Magickal Backfire Tales?
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 12:14:11 GMT

Rev. J B Bell ( wrote:
: So, I would love to hear the stories people have to tell about magickal
: backfires they know of. Personal experience is best, FoF is good for
: amusement, anecdotal stuff from the early 1900's should probably
: eschewed, or at least helped along with a generous quantity of salt.

In January of 1991 I had a Goetic working backfire on me. I had
worked with this particular entity (Furcas, aka Forcas) before and had
always had positive results. This time I summoned him with a somewhat
more negative intention: to cause grievous bodily injury to a person who
had ripped me off for a substantial sum of money.

No, I wasn't found with one toe outside my "Ritual Circle" and my
head twisted 180 degrees. And yes, I did get some results. The person
who ripped me off had several ribs broken in a gang attack, lost his
girlfriend, and went from being a promising musician to having all his
guitar equipment stolen.

What happened was the Furcas energy or entity "bled over" from
magickal space (i.e. the ritual) and started obsessing my personality.
(I see the Goetic demons as constructs within the collective unconscious;
others may disagree with me). Several very close friends refused to have
anything to do with me, as they said I had become "hard" and "mean." (I
found stuff like _Faces of Death_ unutterably funny, for example). I
became fascinated with Richard Ramirez to the point where I stuck up a
picture of him in my apartment (the one where he's holding up the
pentagram drawn on his hind. I also remember a profound feeling of
disassociation. There were times when I would look into a mirror and not
recognize the person looking back.

In a couple months this went away. To this day I still haven't
regained some of the friends I lost, though (not that it matters at this
point) and still feel like there's emotional "scar tissue" in certain
points of my psyche. Not as spectacular as a dragon summoning killing a
dozen people, true... but that's the best I have to offer.

Kevin Filan
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