The following list of properties was given to me by Special
Treasures, one of the crystal merchants at the psychic fairs I have been


AMETHYST Violet Crown Calming, grounding, a cleanser and
spiritual stimulator, yin yang
balance, strengthens heart,
cleanses liver of toxins, excellent
for lung problems.

ADVENTURINE Green Heart Soothes emotions, used for the
heart and heartache, for acceptance
of self and others, for inner

AGATE Varied Solar- Compels truth, promotes good
Plexus, manners, happiness, intelligence,
Heart prosperity, longevity, fertility,
and good health, affects stomach,
throat, heart.

AZURITE- Blue-green Heart, All purpose healing stone, affects
MALACHITE Crown etheric body, parathyroid glands,
optic 3rd eye nerve, spleen,
pancreas, used to release repressed
emotions and for physical detoxing.

BLOODSTONE Green-red Root Offers courage, endurance, harmony,
used to stop bleeding, helps in
making decisions, used of iron
deficiency, in the blood, for
moving kundalinienergy, and to
invoke peace in all who are drawn
to it.

CITRINE Golden Solar- Generates radiant, happy
Plexus vibrations, helps thoughts to be
clear and emotins controlled,
raises thinking to intuitive
levels, on a physical level it can
be used to help eliminate toxins
from the colon, gall bladder and
kidneys and entire eliminative

CHRYSOPRASE Green Solar- Has a quality of compassion and a
Plexus, capacity for fine attunement works
Heart on the solar plexus and heart areas
to sooth emotions, will help
tranquilize many forms of hysteria
and neurosis, also used to absorb
or deflect unwanted energies.

FLORITE Clear, Crown, Multi-dimensional stone, balances
Blue, 3rd Eye and integrates lower (human) self
Purple with higher (spiritual) self, good
for meditation over 3rd eye chakra,
works well with virulent diseases.

GARNET Red Root Stimulates happiness, peace,
balance, patience, inspiration,
persistence, good for rebirthing,
menstruation and life passages,
blood disorders, fertility, eases
arthritis pain.

HEMATITE Grey-black Root A very grounding stone, very
cooling to the physical body, use
for fevers, alleviates worry and
anxiety as it allows for mental
clarity, often known as the "worry

HERKIMER Clear Crown Very balancing special variety of
"DIAMOND" quartz crystal, works with yin yang
energies, often known as the "Dream
Crystal", aids in bringing
teachings of the dream state into
conscious awareness, very highly
attuned spiritually.

KYANITE Blue, Crown, Aligns all chakras, if so directed
Black 3rd Eye can open chakras (energy centers in
the body), dispells frustration and
anger, excellent attunement stone,
good for meditating, aids in past
life regression.

LAPIS Blue Throat, Used over 3rd eye (brow) chakra,
LAZULI 3rd Eye assists in opening and clarifying
(Brow) inner vision, provides strength,
vitality and self-assurance, used
for disorders of the throat, heart,
spleen, blood, skin and to counter
effects of stroke and epilepsy,
also good for dream work.

LITHIUM Lavender Crown, Helps to reduce stress and ease
with Pink Solar- depression, relates to cycles of
Tourmaline Plexus birth and death and eases
transition , good preparitory stone
inner spiritual work, on physical
level-helps with digestion.

MOONSTONE White Crown Has a very calming effect on the
Pastel emotions, stimulates the pineal
gland, assists in stimulating the
feeling (intuitive) nature, eases
menstrual pain, alleviates many
degenerative conditions in the
skin, hair, eyes, and body fluids
(tears, digestive juices).

OBSIDIAN Black- Used to sharpen both the internal
Snowflake and external vision, one of the
most important "teachers" of the
New Age stones, teaches one the
truth of oneself in relation to
ones ego, depicts the contrasts of
life-day and night, darkness and
light, truth and error.

PERIDOT Green Heart, Promotes digestion, eases ailments
Yellow/ Brow in the digestive system, used for
Green for protection, prosperity,
happiness, emotional calming,
purifies, balances.

PHANTOM Clear All Very powerful tool for the New Age,
Red or used to ground and center while
Yellow attuning to higher spiritual
energies, in healing work used to
disperce congested energies.

PYRITE Gold Solar- Has a very protecting, shielding
Plexus aspect which works on the physical,
mental, and emotional levels,
shields from many forms of negative
energy, strengths circulatory
system, clears oxygen in the blood.

QUARTZ Clear Trans- All-purpose, all healing, amplifies
personal thought-forms, transmutes energy
point and forms protective shield around
auric field, excellent for
meditation stone, color work, aura
work, very energizing.

IRRADIATED Very Absorbs all forms of negative
QUARTZ Black energy, placed on or near
electrical equipment (T.V.,
microwave, computer) to absorb
harmful energies.

ROSE QUARTZ Pink Heart Comforts heart from all wounds,
helps heal emotional pain, enhances
love, self-love, positive outlook,
joy and oneness, helpful for heart,
throat, ears, nose, sinuses,
kidneys, hypertension.

SMOKEY Black Root, Eases depression, fear and panic,
QUARTZ Grey Solar- clears aura, very grounding,
Plexus enhances positive attitudes,
tranquilizes, works well with root
chakra to release negative blocks
emotional and physical, used for
menstrual cramps, intestines,
stomach and digestion.

TOPAZ Yellow Solar- Draws negativity from chakras,
Plexus protects against insomnia and
depression, mood elevator,
revitalizes, very stimulating to
the creative thinking processes,
eases death.

TOURMALINE Varied Root, Works as a protective shield,
Heart transforms and consumes negative
energy without releasing it into
the atmosphere, has to do with
visions and "seeing" with
compassion, good for the eyes,
teaches to expand limited concepts
of thinking, relates to aspirations
for higher love, very complete

TURQUOISE Aqua Heart, Known as "The Sky Stone", is
Throat excellent for both spiritual
attunement and healing of the
energy centers and the physical
body, valuable for grounding as
well as for vision quests and
astral travel, purifies all levels
of being and is capable of handling
strong negativity, also used for
wounds and for damage to bones.

These past and present uses of gemstones are presented for
information only! It is best to follow your own inner wisdom to choose
and use your stones as you feel they will most benefit the SPECIAL
TREASURE that YOU are!