FIXED WATER-SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)

Applies to Scorpio Sun sign, Scorpio Ascendant, and those with Pluto on the Ascendant.

MOTTO='I desire:'
POLARITY NegativelFeminine
COLOR-Blue green
KEY WORDS-Passion, Regeneration, Secrecy
MALE IDOLS-Rock Hudson, Joel McCrea, Clifton Webb
FEMALE IDOLS-Katherine Hepburn, Jane Alexander, Grace Slick


There is something blatantly sexual about the appearance of the gay Scorpio. He is not always classically handsome (al though he may be), but he is invariably sexy looking. It may have something to do with his dark, watery bedroom eyes. Or it may be related to the sensual set of his full mouth. Or it could be a part of his aggressive, determined manner. Or a combination of all of those factors.

Usually Scorpio is of medium height, with a slight tendency toward overweight, or at least a softness of muscular tissue. However, he is also generally rather strong and healthy. His neck tends to be rather thick or muscular, and he is often somewhat hairy, with coarse brown or black hair on his body as well as his head. Frequently Scorpio chooses to wear a beard or mustache.

His face can be rather wide, and of dark or dusky complexion. Some Scorpios can have very dark, thick, or prominent eyebrows.

Gay Scorpio may choose to dress in a somewhat unorthodox manner, sometimes wearing dark colors, or colors that contrast strongly, such as a black shirt with a white tie. Scorpios like leather, and some may be definitely into leather gear. They are proud of their buns and their baskets, and they may dress to heighten the effect of their sensuality.

More conservative Scorpios (and there are some who are distinctly conservative) will wear more subdued apparel during the workday, but change dramatically for going out at night.

If attending a costume party, gay Scorpio might go as the Devil or as a gangster or as the Grim Reaper. Some might choose Dracula or Frankenstein, or another character from a horror film.


As the Fixed Water sign, Scorpio has a deeply emotional nature that rarely shows on the surface. Some have compared them to an iceberg, which is "fixed water": like an iceberg, only the tip is visible. What lies beneath the surface can be hazardous.

Among other signs, Scorpios have a rather bad reputation. Some of it may be deserved, but most of it is not. Scorpio does have some destructive tendencies, but they are generally directed more against himself than against others, and the Pluto ruler-ship of Scorpio signifies that the objective of destruction is to create something better. Unfortunately, Scorpio's motivation is never seen clearly by others.

The symbol of his sign is the scorpion, a creature that travels in darkness, and most Scorpios are indeed night people. They like the bar scene and the bathhouse scene.

Secrecy is an inherent part of Scorpio's personality, largely because he is extremely sensitive about what others think of him. Very often, the opposite is true as well. Scorpio is curious-even nosy-about the secrets of others. He has an uncanny knack for finding anything that is hidden or lost. This carries through on virtually all levels. For example, Scorpio loves to discover restaurants or bars that are hidden in out of the way places; and it delights him to find a bargain on sale at a small shop or boutique. But if someone else has the audacity to discover a place or an item before him, he is offended. Uncovering secrets himself is a matter of pride to him.

It is this very quality that contributes to Scorpio's intelligence and creativity. He has a strong need to make a lasting mark on the world around him, because he-of all the signs-is most aware of physical death. For gay Scorpio, this is extremely important, since physical children are generally denied him. He seeks outlet through art or business.

And when he sets his sites on some goal, Scorpio will be extremely tenacious. He has the staying power to see any- thing through to the very end, even if he faces ultimate de- feat. (This, however, is usually not the Scorpio outcome; he will usually win by persistence.) He generally has to do everything himself, for he has great difficulty delegating authority, yet he is also a perfectionist and has a strong desire for power.

Surprisingly, it is the emotional nature of Scorpio that is most significant. He experiences all emotions strongly-from love to hate, from passion to jealousy-yet does not express them fully. Fixed Water cannot allow feelings to flow freely. He has a tendency to live a "soap opera" existence, going from one emotional crisis to another. For all their sensuality-and sexuality-however, Scorpio has a deep spiritual nature, which few people ever see.

Many Sun sign Scorpios also have Mercury in Scorpio. (Some Librans and Sagittarians have this as well.) It is this Mercury placement that gives the gay Scorpio the reputation as a "bitch brilliant:' This tendency toward a biting, sarcastic wit is not intended to devastate others, but it unfortunately often has this effect. The Scorpio mind uses it as a defense against its own extreme sensitivity and vulnerability.

There is an intense emotional force behind Scorpio's love life. He has both a great sexual appeal and an enormous sexual appetite, which makes it difficult for him to remain faithful to a lover. This does not mean that he is incapable of loving only one person, but he cannot always master his own passion to know the secrets of others. His infidelities stem as much from curiosity as from lust, and love may have almost nothing to do with them.

The greatest problem for a lover of Scorpio is the tendency to attempt to manipulate relationships. Because of Scorpio's secrecy, those who don't know him well don't often see him pulling the strings, but the Scorpio lover usually sees it and has difficulty dealing with it. However, the good side of this characteristic is that the Scorpio lover rarely gets bored, for there is rarely a dull moment in the relationship.


Scorpios represent a relatively large percentage of the gay population, so their life challenges are very closely linked to the current challenges of gays in general. Scorpios are capable of being loyal to those they love; but they must learn to be sexually faithful as well. Although they are fascinated with "plumbing," they need to realize that it is not necessary to know all the intimate details of others' secret places.

It is more important to know the emotions of others and to share their own emotions; they very much need to learn to express their feelings, especially with their lovers or partners. Gay Scorpio is challenged to appreciate others as they expect to be appreciated, to avoid hurting others unintentionally, to grant them the freedom and respect they expect for them- selves, to avoid jealousy and possessiveness.

They must realize that they are capable of this sort of spiritual growth, for their ruler Pluto is the ruler of transformation and change on all levels, from the physical to the spiritual. They need to avoid cynicism, moodiness, and vindictiveness, striving for the many positive qualities of their sign.