Crystals and Reiki

Most of the Reiki practitioners and Masters I know are strongly attracted to crystals. Many found their first experience of energy and vibrations through living with crystals, and discovered Reiki as they continued their exploration of energy work.

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Crystals and Self-Treatment:
Crystal/Reiki Meditationbutterfly

You can add energy and focus to your Reiki self-treatments by placing crystals on the parts of the body you use for hand positions.

In general, Reiki hand positions correspond to the chakras. The principal difference (for the hand positions I use) is that the first and second chakras are merged in the pelvic hand position, and the third chakra is divided into two areas: abdominal and solar plexus.

You can adjust to this difference by putting two dark stones at the base of your feet (which is very good for grounding). Though you will not be touching your feet while meditating you can focus Reiki on your feet and legs.

Pelvic area: black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, tiger's eye, obsidian, onyx, ruby, carnelian, garnet, bloodstone. Colors: black/brown/gray/red

Abdominal area: citrine, tiger's eye, amber, rutilated quartz. Color: gold

Solar plexus: peridot, malachite, moonstone, rhodochrosite. Colors: chartreuse, coral

Heart area: rose quartz, pink tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline, rhodonite, aventurine, green tourmaline. Colors: green, pink

Throat area: amazonite, aquamarine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, turquoise, fluorite (any color). Colors, blue-green, light blue.

Forehead: amethyst, sodalite, labradorite/spectrolite, sugilite, moss agate, kyanite, moldavite. Colors: purple, dark blue

Crown: Clear quartz. Color: clear, white

I don't recommend lying on crystals; their energy, however, will travel to the back hand positions.

In giving yourself Reiki you may also want to focus on the color of the crystal you've chosen for each chakra and imagine that color radiating through you. If there's an area to which you're giving extra attention you may also want to create an affirmation for balance in that area.

For more information on crystals see Gems and Their Gifts to Us

For more information on the chakras see The Chakras.

You can also learn more about the chakras by taking our email course. There's a sample lesson on the web site.
The Purple Raybutterfly

My friend, Marley, combined Reiki, crystals, and chakra balancing in the following story. (Note: a Maxized quartz point is a crystal which has been charged by the energy of a crystal skull named Max.)

This morning I checked my chakras by standing and holding a pendulum in front of each chakra and watching the direction the pendulum spun. I did this because I woke up dizzy and fuzzy headed - I was out of town and spent the night at a third rate hotel. I found that my crown chakra was blocked. I lay on the bed and I put an amethyst on my forehead. Then I held my Maxized healing quartz point on top of the amethyst stone and beamed Reiki into that chakra while I visualized a purple light coming from my healing crystal through the amethyst into the chakra. When I stood up, after a few minutes, was no longer dizzy and I felt energized.

Marley Adelman
More Reiki/Crystal Blendings butterfly

You can clear and charge your crystals with Reiki energy. If you're Reiki Level I hold the crystal in your hand and simply Reiki it.

If you're Reiki II you can draw the symbols over your crystals. You may then want to use the charged crystal as part of a distant healing ceremony. You can also program the intention of a distant healing ceremony into your crystal. There are more details on how to do this in the section on Crystal Grids.
Crystals, Reiki, and Treatment of Othersbutterfly

As Reiki practitioners and masters we've found that crystals can work in many ways to enhance our treatments.

We and our clients enjoy having crystals in the treatment room as both visual and energetic enhancements. In general, any beautiful crystal adds much to the atmosphere. In particular, amethyst clusters help to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation; while quartz clusters balance the energy.
The Star of David Pattern

We place quartz crystal points under our massage table in a pattern called the Star of David layout. For this, place crystals on the points of an imaginary Star of David: one each below the head and foot, one each below the shoulders and hips.

We have found that this layout creates a very stable and relaxing energy pattern which seals in the Reiki energy. We also recommend it for meditation.
Hands On

Often clients enjoy holding a crystal in one or both hands during the treatment. You can either let them choose the one(s) to which they are attracted, or make suggestions, such as:

For grounding issues: hematite, tiger's eye, black tourmaline, red jasper, smoky quartz

Anxiety/nervousness: amethyst, rhodochrosite, aquamarine

Love issues: rose quartz (for relationship issues); emerald, for feeling cut off from divine love or one's spirituality

Opening up spirituality: clear quartz, chrysocolla, amethyst
Crystals and Attunementsbutterfly

We encourage our students to bring their favorite crystals to place beneath their chairs during attunements. If they don't have any we put a quartz crystal or cluster beneath each chair.