Gay Sagittarius

Sagittarius - ruled by the planet Jupiter, this is the mutable fire sign. Sagittarius, in general, likes to travel, is athletic, speaks his mind and can tell a whopper of a tale. Purple is their color; turquoise and amazonite are their stones. Sexually, Sagittarius is aroused by someone new or different.

MUTABLE FIRE-SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 27)

Applies to Sagittarius Sun sign, Sagittarius Ascendant, those with Jupiter on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I see:' SYMBOL-The Archer
KEY WORDS-Expansion, Generosity, Growth, Exploration
MALE IDOLS-John Davidson, Noel Coward, Dan Dailey
FEMALE IDOLS-Mary Martin, Jane Fonda, Patty Duke Astin


Even though Sagittarius is among the most handsome signs of the Zodiac, there is something "horsey'' about his looks. He is generally rather tall, with a strong, well-built, even muscular body. Though he may give the appearance of long legs, this is usually not so. If anything his legs may be short in proportion to his long torso, which is one of the reasons he may appear to strut or prance when he walks.

He may also have a tendency to stoop or walk with slumped shoulders.

Although the top half of Sagittarius is supposed to be man, while the other half is horse giving some people cause to refer to him as a "horse's ass'') his long, handsome face tends to show his equine nature. Perhaps it is his straight, narrow, almost Grecian nose or it may be the straight self-satisfied set of his wide small-lipped mouth. His eyes are generally dark and clear, with a steady, self-confident gaze, much like that of equus.

Gay Sagittarius usually has rather straight hair, often of an aubum or chestnut hue. However, with age, he may have a tendency toward baldness, particularly at the temples. If Sagittarius has body hair, it may also be fine and straight and lustrous.

His complexion will tend toward ruddiness.

In dress, Sagittarius may run to one of two extremes. Some may choose the "unifofm" of the business suit and tie or sport jacket, slacks, and sweater, appearing extremely conservative. Others may go the opposite direction toward a sporty casualness, wearing jeans and boots or running shorts and shoes. Whatever his choice, Sagittarius is invariably impeccably neat in appearance.

If attending a costume party, gay Sagittarius will also tend toward these extremes, but carrying them further The one may choose the cap and gown of the scholar, or the uniform of the priest, while the other may seek something that will display his fine body, for Sagittarius is an exhibitionist, whether overtly or covertly. He might wear the loincloth of Tarzan or the tunic of a Greek or Roman sportsman Some with a sense of humor might go as one end of a horse (or both).


Sagittarius is the least passive of the Mutable signs. Indeed, from his outward appearance, one would not think he could be easily led at all, for he is strong, self-confident, and active. He hates to be confined, and must have freedom of movement and freedom of ideas to the point of suffering from claustrophobia.

But it is his expansive, freedom-loving nature itself that allows him to be influenced by Fixed or Cardinal signs. Sagit-tarius is generous to a fault; he will "give the shirt off his back:' He wants to share everything, both physically and spiritually, and is often disappointed when others do not want to reciprocate.

Accordingly, Sagittarius is the true positive thinker. He will not stay down for long; invariably when he reaches bottom, he fights back against his obstacles with renewed energy. He is an incorrigible ideal ist, and his is the most enthusiastic sign of the Zodiac. Some of the more cynical signs might call him "Pollyanna;' for he seeks to see the best in everyone.

However, gay Sagittarius is really a deep thinker. As the sign of the Ninth House, he emphasizes all of the qualities of the higher mind. He needs intellectual stimulation, as well as spiritual or philosophical growth, or he will feel stifled. He also has the need to travel, for leaming more about others as much as for his sense of excitement and adventure.

His world view is a humanitarian one; in fact, Sagittarius is the true "liberal" of the Zodiac, inevitably following a political stance that represents "the good of all " with little regard for self-interest. In relating to others he is honest and straightforward, and he is naturally outgoing and sociable He is usually the "perfect gentleman" though, and can be extremely reserved and polite if he feels the occasion calls for it.

He is witty and articulate, and sometimes his barbs can be as cutting to others as Scorpio's When he pulls an arrow from his quiver and shoots it, it generally goes straight to the target, and he does not understand when it hurts. As the Archer, Sagittarius sometimes tends to shoot too many arrows into the air at one time, undertaking more projects than he can follow up on and complete. It seems there is never enough time for him to do all he wants to do in life; he is almost never bored perceiving even the most mundane undertakings as adventure

Although Sagittarius emphasizes the mind and the spirit, he also has great interest in the body, and can be the athlete as well as the scholar. Even if he is not into vigorous activities such as running, tennis, or handball, he will enjoy the outdoors, and may choose golf, hiking, or even just walking.

As a lover, gay Sagittarius may be difficult to understand. He may swing from extreme passion and vigorous lovemaking to gentle sharing of philosophy or intellectual conversation. He may have a tendency to exhaust a partner, both physically and mentally, for he wants to share everything - every moment, every thought, every experience-with the one he loves.

That is, if he can hold his love down to just one person. For gay Sagittarius has a tendency toward promiscuity. Being half horse, he is the stud of the Zodiac. He has an insatiable appetite and doesn't think there is anything wrong with satisfying it on the spur of the moment. It doesn't mean he loves his lover less; it is a part of his sense of adventure, and his need to experience everything and everyone. He requires a very understanding lover, one who will allow him his freedom yet be willing to share in all he experiences. This might require the patience of a saint, but Sagittarius is himself is very sensitive and considerate and can be tamed.


There is a dichotomy with Sagittarius, almost an hypocrisy. As much as he likes freedom and honesty and openness, he can have a tendency to be dogmatic or overbearing in his expression of his beliefs and ideas. He experiences true shame and contriteness when he is made to realize what he has done, but a part of his challenge is to think before he speaks or acts. He is capable of meeting the spiritual challenges of his life, if only he is able to perceive what they are.

Sagittarius has a tendency to be undisciplined and haphazard, even unreliable at times. Although he is invariably neat in his appearance, he has a tendency to be sloppy or messy in his surroundings.

The major challenge for gay Sagittarius is to learn discipline and responsibility. He needs to perceive that his free-dom is really meaningless unless it is tempered with responsible caution. It is important for him to realize that true freedom is not dependent upon straying or wandering to other pastures, that sexual promiscuity can cause harm to him and to those he loves, that growing is something two people can do together, not just something he does alone.

He must learn to focus his love, not scatter it to the winds. For time is the enemy of Sagittarius, and as age creeps upon him, he may find he has wasted much of his energy and have deep regrets.