Sound creates Light; Light shatters the Darkness; Awareness is born, and Creation becomes with the first Breath..............the Sound of Life by Mariah Prosper

God spoke the Word, and all of creation followed. As I have traveled my path of Spiritual Enlightenment, I regained many psychic abilities that were lost to childhood upbringing. Hearing the eternal OM within was part of my training with Goswami Sunyata Saraswati (The Jewel in the Lotus). I would sleep with the radio on because the silence was too noisy for me to relax into sleep. When the StarFire energy began flowing through me, the sounds appeared to be external and were more intense when I received the symbols of light. It was as though my ears could hear far away. I would ask someone with me if they heard it too. On a few occasions, I did not experience this music alone. The sounds that I heard, helped me name many of the symbols. As I initiated others into the energy, they too began to get symbols with sound. I have acquired a variety of effective symbols and sounds through my own research and that of my student/teachers.

Many books have been written about the ‘Music of the Spheres’, which is produced from the energies of light flowing throughout the cosmos. The natural electromagnetic frequencies (spheres) in our atmosphere have a harmonic relation to musical sound and the octave, which corresponds to the laws of musical proportion. The frequency of our planet’s rotation plays a role in the production of the spheres.

A Genetic researcher of the past, Fritz Popp, determined that DNA has a resonant frequency that has a direct relation to the 66th harmonic of the frequency of the Earth’s rotation. This high frequency has to do with the scientifically recognized ability of DNA to communicate on the molecular level with light. When strands of DNA break apart during replication, they emit ultraviolet light, which encodes the DNA\RNA molecules in the nucleus (see Orion Nebula) Many of those who have been initiated into the StarFire energy see this ultraviolet light when channeling the energy. (Light produces sound and sound produces light)

The StarFire Reiki energy is seen as ultraviolet light and does burn off the amino acids of the right strand of DNA (our genetic ‘bad’ karma) and allows for the encoding of new ‘programs’ that raise our consciousness to the so called 12 strand DNA. This creates a process of clearing on all levels of be-ing creating new growth in our lives. Blocks are cleared away and truth is presented so that we may move beyond life’s experiences that have held us back from our spiritual growth.

Because sound and light are one and the same, chanting holy mantras helps to speed up the processes of growth.

In ancient times, man called upon his gods with sound. By listening to nature (God) and how nature communicated to him, he developed ritual intonations to call upon a certain aspect of the higher power. Just as a baby cries to get its mother’s attention, we too call out to get the attention of higher powers to assist us in life.

Invoke literally means "voice inside", to call inwardly. This is what we must do if we want to make contact with higher Intelligences through the Consciousness of God\dess. All sounds used in the Reiki languages are internal and reach to the highest power for assistance.

To call outwardly , to say the words out loud is to call the power outside of yourself to look at or observe. This could be disturbing to the client but also puts the power and energies of the ray outside of self and diminishes the healing. On the other hand, Evoking could be useful to set up a specific grid work in your workspace or to send energy to another place. Never ‘evoke the energy to another person, for we are connected to each other by that which is within us--the Essence of God\dess.

External sound does affect the psychology of the mind and ears. When one hears these sounds , they then can internalize them to reach their godhead from within. This could be very useful when hosting Reiki circles of healing and exchanging energy.


God names and phrases of divinity have been used for so many centuries that one with a highly trained mind could establish automatic connections between Divine and Human Intelligence. Following are some Divine names and phrases that certainly have this automatic effect when voiced correctly from the diaphragm. This center of the Will establishes the necessary energy force behind the sound to create the effect of the words.

AMEN---ahm en---The Mother am I, Primal Parent

HU---who---He, The Father -God, Primal Parent

AHIH---breathe in (ah) then hey yhey (short)---The life Breath, Life itself, manifest as indrawn and expelled breathing

IOA---ee oh ah(breathe) --It was, it is, and will be, The whole of existence as a complete cycle--AU

AUM--ah-um--The Mother, Matrix, Producer of all

AHVH--ah hee vah---Love between sexes, Life from Love

EL--ah ell--The It, It is, God is It and It is God

IHVH--eehey vah hey--I shall be what I will

VHVH--vo hey vo hey or va hey va hey (breathe in-out as you sound it)--We will be as We will

AVR --ah vur--Light Illumination, All seeing

Intoning these sounds to yourself or out loud while doing mundane daily duties has many beneficial advantages, such as;

Keeping your mind out of the random chaos of the mental plane

You stay within the energy while raising your vibrations

Relieves stress and anxiety of the mundane duty

Thoughts create, and these mantras keep your thoughts clean and pure--judgment free. Recreating yourself or your dream (with visualization); You are able to create words of power to invoke what you want to manifest. Using any chant or mantra while channeling the Adama StarFire™ energy produces accelerated results with any thought or action. While I was channeling the constant stream of StarFire energy, I heard and saw the flame letters or symbols of several cultures and belief systems: Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan, Ancient Sumerian, Mayan, Mathematical, Geometric, and some that appeared like Alien codes of some sort (I could not find any references that came close to what I saw ) My supposition to this was that this energy was from God/dess for All his children in the Universe to receive and utilize for their own eve-olution.

The Mother letters of the Hebrew Alphabet are called this because these are the three Sonics which mothers of all languages and time have used toward their babies. The first attempt at speech that any human hears. Each letter conveys a meaning

A (ah....) gets one’s attention. It is a signal to consciousness to concentrate on some definite point. It is intended to arouse awareness for some particular purpose.

M (mmm) a middle sound of sympathy, harmony, companionship, inquiry, acknowledgment of relationship, happiness, peace, satisfaction. It was intended to establish communication between the mother and child.

Sh (shshsh) an allayer of agitation, a pacifier, a restorer of lost harmony, an assurance of supporting help, an avowal of fellow-feeling, a healing of hurts, a silencer. It was intended to show that the mother has the welfare of the child at heart during any adversity.

The three matrix "Pillar Letters" of the Hebrew alphabet are concentrators of consciousness and demonstrate the method in which God names and Words of Power are constructed. (note: see Wm. Gray’s ‘Magical Ritual Method’, pg205)