On the night of a new moon or when you have need, sit at your Goddess's shrine and remove all clothing, light a candle and burn some incense. Take some anointing oil and anoint your eye lids saying

I open my eyes, that I may see your beauty.

Anoint your ears saying

I open my ears, that I may hear your voice.

Anoint your nose saying

I open my nose, that I may smell your fragrance.

Anoint your lips saying

I open my mouth, that I may speak your words.

Anoint your heart saying

I open my heart, that you may dwell in it.

Anoint your womb saying

I open my womb, that my power will shine.

Anoint your vulva saying

I open my vulva, that I may have pleasure.

Anoint your feet saying

I open my feet, that I may walk upon your path.

now say

bless me Mother, for I am your child.