Casting a Sumerian Dream Ward



A few pinches of graveyard dirt

A bit of frankincense

A bit of woodruff

A pinch of Ibn Ghazi, although not required!!

Mix this in a small bowl -- should not be over one small handful at the most.


Walk with bowl cupped in your hands to each element, or, hold over each element over the altar, going deocil.  Sample of elemental incantation:


Ia Lil and all powers of the north

Bless this mixture so I may set the Dream Ward of the North

Allow only your positive dreams and visions to pass through this Ward

Repel all who would cross otherwise



Repeat similar incantation for each element.


Once the herbs have been properly blessed and charged, go to the north of your property.  Sample of setting elemental Ward:


Ia Lil!  Hear me, all powers and spirits of the North!

Here do I lay the the Northern Ward of Dreams

May none with malignant intentions be allowed to cross this boundary

May the night’s mare be held at bay, may the haunts of the north be kept within their own worlds

Banish those who would try to cross this boundary

May only the purest of your messages be received by all who dwell within these quarters

So say I, (full magickal name), by the blessings of Inanna, do lay this Ward on Ki.


Sprinkle 3 pinches of the dirt and herbs mixture to the Northern Winds


Repeat the above for each element, going deocil.  When you return to the North, state that the Wards have been completed, Ti.lam.  Sprinkle 5 more pinches of the mixture to the winds, closing the Ward circle.


Go back inside, to your bed.  Over your bed is where the dream portal is strongest, of course.  You should have a bit of mixture left in your bowl.  Hold the bowl up over your bed, knowing you are addressing the portal.  Example of incantation for portal:


Here where the unformed experience manifestation, do I ask the Wards of the Elements to guard this gate of dreams.  May only the purest of thoughts, emotions, physicalities and passions enter through this gate.  No longer do the haunts have access to this dream realm for all who dwell within these quarters.  So say I, Ti.Lam.


Spirit invoking pentagram over the bed.


Put the bowl with the last pinches of dirt and herb underneath the bed.  Whether that be under a cabinet, a drawer, or the mixture sprinkled on the floor itself, make sure the remains make it under your bed.


Ki.Aga Me!  Ti.lam, and sweetest of dreams!