Crystals & Gems and there powers

Blue Lace Agate - Psychic, peacful energy

Moss Agate - Healing, riches, happiness, longevity, friends

Amethyst - Dreams, overcomming, indulgences, healing,
psychic powers, protection, courage, emotional
love, success

Aventurine - healing, peace, calming, luck,
intellegence, eye sight, money

Azurite - psychic powers, dreams, divination, healing,

Bloodstone - stops bleeding, victory, wealth, strength,

Carnelian - cures jealous, anger, healing, protection,
sexual energy

Citrine - Protection, psychic awareness, creativity,
dispells nightmares

Hermatite - healing, grounding, divination, intuition

Jasper - Healing, health, beauty, protection

Lapis Lazuli - Healing, love, fidelity, psychic powers,
protection, courage, beauty

Moonstone - love, psychic powers, divination,
youth, moon magic, sleep, dreams, dieting

Onyx - protection, defensive magic, helps control passions
and emotions

Rhodochrosite - energy, love, peace

Sodalite - peace, meditatiion, wisdom, healing

Sugilite - psychic powers, spirituality, healing wisdom

Tigereye - money, protection, courage, luck, divination,
earth energy

Tourquoise - Luck, protection, courage, money, love,
friends, healing

Clear quartz - Magnifies psychic and healing energy, a
power and protection crystal

Smokey quarts - Overcomes depression, fatique, good for
grounding empowering

Rose quarts - Love energy, calming, happiness

Rutilated quarts- energy stone, magical