. Invariably, he will describe everything one will see along the route, telling where not to turn and where not to go. He knows the destination, and he expects everyone else to know.

He is always aware of his own personal goals, and they are usually high ones, which he eventually achieves. Most Leos are quite creative, especially gay Leos, and there are many in the entertainment industry. Leo represents the natural Fifth House of creativity, film, risk-taking, and children. If a Leo is gay and cannot physically have sons and daughters, he will concentrate on creating things as a substitute. He is most effective when working in conjunction with others, serving as the creative leader, with others assisting him. In the arts, this might be the theater, films, music, or collaborative writing.

If Leo's creative urge is squelched, he may become lazy, even embittered. He will be either extremely gracious and charming or utterly obnoxious. If he does not get attention one way, he will attract it another. Sometimes this is calculated Leo is quite aware of his effect on others, and he may ''put on an act" in order to achieve a desired response, quietly and subtly manipulating others. Sometimes this tendency can alienate even close friends.

Leo has a great sense of integrity and a strong belief in fairness, and he expects the same from others. But ultimately, he doesn't care if others disapprove of him, so long as he approves of himself. He will stubbornly follow his own sense of what is ethical. If others do not see that he is right, that is their problem.

In love, gay Leo can be extremely passionate, but he rarely makes the first move in a relationship, not just because his ego cannot bear the possibility of rejection, but because he is extremely proud. If an approach is ill-timed or clumsy, the results could be disastrous. Once a relationship is begun, Leo is extremely giving. He is generous and romantic, focusing all of his love on a single partner.

This can present problems for a relationship. By giving so much, Leo can become quite possessive, feeling that he owns his partner and has the right to control his life completely. For this reason, it is important that Leo's lover be as generous and as giving as he is.

For many gay Leos, life may be an adventure in which they never want to grow up, but enjoy romance, even if it is one romance after another. When an affair ends, Leo wonders why he cannot attract a more constant love, unaware that it is his own inconstancy that is at fault.


The life challenge for Leos is to lean to avoid excessive pride and egocentricity. For gay Leos, this challenge often fo-cuses specifically on love relationships. Through trial and error, they must eventually come to realize that they do not have to dominate others or control them. True love involves mutual sharing and giving, and does not involve ego games.

They need to leam to let relationships develop and grow gradually, without pushing or expecting passion to remain at the peak of intensity continually, accepting gentle or quiet moments as an integral part of love and caring.

In a similar manner, the challenge for their creative efforts is to learn to organize and to deal with some of the mundane details themselves, accepting what may seem tedious to them as a part of their overall creation.