Where to Wear Crystals and Stones

                      Agate, Fire             Forehead
Amber Wrist
Apatite Earlobes

Bloodstone Earlobes, throat

Chalcedony Heart
Chrysolite Throat
Copper Anywhere
Coral Forehead

Diamond Finger, temple

Emerald Heart, Finger, Right Arm

Fluroite Earlobes

Garnet Earlobes, heart
Gold Anywhere
Granite Throat

Hematite Base Of Spine
Herkimer/Diamond Base Of Spine

Jade Anywhere
Jasper/Green Anywhere
Jasper/Picture Earlobes, throat, heart
Jasper/Yellow Forehead, mid-chest
Jet Throat, wrist

Lapis Lazuli Throat
Lazulite Finger, heart

Magnetite Anywhere
Moonstone Finger

Opal/Dark Finger, throat
Opal/Jelly Anywhere
Opal/Light Throat

Pearl Navel
Peridot Throat
Petrified/Wood Throat
Pyrite Throat

Quartz/Amythest Anywhere
Quartz/Blue Finger
Quartz/Citrine Anywhere
Quartz/Clear Anywhere

Rhodochrosite Wrist

Sapphire Finger
Silver Finger
Star/Sapphire Finger

Topaz Finger
Turquoise Anywhere