MUTABLE EARTH - VIRGO August 23-September 22) .
Applies to Virgo Sun sign, Virgo Ascendant, and Mercury on the Ascendant. .
RULER-Mercury .
MOTTO-'I analyze.' .
SYMBOL-The Virgin .
POLARlTY-Negative/Feminine .
COLOR-Yellow Green .
KEY WORDS-Order, Service, Discrimination .
MALE IDOLS-George Maharis, Earl Holliman, Van Johnson .
FEMALE IDOLS-Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman, Lauren Bacall


Even though gay Virgo may be quite attractive, he has a way of not being noticed. This may be partly due to his shyness or his quiet manner, but there is also something about his appearance that makes him blend into the background. Generally, he is of medium height, relatively slender (though he does tend to gain weight with age), and with a well-formed and well-proportioned body. His hair is most often brown and straight, varying from medium to dark brown.

His complexion is generally somewhat ruddy, although it may be fairly pale in some cases, and he has a round face with small or delicate features.

Once noticed, however, Virgo's real beauty shines forth from his dark, intelligent, sympathetic eyes, which have a slightly melancholy look, slanting somewhat because of the fact that they turn downwards at the outside, almost in a squint

Virgo dresses well, though somewhat conservatively. He follows fashion, and longs to wear things that are flamboyant or outrageous, but will invariably choose colors and styles that will keep him from standing out from the crowd He is extreme in his neatness, and may not show a wrinkle or a soiled spot, even after a long day of work.

He will have a distinctive voice, which in some cases may tend toward being somewhat shrill, thin, or nasal, because despite the outward appearance of Virgo's calm-he is actually somewhat nervous in nature.

If attending a costume party, gay Virgo will usually choose to wear something indicative of his serious workmanlike nature. At his most extreme, he might dress as an ascetic as a monk (or nun), but more likely he will be conservative, wearing the apparel of a doctor (or nurse), a scientist, or a chef.


Virgo is a much maligned sign; he does not really deserve all the jokes made at his expense-not all of them, anyway. He's earned one or two. Gay Virgo is almost always pictured as the fussy, tediously tidy, prim and proper taskmaster rather like Felix Unger on The Odd Couple. To some extent, that is his nature, but it is an unfair caricature, for there is much, much more to him.

Virgo is always attempting to bring matter under the control of mind. With Mercury as his ruler, Virgo places a great emphasis on mentality and language; and with the Sixth House of work and service as Virgo's natural placement, he always wants to put the mind to practical work, for himself and for others. Whatever Virgo does, he has to feel useful, and he hates to see talent and ability wasted, whether it is his own or someone else's His sense of perfection can be irritating to those around him, for he will not be satisfied with anything until it is done the very best it can be, and he will not hesitate to offer criticism, though it is almost always constructive criticism. Virgo is an excellent worker, especially in areas involving criticism or editing or service to the public Virgo is good with language, and with anything requiring manual dexterity. They are the true craftsmen of the Zodiac, meticulous about details. Careers involving service are best for Virgo and health care is emphasized. Virgos make good doctors nurses and psychiatrists. As they are concerned about diet, they make good cooks or chefs.

Virgo analyzes everything, and usually his analysis is correct, for he is almost invariably intelligent, even when he is deprived of the education he wants. (Those who do not have extensive formal education manage somehow to acquire knowledge on their own. ) He has the ability to perceive whole picture, and then to focus in on specifics though sometimes he can become too concerned about the details

But the point of all this mental activity for Virgo is his desire to serve others. Although it would not seem so, from his reserve and his caution, even his remoteness, Virgo loves and cares very deeply. In fact, his sense of self worth seems to be greatly dependent upon his value to others. There is a tendency for Virgo to lack self esteem; he sees himself as imperfect and needs the appreciation of others to make himself seem worthy.

For a lover, this can sometimes be a problem, for this need of Virgo's may appear to be possessiveness, though it is more likely to be Virgo's desire to be a part of another in order to affirm himself. Gay Virgo can be a true and loyal lover. Despite his quiet, even shy exterior, Virgo can be passionate in sex In fact there is more than a small amount of anal eroticism about him, and he has a surprising ability to "get down and dirty" His pleasure in performing a "service" for others plays a part in this.

However, Virgo has a tendency to be slow in committing himself to a partnership, and he generally thinks of the practical considerations, weighing decision. But once he makes partner and lover.


The life challenge for gay Virgo is to become more accepting of human frailty, in himself and in others. He must learn self esteem and self respect, so that he can truly value and respect others. He needs to relax, to try not to control situations and events in order to control his tendency toward worrying and fretting about things that are not within his power.

Virgo's characteristic overworking and overworrying can exhaust him, weakening his constitution and leaving him open to physical and psychosomatic ailments. He is prone toward nervous indigestion and stomach problems generally, and they are almost always attributable to his nervous tension.

A part of Virgo's challenge is to learn to trust, to avoid prejudice and pedanticism and self-righteousness. The love he so desperately needs is dependent upon his willingness to let go and accept his imperfection as something perfect in itself, to let others serve him as he seeks to serve them.

One good thing about Virgo is his mutability; he can change and learn and grow, overcoming his challenge by applying his excellent mind toward understanding.