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Amon Ra

Founder: Svetlana Perevalova
Amon Ra Manual

Amon Ra
The God of the Sun. Amon, The god of Thebes, was primary god of Thebes, a heavenly
deity. Subsequently, Amon’s sculptures are painted in blue, heavenly colors. After
identification as good luck sun Ra, Amon Ra is esteemed as "tsar of all gods" and is
considered the god-creator.

With Amon it is connected deify the pharaon esteemed as its son in a flesh: was
considered, that the pharaon is born from marriage Amon and tsarina-mother to whom
the god is in an image of its husband. Аmon and the pharaon are uniform, as lords of the

Genealogy. Husband Mut or goddesses Amaunet, father Khonsu. Site. Together with
Mut and Khonsu made Thebes triad. One of Great Eight Values of a name. "Secret",
"hidden", "invisible".

Iconography. It was represented in the form of the person in a crown with two high
feathers and the solar disk holding in a hand a hieroglyph "ankh" - "life" or in the form
of the person with a head of the ram. A body - blue color that specified communication
Amon with the sky.

Identification. Mines, Amon Ra, Rа, Hapi, Nun, Ptah, Sebek, Hepri, Hnum.
In the Ancient Greece - Zeus, Seraphys.

Amon Ra an opener of creation of a cycle of a birth of the Universe. He is the patron and
the assistant to people. During adjustment for channel Amon Ra raises your courage,
talents in the field of an open ingenuity, raises skill. With ease new projects of a life and
a direction of a correct way in the Universe are created for you.
After attunement for the channel you can self heal, treat others and transfer attunement
distantly and internally under the following scheme:

“I address to the Higher Self and I ask to attune (a name of the person and a site) to
channel Amon Ra on the date marked by you and time. Gods of Egypt I ask you to help
me and to transfer attunement to Amon Ra to (name).”
Amon Ra Manual

Transfer of Attunement
After acceptance of attunement you can transfer and attune other people to it.

"I address to My Higher Self and I ask, that (name) has been attuned to the energy
(name) at (Hours) (date) in (location). Ancient Egyptian Gods please help me. “
Attunement will begin during designated time, not any earlier