Translations & Associations

Because one of modern civilization's first introductions to the Ancient Egyptian culture was through Greek and Roman writings, the Graeco-Roman names of the Neteru have become commonplace.

The Greeks also associated the Egyptian gods with the Greek & Roman pantheon. These associations are also listed here.

Per Sekhmet prefers to use the Ancient Egyptian version of the names of the Neteru. This list has been provided in order to make it easier for people to understand which Neter is being discussed.





Amun - Jupiter-Amun, Zeus-Amun Amon, Amen, Yimen
Anpu Anubis - Yinepu, Inpu, Winepu
Apuat - - Upuat, Wepawet
Asar Osiris - Ausar, Wasir, Wesir
Aset Isis Isis -
Bast Bastet Artemis -
Dhejuty Thoth Hermes Tehuty
Her-Ur Horus the Older Apollo -
Heru sa Aset Horus, son of Isis -
HwtHrw Hathor Aphrodite/Venus Het Hert
Hapi Hapy - -
Khephera Khephri - -
Khonsu Khons - -
Ma'at Mayet - -
NebetHet Nephthys - -
Nekhbet - - -
Ra Re - Zeus
Sekhmet Sakhmet - -
Seshat Sashet - -
Sutekh Seth Typhon Set