The object of meditation is to develop control of thoughts and emotions, basing that control on a foundation of peaceful vibrations so that an impartial and unbiased analysis can be obtained.

There are many forms and techniques of effecting this end--the subduing of the consciousness by rhythmic breathing, by intense concentration on a particular word or phrase (Mantra), by focusing the mind through the eyes on a point of light or a picture or a symbol, or by mentally banishing each thought as it occurs, and during group meditations, one is sometimes taken on a visionary journey. Seek out that which works best for you.

A simple method to still the mind is through breathing and focusing on the breath. Following, is the simplest breathing exercise for a beginner, called the four fold breathe.

Empty the lungs and remain thus while counting to four.

Inhale, counting four so that you feel filled with breath from the pit of the stomach to the throat.

Hold this breath while counting four. Keep the throat open and relaxed.

Exhale, counting four until the lungs are empty.

This is one breath.

This should be practiced, counting slowly or quickly, until you obtain rhythm that suites you--one that is comforting and stilling. Having attained this, count the breath for two or three minutes, until you feel quiet, and then proceed with your working.