Gay Pisces

Pisces - ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, this is the mutable water sign. Pisces, in general, is sympathetic, psychic, easy to influence and emotional. Blue-green is their color; amethyst and green quartz are their stones. Sexually Pisces is very sensual and likes secret affairs.

MAUTABLE WATER-PISCES (February 20-March 20)

Applies to Pisces Sun sign, Pisces Ascendant, and those with Neptune on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I believe:'
SYMBOL-The Trident
COLOR-Red Violet
KEY WORDS-Compassion, Spirituality, Imagination
MALE IDOLS-Rudolf Nureyev, Christopher Atkins, Robert Conrad
FEMALE IDOLS-Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, Jean Harlow


It's true; Pisces does look rather like a fish-a very sexy, attractive fish, but a water creature nonetheless. It is usually the large, impassive or sleepy eyes and the full mouth that give this impression. Whether the Pisces eyes are pale or dark, there is invariably a "watery'' look about them Pisces complexion is generally rather pale or delicate in appearance and the shape of the face or head is somehow odd-either ex tremely thin and narrow or extremely wide. The brows are prominent, and often the eyebrows are thick or large. Pisces' hair is generally dark, thick, and wavy, contrasting strongly with pale eyes. He is rarely tall, but his shoulders are usually large, contrasting with a narrow or long waist He has a tendency toward a clumsy gait, walking with a stoop or slumped shoulders. In his stance, he seems to be wanting to pull everything inward.

In his dress, Pisces is always extremely clean-changing clothes several times a day if he feels soiled-but he manages to make his apparel seem sloppy. He wears what is comfortable, usually something loose, and he makes no effort to coor- dinate colors or styles. If attending a costume party, Pisces will choose something highly imaginative or creative, too original to predict, or he will select something related to his spiritual nature-such as a religious figure-or his watery base-such as a fish, a sailor, or a sea captain. Because of the connection between Pisces and film, he might also go as some old-time film star or character from the movies.


The most mutable of the signs, Pisces sometimes appears to be almost characterless, but those who put down Pisces are missing a great deal, for his can be the most spiritual and the most creative sign of the Zodiac. It can be worth the extra effort it takes to get to know the gay Piscean.

Much hides beneath his surface passivity or aloofness. Pisceans are the poets and dreamers of the Zodiac. In some ways they are like sponges, soaking up knowledge, understanding, and sensations wherever they go. They miss very lit-tle, though they do not react outwardly, and they incorporate every sensation into their very special view of reality.

Despite the fact that gay Pisces loves make believe and fantasy he does perceive the real world with accuracy. They understand the material, but they value the spiritual more highly for Pisces is one of the "double" signs-half body, half spirit.

This is one of the reasons Pisces seems so indecisive, unable to make up his mind about the simplest things-making choices on a menu, deciding what to wear, when or where to meet someone It is also the reason he procrastinates. He sees all of the possibilities, and the "pros" and "cons" of each. He understands too much, and is therefore unable to act.

Pisces is at his best when he devotes his life to helping others; he wants to heal, to relieve suffering, to be of use to humanity; and he can be an excellent doctor or psychiatrist. He is also a good artist or actor. His ruling planet, Neptune, rules films, and he does indeed love the cinematic form.

Pisces likes seclusion, even isolation. If left entirely on his own, he may withdraw completely from the world, preferring to stay at home alone, rather than go out among strangers. But in a relationship, gay Pisces becomes a devoted lover. His selflessness comes to the fore, and he merges his entire being into that of the person he loves. If he cares about someone, he will defend that person to the death, unwilling to see defects in his loved one.

Yet he will not fight for his own rights, but will instead step aside. He does not like competition at all, and for this reason he tends to avoid sports and games.

Because of his passivity, gay Pisces will not be likely to initiate a love relationship; but, so long as his partner takes the lead he can be a truly passionate lover, for his nature is highly sensual and erotic. His love, however, is not just of the body, but of the spirit as well.


The Pisces challenge is a difficult but not impossible one. He must learn to value himself, to stand on his own feet, and to fight for what he wants and what he believes in. Pisces lacks self confidence, a belief in his own worth, and he must endeavor to acquire that in order to be of true value to others.

Pisces tends to retreat when faced with difficulty; this retreat may be into solitude or it may be into things much more dangerous to his deeply spiritual nature-into drugs, alcohol, or a fantasy world. He has a tendency to accept a fatalistic view of his life, rationalizing that what he wants or dreams about is impossible for him, rather than going out and trying, taking the chance of being proven right or wrong.

It is his challenge to overcome all these negative traits, to realize the true talent and creativity he has to offer. The love and approbation he wants so desperately from others will come to him, once he realizes how deeply lovable he is.