Transforming Fear, Anger, and Guilt

Becoming a Spiritual Scientist by Mariah Prosper

Fear Anger Guilt

These are states of being that cause us to Fall. Each of these states of being affect us emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. These are creative energies that cause change to happen.

Fear causes the Need for Protection and dependency

Anger causes the Need for Resentment and hate

Guilt causes the Need for Punishment and forgiveness of self and others.

These are all aspects of creation that manifest not from desire, which is a true original creative energy. No, these causes and needs are aspects of creation that manifest from uncontrolled thoughts and energy.---Unawareness. To become aware that you are allowing these energies to manifest into your reality, is the first step to changing their affect upon you. Acknowledge that they are yours, then you can release them out of your reality. I had a teacher that taught " Deny it--it's yours, Own it--it's yours, but then, it's yours to do something about." It took me years to figure that one out. Anyone you know that causes a negative reaction within you, look into the mirror, for that cause dwells somewhere hidden within you, or it wouldn’t stimulate you negatively. Our genetics come from the same source, so we all do have similarities---learn to overcome the negative ones by transforming them and then releasing them.

These states of being, Fear-Anger-Guilt, are some of the first things we are taught. Most of us come into this world, knowing of love from our parents. When we begin to explore life out of the crib, we are then taught to fear the fire for it will hurt you. We make a mistake, and our parents scold us with anger. We do something wrong and we’re taught to feel guilty receiving punishment as the consequence to our action. Do you think your parents were taught any different? Probably not.*** These aspects of self become part of out genetic makeup, and until the pattern is changed and broken, it continues, generation after generation. It’s time to transform the patterns of fear, anger, and guilt. Let them go so you can grow and evolve spiritually on all levels of being.

In order to release these negative aspects of being, you have to be open minded and willing to learn how to allow a positive aspect to replace it. It is as simple as " the spoken word" when all levels of being are in alignment. Whenever fear, as an example, arises within you; instead of allowing the need for protection to manifest, look at the fear from all angles, 360*. Then ask your self "Where does that come from, why do I have it, is it mine, who or what causes it to come up, how do I change it?" Analyze it completely, and do not let the need for protection or dependency upon another to manifest. You may not be able to get an answer to all of these questions at first, but eventually you will. By analyzing the fear each time it arises, your mind is searching for the solution to your fear. Scientific analysis causes discovery. Become a Spiritual Scientist and discover the real you.

After you have analyzed the fear and have the answers to your questions, then you also have the answer as to how to transform the fear into a positive state of courage and independence, you Let It Go! When the old fear cycles around again, and it will, you transform it again, and let it go. This may repeat itself throughout all levels of your being. If you have an understanding of chakras, then you understand the levels of being. Just as realities manifest down through our chakras, they have to unmanifest up through our chakras in order to return to Source. Thus completes the cycle.

Use this same process to discover your angers and guilts, also.

***In the Garden of Eden, God taught Adam and Eve about Fear, Anger, Guilt. Do not eat of the Tree of Good and Evil, for you shall surely die. "Fear of Death, and Fear of God". Then, after they did eat of the tree and were hiding, God grew angry because they disobeyed him--and out of anger he cursed them. "Anger". Then, because the woman coaxed the man into disobeying, God punished them for their guilt of disobeying and cursed her to have pain and childbirth. Therefore, we learned about guilt. God taught his children about these disharmonious creative energies; and parents have taught their children these energies for generations ever since the first time.***