Elements of Spellwork

Article by Reverend Graewolfe

Due to a number of requests, I decided to write an article on how to write a spell. I want to mention up front that this is my method for writing a spell and by no means the only method. For ease of reading, I broke the article into some logical steps for SpellCraft. These steps should help you decide if you need to do a spell and how you should approach.
Have you exhausted all your means?
First off, I believe that spells are to be used only as a last resort. I think you should always try to solve problems or desires in the conventional way: hoofing it out by hand. For example, if you are in dire need for money, don't do a money spell right off the bat, try to get an odd job first. Try every possible outlet you can think of to help you out in every situation. Only when you have exhausted all means should you consider writing a spell. And talking of writing spells, that brings us to another topic that needs attention...
Write Your Own spells!!
I am sure you have all seen the spell recipe books out there. I don't mean to badmouth any of them, but I want to say that they are the authors spells. They don't have your thoughts and emotions tied into it. I do not believe that you can just read a spell from a book and make it work for you. It just isn't going to happen. A spell is full of ingredients that are not listed in the book. Could you make someones special cookies without a complete recipe? You could make them close, but not exactly how they were intended to come out. The same holds true for spells. You need a complete recipe and the only place it exists is in your heart. No one elses.

But, on that note, the spell books are a good reference point for beginners. They give excellent spell design and can give you new ideas when it comes to writing your own. I used them myself when I first began. I learned the format that was used by DJ Conway and then adapted it to my own use. I began writing more and more and finally came up with my own style. But without my first spell book, I would have had no idea where to begin. So here are some simple guidelines that I use in all spell creation. Follow this and you can be writing your own in no time!
Dramatization is the acting out of your desired result. You should get into the mood by acting out your event with as much detail as possible. You will also want to have a key word and action to release your energy at the apex of your rite, such as a loud clap and shouting a word.
Here is where you need to visualize your results in your third eye. Unlike dramatization where you actually act out a scenario, imagination is used to sense and feel your results. It is equivalent to viewing a movie in your head, with all the details and scenes needed to attain your result.
In this step, you must realize what exactly is going to change. You must consider all the things that may be influenced by your spell. If you are doing a spell to gain a million dollars (which is unrealistic), you had better think twice where that money comes from. You may get your million dollars from the death of a loved one that had a million dollar life insurance policy taken out! This is where the most important element of Spellwork comes in.
Precise Intent and Precise Content
This step may take days to months to word properly. What is the purpose of this spell? Do you want money to be wealthy and powerful? Do you want money to feed your children? You had better make sure you are doing this spell for the good of all. Once you considered what you want for a result, and what will be influenced by that result, you need to put your spell into words. You must choose each word carefully and consider the meaning of each word you choose. You do not want to leave any loose ends hanging. You do not want a vague spell that will be interpreted differently during your ritual mindset. Keep it simple, but precise.
Will Power
The key to will power is keeping your thoughts from wandering. You need to be focused with all your attention placed on the magick at hand. You need to create the image of the spell in your mind and keep it focused. Visualization held by will power helps make mental identification more dramatic.
Components of Spellwork
Components of Spellwork help aid in visualization. There is no set limit to what to include or exclude. The Kitchen Witch uses no components or elaborate setups, while the ceremonial magician may include everything from the precise wording to the time of the year and what planet is in what sign. I have heard of Witches that plan a ritual over a year in advance where a certain planet is in a certain constellation and the ritual must occur at the peak of this time which is a three minuet window for achievement. I suggest you use only the components that will help you along the way.

Amulets and Talismans
Amulets are naturally made items such as stones, sharks' teeth, shamrocks etc. Talismans are carvings in metal or wood, geometric symbols, numbers tables etc. These are used in protection or for charging during a spell. Another class may be devoted to these in the future.
Little 'voodoo' dolls (or poppets) can be used for helping cure ailments by placing oils and herbs on the doll that is representing the person you are helping. These poppets should be made very distinguishable and stuffed with curing herbs. Dolls should never be used to harm.
Candles are used in color magick, smudging or just to help set the mood. There are many books on what color candle does what for you. Candles can also be carved, shaped or molded for your specific purpose. (I carve my intent with runes on my candles).
Herbs have specific energies that are beneficial to certain spells. Again, check your reference books to see what herbs can do for you. I find them useful in teas or for stuffing dolls.
Lunar Phase
The lunar phases are very influential when using magick. I urge extreme care when doing magick to see what phase of the moon you are in. I understand that in an emergency you need not worry, but when planning a spell, plan on the phase of the moon as well. Listed below are the four phases and what type of work should be done during each:
Full=Peak of Psychic
New Moon=Banishing

Other Constituents
There are many other things you may want to consider, but I deem this spell overkill. Some ceremonial magicians do include it, which is fine for them, so I will just mention it here. They are:
o Hour of Day
o Day of the Week
o Week of Month
o Month of Year
o Sign of Zodiac moon is in

To prepare for any ritual or Spellwork, I strongly recommend fasting. I use some simple guidelines before doing any spell:
o Fasting begins 12 hours before ritual
o Keep off sex and solid foods
o Drink only pure spring water
o Eat only whole wheat bread
o Do not sleep during these hours
o Get into a slightly altered state one hour prior
o Try and keep silent that hour
o Begin an herbal bath to enhance relaxation one hour prior
o Anoint yourself with a magickal oil after your bath
o Put on you ritual jewelry and clothing

Once your preparation is complete, you are ready to prepare your magickal circle for the rite. Be sure to cast a thick shielding layer in addition to your regular shield. You will be raising a lot of energy and will need the added protection.
Raising Energy
There are several ways to raise energy during your spell. Here are a few that I like to incorporate during Spellwork:
o Chanting
o Dancing
o Drumming
o Deep Breathing
o Tensing and Relaxing Muscles

At maximum point of energy, hold it as long as possible, visualize the result of your spell, and shout the keyword.
Spell Completion
If you are doing spell work during a ritual, be sure to do it after the Wiccan Rede so that those words are still echoing in your head. Do not expect immediate results. Patience is the key to Spellwork!

Once your spell is complete, you will more than likely be drained of energy. You may go outside and ask a tree for assistance in raising your energy back up. To do this, place your hands on the tree and visualize your energy cycling through the tree and the tree energy cycling through you. If you have too much energy, place your hands on the Earth and visualize the energy leaving you to go someplace safe.
Colors are used to enhance our magickal workings. They work on our subconscious and increase our concentration. Choosing the color you wish to work with on spells or ritual work is entirely up to you. Here are some common colors associated with the God, Goddess, Sabbats, Esbats and other common rituals:
1. The Goddess - Silver
2. The God - Gold
3. Air (East) - Blue
4. Fire (South) - Red
5. Water (West) - Green
6. Earth (North) - Yellow
7. The Gate - White
8. Samhain - Orange
9. Yule - Purple
10. Imbolg - Red
11. Ostara - Light-green
12. Beltane - White
13. Litha - Yellow
14. Mabon - Dark-green
15. Lughnasadh - Brown
16. Full Moon - Milky-white
17. Initiation - Astrological color of student
18. Handfasting - White
19. Wiccaning - White
20. Requiem - Black
21. Love - Pink or Red
22. Banishing - Black
23. Prosperity - Green