Racial Magic -- Dangers and Benefits
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 00:49:07 GMT

Sub umbra alarum tuarum...

Recently posts have asked about contacting the racial forces.
The silly and ignorant will be quick to label this as 'Nazi magic.'
It is neither Nazi nor magical -- it is simply part of honoring

Firstly: realize that there is Nordic blood flowing in the
veins of any number of Mediterranian, Negroid, Arabic, and other
dark-skinned humans. Blood calls to blood, and a direct ancestor of a
great magician can usually call back quite a ways. So if a person who
appears to be 'black' -- i.e. dark-skinned works successfully with
these forces, don't come crying to me.

Secondly: I will discuss these things from a Nordic
standpoint, (and that term is poorly defined) but *anyone* who has
ancestors can contact their ancestry.

How? Scuba-dive into the collective unconsciousness.

Every human is like a pinnacle reaching up from the ocean floor. You
go under the water and you see a beach -- then that drops off and you
see the coastline -- then that drops away and you see the ocean floor.
And far out you can find great trenches....

Likewise, your consciousness goes into subconsciousness. And
then it gets deeper and deeper -- family consciousness, community
consciousness, nation consciousness, species consciousness .... it's
as if we swim in a vast ocean of telepathy.

Thirdly: If you do it right, you will find historical evidence
confirming that what you're seeing is the real past and not your
delusions. So when you come to me with tape recordings of ancient
Avestan being spoken, revealing a new archaeological site whose
location you got from the Akashic Records, I'll believe what the site

Until you get hard evidence of one kind or another, it is
very, *very* easy to delude yourself and go nuts from this work. You
may end up a harmless eccentric who's convinced that she's a medieval
princess. If so, see to it that someone will feed you and pay your
rent *before* you go in search of your roots.

In the early stages, a good confirmation is to check
genealogical records, old city directories -- anything that can test
your intuitions against hard evidence. This sort of work *can* be
done in a perfect spirit of rationality, but it almost never is done
thus. If you want to see the unverifiable, don't ask me to believe

Fourthly: Language. If you remember the life of one of your
ancestors, you ought to be able to estimate a date by the kind of
language they spoke and wrote. If someone told me they remebered a
life five hundred years ago but could only tell me about it in Modern
English, I would laugh really, really hard and then go look for Josh
and the most umimaginative physicists I could find, so that we could
all laugh. Really, really hard.

Fifthly: Interference. As the multilinguals here know, it ishellish
to try to be fluent in several languages. They interefere with each
other. Similarly, it is hellish to try to live in the past and the
present. You can choose the past, and end up in a rubber room, or you
can choose the present, and have the privilege of tying your own

The above seems pitifully incomplete. Then again, I can't
think about these things in English, and if I can't write
comprehensibly in any other language. So sue me. LVX rmr