Gay Taurus

Taurus - ruled by the planet Venus, this is the fixed earth sign. Taurus, in general, is stubborn, physical, future oriented and money oriented. Green is their color; jade and emerald are their stones.

FIXED EARTH-TAURUS (April 21 - May 20)

Applies to Taurus Sun sign, Taurus Ascendant, and those with Venus on the Ascendant.

MOTTO-'I have:'
COLOR-Red orange
KEY WORDS-Possessions, Pragmatism, Obstinacy
MALE IDOLS-Tyrone Power, Rudolf Valentino, Rod McKuen
FEMALE IDOLS-Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth 11, Alice B. Toklas



Contrary to popular belief, Taurus does not always look like a bull. There are two types of Taurus. One fits into the expected mold, being short and stout, with a short neck, wide nose and mouth, thick lips, and dark wide brows. He does indeed look like a bull, and he tends to act like one as well. However, the second type of Taurus is exactly the opposite. Although he is not generally tall, he is slender and regal in carriage, with a striking beauty. The eyes and brows in both types are most noticeable, being large and dark and somewhat impassive. The mouth of the second type will be full, but sensual, and the neck may be long and slender, beneath a rather square jaw. In most cases, Taurus has dark wavy or curly hair. Gay Taurus may also choose to dress in one of two extremes He may be totally careless about his appearance, or he may be impeccably neat and precise. In either case, he generally chooses to buy the very best quality, and he. makes sure everybody knows the label. He is very fashion conscious and when he is not a fashion plate, his sloppiness is studied or calculated.

Taurus is highly sensual, and if attending a costume party, gay Taurus will likely choose a costume that is blatantly sexual in nature, or will tend to choose something that will expose parts of his body. Those more conservative might be likely to wear western attire.


The driving force behind Taurus is a need for financial and emotional security. Ruled by Venus, gay Taurus has a fine appreciation of all things beautiful or aesthetic, but being an Earth sign, he is also very practical and pragmatic. He carefully sets out to acquire those possessions that will provide his needed security; once he has them, he does everything possible to protect them.

Although gay Taurus is highly creative, he is more likely to be involved in the buying, selling, or handling of art objects than he is in creating them, because he is exceedingly aware of the value of things, and he rarely takes the risks necessary for an artist. He might be an agent, a dealer in art or antiques, a decorator, or even a banker or stockbroker. Because of his love of nature and gardening, he might also be a landscape architect. Almost always, he combines his artistic nature with his practicality.

Like all of the Earth signs, Taurus enjoys working and he is very proud of his achievements. Acquiring wealth is one of his great goals, and generally he achieves it, by persevering and working hard.

He must always satisfy the five senses-touch, smell,. taste, hearing, and sight. He loves good food, and is an excellent cook, though he may have a tendency toward too much spice or heavy sauces. He enjoys music of all sorts, but generally prefers the softer more harmonious types. He likes being given flowers, and loves perfumes or colognes. Physical comfort is a must, so he chooses always to sit in softly upholstered chairs or sofas, and he adores having a massage.

Very often Taurus chooses his friends or associates calculatedly, deciding consciously whether or not he can use some-one to his advantage. This may even apply to a mate. While his love partner must be physically attractive, he must also be financially secure as well as attentive. Gay Taurus expects gifts, and not just on special occasions. He sees objects as tokens of love, as important an expression as sex or affection.

And Taurus is extremely affectionate, perhaps the most affectionate of all the signs. While he is quite sexual, foreplay is an important part of lovemaking to him. He won't tolerate "wham, bam, thank you ma'am," Taurus is very loyal and devoted to his partner, once he has committed himself, and he expects the same of his partner. He is extremely possessive, and may tend to convey the impression that he "owns" his lover. At the same time, if his partner is loyal to him, he will protect and defend him to the death.


The life challenge for the gay Taurus is a difficult one. He is involved in a lengthy search to discover that things of the spirit are just as important as material possessions. He must learn that there is more to him than what he owns and how much money he has acquired, and that the same is true for the people around him.

This challenge becomes most acute when it comes to his relationship with his partner or lover. He may go through many relationships before he realizes that the ideal mate of his imagination may not really exist. Few love partners want to be possessed or controlled the way a Taurus tends to do.

For this reason, the gay Taurus must learn not to be quite so jealous and possessive of those he loves. He must come to understand that his partner is a separate individual, who give: his love of his own choice, not because it is expected or demanded. It is important for him to work on getting rid of his obstinacy and inflexibility, especially with those closest to him.

The greatest lesson he can learn is that gifts are of greatest value when they are freely given, not demanded or expected as a matter of course.