The mere fact that crystals are placed in an
environment suggests to
the subconscious mind that healing, on some subliminal
level, has
already begun. When crystals are placed in a room,
they will
automatically charge that area with energy. They will
also absorb and
ionize that energy in the area which is negative. The
focusing, radiating beauty aspects of a crystal, work
regardless if
someone is aware of these traits or not. These are the
elements of a crystal's power. To disperse this energy
outward is one
of its true gifts. It is even more astonishing when we
are aware of


Agate: Appearance: Multi banded stone. Opaque to transparent, primarily
peach-orange to grey.
This stone serves as a third eye. Binds energies for physical endurance.
Animals, courage, protection, balance, build energy, fatigue, physical
Banded Agate:
Relieves spastic discomfort
Blue Lace Agate:
Depression, despair, stubbornness, and bad emotions, Anger, communication,
confidence, creativity, fever, heart, infection, influenza, insomnia, job
interviews, larynx, nervous system, self expression, soothing, sore throat,
thyroid, wisdom
Botswana Agate:
Physical strength and stamina, addiction recovery, calming, clear toxins
from body, concentration
Crazy Lace Agate:
Fire Agate:
Circulation, focus, nervous system
Lace Agate:
Moss Agate:
Cleanses stress, old patterns, skin disorders
Tree Agate:
Soothes emotions
Brings emotional balance, cancer, pancreas, psychic protection,
regeneration, spleen
This stone improves Confidence, both directed towards oneself and towards
others. Enriches skeletal, calcium metabolism, balance, astral travel,
Male/Female balance, communication, creativity, death, nervous system,
soothing nerves, self esteem, self love
Beauty, Purification, releasing fluids from the body, digestive track, clear
toxins from environment, depression, Endocrine system, grounding, heart,
joy, karmic issues, past lives, spleen, stability, transformation, uplifting
Amethyst: This stone is related to the Throat Chakra, and the Purple Colour
Love, friendship, peace, sleep, dreams, psychic ability, spiritual
upliftment, effective communication, stomach problems. Alleviates mental
stress, courage, arthritis, bloodstream, cleanse blood, calming mind,
Purification, aligns emotions, Endocrine system, eyes, immune system,
meditation, mental health, nightmares, pain, protection, relaxing, spirit
guides, spiritual development, stress
Helps with headaches, depression, stress, transformation
Anger, bones, communication, nervous system, protection, self expression,
soothing, sore throat, thyroid, wellbeing
Apache Tears:
Brings emotional security and peace, protects from toxins, release emotions
Communication, Inter-dimensional communication, extraterrestrial contact,
Blue Apatite:
Creativity, eyes, pituitary gland, sore throat
Green Apatite:
Astral travel, clarity, higher self, inter-dimensional, pituitary gland
Yellow Apatite:
Astral travel, clarity, inter-dimensional, pituitary gland
Adrenals, Grounding during OBE, brain, calming mind, spiritual grounding,
heart, inter-dimensional, old patterns, spleen
Clear Apophyllite:
Clarity, spirit guides
Green Apophyllite:
Clarity, muscles, spirit guides, uplifting
Aquamarine: Appearance: Light Blue.
Enhance communication skills, stabilise body fluids, luck charm for marine
travel, Psychic ability, purification, peace
Works like a tranquilliser, courage, balance, clarity, protects from toxins,
eyes, glands, insomnia, kidneys, larynx, liver, soothing, spleen, thyroid
Brain, calming, intellectual clarity, communication, balance emotions,
heart, intuition, insight, intellect, nervous system
Aventurine: Appearance: All shades of green. Solar Plexus Chakra, bearer of
the green colour ray.
Strong physical healing, a luck stone for an adventurer, emotional
stability, fear, fever
Blue Aventurine:
Decisions, old patterns, problem solving, relationships, self esteem, self
Green Aventurine:
Transformation of a physical condition, anxiety, bloodstream, soothes
emotions, ligaments, love, muscles, regeneration, strength, wellbeing
Peach Aventurine:
Childbirth, decisions, muscles, regeneration
Azurite: Appearance: Deep rich blue.
Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, healing on all planes, success.
Divination, dreams, change, intuition, insight, meditation, pain, psychic
protection, purification, transformation
Unblocking energy, calcium deficiency, aligns emotions, balance emotions,
release emotions, past lives
Brown Barite:
Anger, appendix, bladder
Green Barite:
Bloodstone: Appearance: Dark green with red and/or yellow spots and swirls.
Strength and energy. Courage, money, business success. Headaches,
haemorrhage, bloodshot eyes, kidneys, heart attack, and high blood pressure,
Purification, Goddess, Inner guidance, physical healing, regeneration,
stamina, stress
Boji Stone:
Balance, bloodstream, circulation, energising, unblocking energy, entities,
immune system, influenza, pain, regeneration
Purification, creativity, releasing stress or guilt, centering, balance
emotions, joy, protection, psychic protection, spiritual development,
stress, studying, wellbeing
Blue Calcite:
Change, express emotions, energising
Green Calcite:
Chemical allergies, arthritis, broken bones, calming, change, protects from
toxins, express emotions, ligaments, love, soothing nerves, old patterns,
rheumatism, shock, stomach, clear toxins
Gold Calcite:
Clarity, mental function
Honey Calcite:
Build energy, energising
Peach Calcite:
Ease Trauma, energising
Pink Calcite:
Build energy, ease trauma, energising, love
Red Calcite:
Express emotions
Carnelian: Bearer of the Orange Colour ray. Related to the Sex/navel Chakra.
Balances creativity and mental processes. Increases appetite and energy,
courage, eloquence, abuse recovery, sexual/emotional abuse, Sexual energy
balance, cancer, Purification, concentration, focus, gall bladder, joy,
kidneys, liver, physical manifestation, optimism, overeating, past lives,
regeneration, sexuality, sexual organs, soothing, spontaneity, trauma
Aura clearing, build energy, energising, grounding, hormones, hysterectomy,
menopause, physical healing, reproductive system, sports, wounds
Cat's Eye:
Helps tension and spasms in the head and neck area, beauty
Astral travel, calming, higher self, insomnia, inter-dimensional, spirit
guides, spiritual development, stress, thyroid
Anxiety, calming mind, headache, migraine, nervous system, sleep, stress
Blue Chalcedony:
Anger, communication, confidence, creativity, fever, heart, infection,
influenza, insomnia, job interviews, larynx, nervous system, self
expression, soothing, sore throat, thyroid, wisdom
White Chalcedony:
Anger, balance, balance emotions, express emotions, energising, mental
Grey Chalcedony:
Anger, asthma, bronchitis, change, eyes, fear, headache, migraine, heart,
kidneys, nervous system, pain, pituitary gland, respiratory system, self
esteem, self love, spiritual development, recovery from surgery,
Death, intuition, insight
Nervous system, friendship, anxiety, balance, Male/Female balance,
communication, focus, self esteem, self love
Emotional heartache, arthritis, Childbirth, communication, creativity,
digestive system, fear of expression, intuition, insight, menstruation,
pain, stomach, ulcers
Citrine: Bearer of the Yellow ray. Related to the Root Chakra.
Upliftment, back problems, Elimination of toxins from the body, Abundance,
prosperity, anorexia, aura clearing, back pain, bulimia, clarity, clear
toxins from environment, colon, communication, depression, detoxifier,
digestive system, gall bladder, greed, heart, joy, kidneys, liver, physical
manifestation, optimism, personal power, prosperity, regeneration, self
esteem, self love, thymus gland, thyroid
Coral: Appearance: Red to pink.
Protects and strengthens emotional foundation. Protects from all evil
Red Coral:
Clarity, digestive system, fear, indigestion, nature
White Coral:
Soothes emotions, intuition, insight, self esteem, self love
Digestive system, aligns emotions, balance emotions, forgiveness, sexual
abuse recovery, karmic issues, mental health, past lives, reproductive
system, stomach
Subtle bodies balance, bloodstream, bones, brain, build energy, central
nervous system, energising, unblocking energy, entities, grounding, heart,
immune system
Brain, cardiovascular system, clear toxins, extraterrestrial contact, gall
bladder, psychic protection, protects from toxins
Golden Danburite:
Diamond: All of the Chakra colours when you see its rainbow sparkles in
bright light.
Purifying for the whole body, and places your center of faith in the
spiritual realm, magnifier for other crystals, courage, balance, honesty,
prosperity, spiritual development, stability
Herkimer Diamond:
Balances polarities, remembering dreams, insomnia, meditation, nightmares,
past lives, psychic protection, sleep
Black star Diopside:
Grounding during OBE, Unblocking energy, decisions, entities, feet, sexual
abuse recovery, nature, past lives, scrying
Green Diopside:
Childhood, soothes emotions, entities, heart, sexual abuse recovery
High blood pressure and pain, headache, migraine, psychic protection,
regeneration, self esteem, self love, spiritual development, emotional
stability, telepathy
Emerald: Appearance: Bright Green
Encourages truth. Eye diseases, speech impediments, Abundance, prosperity,
calming, dreams, soothes emotions, heart, immune system, liver, meditation,
prosperity, uplifting
Balance, clearing atmosphere, nature, spiritual development, stress
Unblocking energy, release emotions, higher self, self esteem, self love,
spiritual development
Fluorite: Appearance: Blue to violet green.
Aids in learning and meditation. Mental disorder, nervous system, balance,
mind balance, bloodstream, bones, Inter-dimensional communication,
extraterrestrial contact, focus, intuition, insight, release, mental health,
helps nutrient absorption, protection, psychic protection, scrying, spleen,
studying, teeth, understanding
Green Fluorite:
This stone is for Hormone balance, clarity, nature, relationships, and
spiritual development
Purple Fluorite:
Calming mind, clarity, concentration, psychic protection, relaxing, studying
Yellow Fluorite:
Balance, calming, focus, memory, mental function, stability, studying
Change, higher self, karmic issues, past lives, spiritual development
Garnet: Appearance: Deep red to purple red.
Determination and strength. Balances thyroid disorders, increases sex drive,
balance, bloodstream, calming, stability in change, compassion, imagination,
Kundalini stimulation, love
Green Garnet:
Cooperation, fertility
Gold Calcite:
Mental clarity
Intellectually calming and refreshing
Hawk's Eye:
Etheric body
Haematite: Appearance: Silver black outside. Rusty red inside.
Dedication and achievement, anti-inflammation, divination, grounding,
Abundance, prosperity, balance, bloodstream, cleanse blood, broken bones,
build energy, circulation, energising, Goddess, joy, meditation, nervous
system, prosperity
Broken bones, remembering dreams, heart, insomnia, memory, nightmares, pain,
sleep, stress, teeth
Iolite: The Water Sapphire. Appearance: Violet-blue.
Inspires wisdom and psychic energy, aura clearing, Male/Female balance
Relaxation. Healing, love, money, creativity. Eases stomach and digestive
disorders, balance, emotional detachment, heart, immune system, kidneys,
Nephrite Jade:
Decisions, insomnia, spiritual development, recovery from surgery
Jasper: Appearance: Found in many different colours, most commonly red.
Always opaque.
Strengthens stamina. Beauty. Protection, reduces fear/insecurities, fatigue,
optimism, physical healing, protection, wellbeing, wounds
Brown Jasper:
Green Jasper:
Digestive system, unblocking energy, heart, lungs
Leopardskin Jasper:
Helps bring what one needs, which may not be what one wants. A supportive
Picture Jasper:
Decisions, problem solving, visualisation
Poppy Jasper:
Positive outlook
Red Jasper:
Liver and bile ducts, sense of smell, bladder, bloodstream, menstruation,
PMT, prostate, reproductive system, sexual organs
Yellow Jasper:
Digestive system, emotional blocks, indigestion, optimism, stomach, ulcers
Jet: Appearance: Coal.
Protects against bad luck. Divination
Receptivity and balance, grounding, addiction recovery, sexual/emotional
abuse, cardiovascular system, balance emotions, extraterrestrial contact,
intuition, insight, intellect, love, manic depression
Astral travel, clarity, remembering dreams, extraterrestrial contact, higher
self, relaxing, sleep
Brain, Kundalini stimulation, lymphatics, pituitary gland, psychic
protection, scrying, spiritual development, telepathy
Lapis Lazuli:
Understanding, Mental clarity & emotional healing, courage, Male/Female
balance, bones, Purification, depression, Goddess, past lives, psychic
protection, stress, thyroid
Confidence, depression, Goddess, lymphatics, muscles, nervous system, sore
throat, spleen, thyroid
Addiction recovery, sexual/emotional abuse, depression, manic depression,
Change, Purification, ease trauma, pain, protection, stress
Business success, stress, Weight reduction, arthritis, Goddess, pain,
pancreas, psychic protection, regeneration, spleen
Grounding during OBE, brain, circulation, eyes, heart, immune system, job
Safety in travel, divination, appetite suppression, build energy,
energising, intellect, overeating
Astral travel, change, Inter-dimensional communication, extraterrestrial
contact, intuition, insight, inter-dimensional, meditation, spirit guides
Moonstone: Appearance: Peach, white, grey or clear.
Protects the soul. Sleep, dreams, psychic ability, love. Relieves discomfort
of cramps and helps in hormonal balance, dieting, divination, grounding,
abortion, Childbirth, release emotions, menstruation, PMT, reproductive
system, sexual organs, stress, vulnerability, womb
Blue Moonstone:
Grey Moonstone:
Peach Moonstone:
Colon, confidence, fertility, spleen
Depression, ease trauma, hysteria
Mother-of-pearl: Appearance: Soft white with pearl like patterns within.
Endurance. Asthma and allergies
Emotional security and peace, divination, joy
Black Obsidian: This is a very potent stone.
Grounding excess energy, insight to a problem, Emotional Security & Peace,
release emotions, past lives, clear toxins, protects from toxins
Green Obsidian:
Inner guidance
Mahogany Obsidian:
Snowflake Obsidian:
Balance, Male/Female balance
Change bad habits. Grounding. Protection from negativity, defence, Emotional
balance, bone marrow, creativity
Black Onyx: Appearance: Deep Black.
Absorbs evil.
Opal: This is an extremely strong stone. Appearance: White, green or black.
Often sparkling rainbows are often seen within.
Meditation, helps to see possibilities. Intensifies a mood, beauty,
creativity, energising, eyes, higher self, intuition, insight
Tourmalated Opal
Astral Projection
Change, emotional blocks, unblocking energy, inter-dimensional, past lives,
release, spirit guides
Peacock Ore:
Brain, calming mind, concentration, meditation, pituitary gland
Helps to accept love, improve self-love and the ability to love.
Cleanses hurt feelings and bruised egos, confidence, heart, joy, kidneys,
pancreas, regeneration, spleen, stress
Abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, reproductive system, sexuality
Broken bones, brain, cardiovascular system, nervous system, relationships
Strengthens circulatory system, bloodstream, brain, concentration, eyes,
joy, memory, studying
Quartz: Appearance: Sometimes clear but often cloudy white in parts.
Adds luck to magic users. Protection, purification, courage, strength,
healing, balance. Dreams, good health, and aura. Astral Projection, higher
self, inter-dimensional, physical manifestation, meditation, physical
healing, spirit guides, stamina, travel, wellbeing
Rose Quartz:
Emotional balance, Friendship, releasing jealousy. Love, abuse recovery,
Anger, anorexia, aura clearing, bulimia, circulation, diabetes, fear,
fertility, forgiveness, greed, sexual abuse recovery, kidneys, relaxing,
soothing, stress
Red Quartz:
Energising, jealousy, joy, negativity
Rutilated Quartz:
Detoxification, cleansing arteries, build energy, depression, energising,
fatigue, higher self, immune system, negativity, regeneration, stamina
Smoky Quartz:
Sexual energy balance, concentration, fatigue, feet, fertility, influenza,
kidneys, sexuality, stamina, suicidal
Strawberry Quartz:
Subtle bodies balance, past lives, relationships, and spiritual development
Tourmalinated Quartz:
Smoky Quartz:
Fatigue and depression, Adrenals, depression, dreams, pancreas, sprains
Change, emotional blocks, unblocking energy, inter-dimensional, past lives,
release, spirit guides
Emotional pains, poor eyesight, Subtle bodies balance, circulation, balance
emotions, heart, jealousy, kidneys, spleen
Emotional support, Restores physical energy, allergies, calming, confidence,
ease trauma, energising, feet, immune system, jealousy, love, memory,
nervous system, RSI, pituitary gland, thyroid
Ruby: Bearer of the red colour ray. Associated with the heart Chakra.
Love, helps one to open one's heart. Sex drive, blood purifier, and physical
energy, balance, bloodstream, build energy, circulation, energising, immune
system, influenza
{As red and green are negative/positive colours. When you are feeling
especially anxious in love, a ruby or garnet worn with green stones will
balance your passion with your true loving nature. This is true for all
positive-negative colours... they'll balance each other to make the effect
more harmonious}
Purification, protection, grounding
Sapphire: Appearance: Many shades, but most commonly Blue, yellow, green,
grey or black.
Mental clarity, Concentration. Wisdom and prophecy. Nervous and mental
disorders, throat and asthma, defence, clarity, creativity, kidneys, psychic
protection, spirit guides
Binding energies, childbirth, courage
Brain, death, ease trauma, emotional blocks, lungs, physical manifestation,
muscles, pain, past lives
Transformation and rejuvenation
Aura clearing, clarity, Purification, clearing atmosphere, concentration,
higher self, protection, psychic protection
Bloodstream, dreams, soothes emotions, metabolism, reproductive system,
sexuality, sexual organs, stress, wounds
Sodalite: Bearer of the Indigo ray. Related to the Crown Chakra. Appearance:
Navy blue to indigo with white or grey streaks
Sodalite is good for guarding against harmful negative forces, Repels fear
and aids in regeneration. Mental metabolism, removing toxins, mind balance,
clear toxins, protects from toxins, creativity, fear, metabolism, pancreas,
and psychic protection
Mind, astral projection, Adrenals, balance, Purification, heart, pituitary
gland, and stress
Clear thoughts, meditation, and dreams, Unblocking energy, spiritual
Astral travel, diabetes, energising, extraterrestrial contact, grounding,
karmic issues