By Mariah Prosper

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that means “coiled up” . It is ‘Prana’, it is ‘Life Force’, and we all have the ability to awaken this “snake” that lies dormant at the base of our spine. It becomes activated by Spiritual disciplines such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts; it can also be awakened by initiations such as Reiki and other healing techniques, religious, or puberty; it can also be awakened by traumatic experiences and even sexual experiences. However, it becomes active , it is a necessary awakening for one to reach spiritual enlightenment.

Kundalini is a fire energy that opens up our root chakra and is channel up the spine, opening and clearing chakras, meridians, nadis, etc. as it pushes it way up to the crown for our connection to the creative force of the Universe. As the energy is flowing up, it connects with its ‘higher self’ in our pituitary, opening up the psychic channels and abilities to ‘connect’. All that we are, our genetics, our codes of DNA, everything that makes us , Us, is determined by our pituitary gland. Our true Kundalini lies dormant, there, in our brain, sleeping until we are ready for the truths of the universe.

When one is initiated into Adama StarFire Reikitm, the energy is channeled into the pineal gland (connection to God/dess) and connected into the pituitary gland. From this point of initiation, the energy begins to connect the “as above” to the “so below” (Heaven to Earth realities). The Spirit is united with the Soul and a journey of the kundalini begins as the energy of Spirit comes down from the pituitary (heaven) and enters the body (soul-earth) The StarFire energy is like Mana from heaven and causes the Kundalini in the brain to immediately open upon initiation. The more one channels the energy, the faster one cleans up their blocks in their electrical system which connects all parts of our body to our source of energy.

Imagine our body is like the house we live in. Our chakras are the electrical outlets that allow us to ‘plug into’ to receive electricity to our appliances that we use. The wires that connect those outlets represent our neural pathways, meridians, and nadis. They in turn connect to the power supply that makes the electrical currents flow throughout our house. When our house was brand new, all the electrical pathways were clear, all the outlets worked. This is how we are when we are born. As we grow , our chakras begin to close due to religious and societal structures presented to us by our parents and peers. Without any maintenance (awareness), our chakras become out of balance and so does our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental processes . Our electrical system develops blocks, and our ‘house’ begins to suffer and ‘fall’. This is the “fall of ignorance”, the fall of Adam and Eve.

Back to our discussion of Kundalini. As we are initiated, the kundalini flows until it hits one of these blocks. Heat is experienced as the energy is flowing, but discomfort or pain may be experienced at the block. Until the block is released, the discomfort will persist or become unbearable. As I and others have experienced this, especially with the StarFire energy, it could be relieved with massage, yogic breathing, exercise, alphabiotics and other forms of release. But until the issue was resolved, the kundalini, when flowing, persisted at that spot, until it was free to flow on. Sometimes, I would be channeling the StarFire energy for hours at a time, and a pain would be felt, especially at the neck and shoulders, due to excess energy that would build up around an old memory of a block.

Keep in mind, kundalini does not flow all the time, else, we would burn up. Just as you would turn the lights off when the house goes to rest, so do we ‘turn off’ to let the body rest. When I first began to channel the StarFire energy, it flowed 24 hours a day for several months. I drank a large quantity of water and ‘Gatorade’ during this time. It was severely uncomfortable to me to be full of fire all the time. I didn’t sleep much and could not stay still. It seemed as though I could not turn off. I wasn’t sure if this was a healthy thing. I felt great, full of energy and full of life force. I utilized this time for most of my research as to what was happening to me. I was so open to Cosmic Intelligence, that much of the information came as I wrote in my journal. Kundalini experiences open channels to higher intelligences and truths for anyone that has them.

If you have been initiated into any forms of Reiki, Huna, Yoga, and other ‘Life Force’ and healing disciplines, you have had a kundalini experience of some sort. Do you remember what it was like? How did it feel? How long did it last? What was your end results of this experience? If you kept up with the practices, then you are probably still experiencing the kundalini. If not, then , probably the experiences stopped and life has returned to ‘normal’.

Besides awakening the life force within and the re-opening and clearing of our chakras; the kundalini serves us another purpose, which is spiritual awakening. You may be thinking, “well, I can get that from church and spiritual gatherings”. I don’t know, can you? My experience with church was to sit on a bench listening to someone tell me how sinful I am; how I am going to hell; how my life was doomed, etc. At spiritual gatherings, I learned who was doing what to whom; who had the most highest of connections to the gods; and how does one join up and ‘belong’. There was certainly no kundalini experience there. I did have a spiritual awakening that made me feel like I did not belong there.

Spiritual awakening to me is awakening consciousness; the experience of becoming aware. The Ancient Egyptians lived in a state of ‘becoming’, a constant life of new beginning. This happens when there is only new karma to create. The old karma has been cleared and each day is a new tomorrow. There were no yesterdays to constantly ‘recreate’ to clear bad karma. Yesterday was a lesson learned--dharma. Spiritual awakening is beginning of the path; awakening consciousness to awareness is the path; and enlightenment and ascension is the end of the path, But, does it really end. The Egyptians believed in life after death and death after life, the meaning of their symbol, the Ankh. This is the state of Becoming. The conscious awareness of God-the creator. The Adama StarFire Reiki tm energy causes this to happen in this lifetime--if one desires it. No more lifetimes of learning how to ‘fix it’, or repeating the same cycles over and over until the soul ‘gets it’. Some are not prepared or willing for enlightenment to happen in this life, some are.

Initiation into the Adama StarFire Reiki ™ energy also causes a Soul awakening; the awareness of the consciousness of the soul. Our Soul then becomes truly aware of its relationship with our Spirit and its connection to the Spirit of God. Spirit is pure and unblemished, but it is the Soul that is on the path to enlightenment. When the fall from ‘God’ happened at the beginning of creation, the soul came into existence because of the separation. The Soul suffers the separation, not the Spirit. Kundalini rises within the body to educate the Soul, to make it aware of ‘why’ we are here to begin with. Spirit resides within our pituitary gland, Soul resides within our root chakra at the base of our spine; our tree of life. When the two shall meet, awareness happens. When the two become one, enlightenment and then ascension happens. We become at-one-ment with ourself...., with God. Even though the energy happens on a psychic level, hormonal and genetic changes take place in the physical. As the kundalini snake energy flows up and down our spine, the nerves connected to the chakra centers take the energy throughout the body, thus enabling the kundalini to release blocks, memories, and lifetimes of the soul’s journey to freedom from our cells. Our cells are storage houses for the memories of all that exist in creation. Therefore, memories of past lives come to the surface and after a time, so do the memories of God come to the surface.

Kundalini can take a person so far out ‘there’, that hallucinations of the unexplainable occur. These are not hallucinations, they really do exist somewhere in the universal collective memory archives (akasha). Perceptions of dimensions, space, other beings, other worlds, other gods may perhaps become a part of one’s reality. This could be harmful to one’s current reality if they are not able to determine which is which. All of it is just as real as the trees in the yard. Or should I say that the trees in the yard are just as much an hallucination as the little blue people . To realize that all exists, yet it does not exist is a valid concept of certain religious philosophies. No thing is real, it is the imagination (image nation) in the mind of God. After all, we are as real to God, as God is real to us. Faith is real, after that , it is the way we believe it to be; and everything changes. Think about it.


When some people that follow a spiritual path, and even those that don’t, find themselves experiencing levels of awareness or energy transformation, they are unable to find reference as to what is happening to them. In this state, the person may feel highly vulnerable and oversensitive to incoming stimuli. Typically they feel overwhelmed, fragmented, fearful, confused and disorientated. Some may become so absorbed into inner processes, that they may not be able to look after themselves.

While the awakening Kundalini may be a subtle or dramatic experience, the resulting shift in consciousness may be accompanied by years of physical and psychological upheavals. The process of Kundalini awakening varies from person to person. Some have intense physical symptoms, while others experience mainly emotional or psychological symptoms. It is as if the new energy invites a cleansing throughout the entire system, with unresolved physical or emotional conditions coming to the surface for release and resolution. The life transforming changes that accompany a Kundalini awakening expand the entire physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum. Initiation into Adama StarFire Reikitm increases the levels of these changes plus clears the soul on its levels; a very intense clearing indeed.

A psychologist , Greenwell noted seven categories of symptoms which have been observed through his clients during Kundalini awakening.


Prana is the Hindu word for vital energy. Thus as intense energy moves throughout the body, clearing out physiological blocks, a person may experience intense involuntary, jerking movements of the body, including shaking, vibrations, spasm and contraction. As deeply held armoring and blockages to the smooth flow of energy are released, the person may re-access memories and emotions associated with past trauma and injury. These memories are stored in the cells of this lifetime and in our genetic structure of other lifetimes.


Some find themselves performing yogic postures or hand mudra gestures which they have never learned or could not do in a normal state of consciousness. Similarly, they may produce Sanskrit words or sounds, or have an awareness of inner music or sound, mantras or tones. Unusual breathing patterns may appear with either very rapid or slow, shallow breathing. Some people may not breathe at all for extended periods.


A Kundalini awakening often generates unusual physiological activity as intense movement of energy releases toxins in the body. Symptoms include apparent heart problems, pains in head and spine, gastrointestinal disturbances and nervous problems. Internal sensations have been reported as sensations of burning, oversensitivity to sensory input, hyperactivity or lethargy, great variations in sexual desire and even spontaneous orgasm. Symptoms can be erratic, coming and going without provocation, but are generally unresponsive to medical treatment.


Spiritual awakening offers a direct challenge to the primacy of ego consciousness and the myth of separation. It brings with it a challenge to move beyond the unconscious responses ruled by drives and instincts and remove ego consciousness from the center stage of the psyche. It comes as no surprise that such a challenge produces a period of confusion and unbalance. People find themselves beset by inexplicable emotional states as they move to clear out unresolved issues. The emotional roller coaster may swing from feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression, through to compassion, love and joy, with accompanying bouts of uncontrollable weeping.


As perception expands outside of consensus reality, people experience atypical visual phenomena, including visions of lights, symbols, entities, or review of past life experiences. Auditory input may include hearing voices, music, inner sounds or mantras. Even the olfactory system may be stimulated with perception of scents of sandalwood, rose, or incense. There may also be disruption of the proprioceptive system, with losing a sense of self as a body, or feeling bigger than the body, or out of the body, with the resulting confusion and disorientation.


With the opening up a psychic abilities, a person may experience precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis, awareness of auras and healing abilities.


A person may shift into altered states of consciousness where they directly perceive the unity underlying the world of separation and experience a deep peace and serenity with a profound knowing of wisdom.

I want to add here that many people that do not understand what is happening to them, seeking medical help. Unfortunately, those who are truly having a Kundalini experience are prescribed drugs for psychosis, mania, depression, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. Being treated with suppressive medication further complicates their process, and some never recover.

The Kundalini process involves a redefinition and reintegration of self. It is as though the old person dies and a new one emerges. This could be good or bad. Some people are influenced by family or friends who suppress the transformation, insisting that the person conform to society, the church, or accepted ways. Without an openness for change, this conformity to others ideas may result in mental confusion that could lead to a breakdown.