One difference between the Middle Ages and modern times is found in
the roles which magic played in many areas of Medieval life, which are
now largely divided between science and religion. This course will
examine magic in the Medieval world from a variety of scholarly points
of view (cultural history, anthropology, sociology, religious studies,
archeo- logy, folklore, history of science and medicine, philology).
Topics include the sources of Medieval magic, its historical
development, its forms and functions, its treatment under Medieval
law, the archeology of Medieval magic, Medieval magic during the
Renaissance, and the mod- ern survival of Medieval magic.

WILL BE HELD AT AROUND 50 STUDENTS. The special form for requesting
permission to enroll may be obtained from Professor Mathiesen (Marston
Hall, room 205) or from Mrs. Cramer (The Annmary Brown Memorial). It
must be returned to Mrs. Cramer by NOVEMER 15. Students who have re-
turned this form will be notified by NOVEMBER 30 (thorugh campus mail)
whether they have been granted permission to enroll.

* * *

University Course 82 Robert Mathiesen
MWF 12:00-12:50 p.m. Spring, 1992/3

Magic in the Middle Ages


1. Magic, Religion, Science, Technology, Medicine
W. [Administrative matters]
F. Kieckhefer (Magic): ch. 1-2
Cavendish: prologue, ch. 1
[Also of interest: Tambiah (Magic): ch. 1-4]

2. Magic before the Middle Ages: Classical
M. Luck (Arcana): pp. 3-60, 135-140-3
W. Luck (Arcana): pp. 163-75, 229-60, 309-21, 361-66
Betz: pp. xli-lviii
F. Neusner et al.: ch. 8 (Luck)
[Also of interest: Eliade]

FIRST PAPER due on Friday of Week 2

3. Magic before the Middle Ages: Early Christian
M. Smith: ch. 4-5; skim ch. 1-3
W. Smith: ch. 6-8
F. Neusner et al.: ch. 6 (Garrett)
[Also of interest: Neusner et al.: ch. 5 (Kee); Hull; Morgan;

4. History of Medieval Magic: Low Middle Ages
M. Kieckhefer (Magic): ch. 3-4
Cavendish: ch. 2
W. Flint: ch. 8-9
F. Neusner et al.: ch. 7 (Jolly)

5. History of Medieval Magic: High Middle Ages
M. [No class]
W. Kieckhefer (Magic): ch. 5
Trachtenberg: ch. 1-2, 7-10
F. Kieckhefer (Magic): ch. 6-7
Flowers: pt. 1
M. Thomas: ch. 1-3, 7-9
[Also of interest: Thomas: other chapters; Trachtenberg:
other chapters]

SECOND PAPER due on Friday of Week 5

6. The Archeology of Medieval Magic
W. Merrifield: ch. 1, 4-5; skim ch. 2-3
F. Merrifield: ch. 6-8
[Also of interest: Burl]

7. Renaissance Transformations of Medieval Magic
M. Cavendish: ch. 3
Waite: pt. 1, ch. 1-4
W. Thomas: ch. 10-12
Waite: pt. 2, ch. 1-3, 5-7, 9
F. Mathers (Key)
Crowley (Goetia)
[Also of interest: Neusner et al.: ch. 4 (Idel); Merkel &
Debus: ch. 3 (Idel), 4 (Copenhaver); Mathers (Abramelin);

8. The Crime of Magic in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Law
M. Kieckhefer (Magic): ch. 8
Peters: ch. 1-2
W. Peters: ch. 3-4
Thomas: ch. 21-22
F. Peters: ch. 5-6
Neusner et al.: ch. 9 (Ben-Yehuda)
[Also of interest: Thomas: ch. 14-18; Kittredge: ch. 17-18;
Kieckhefer (Trials); Ankarloo & Henningsen}

9. Magic and the Medieval Charlatan
M. Scot: books XIII-XIV
W. Houdini: ch. 2-3, 5, 7-8
[Also of interest: Siegel: esp. scene 1]

Spring recess

10. Folkloric Survivals of Medieval Magic
M. Leland (Gypsy): pref.; ch. 1-4; skim ch. 5-8
W. Leland (Gypsy): ch. 9-10, 15-16; skim ch. 13-14
Leland (Etruscan): introd.; bk. 1, ch. 10; bk. 2,
ch. 1, 3-4
F. Randolph: ch. 1, 4, 6-9, 12-13
[Also of interest: Kittredge; Ginzburg; Hand]

11. The Forms and Functions of Medieval Magic
M. Tambiah (Culture): ch. 1-2, 4
W. Flowers: pt. 2
F. Scot: book X, ch. 7-8; books XII, XV
[Also of interest: Tambiah (Magic): ch. 1-4; Bonewits: ch.
1, 4, 7]

12. Survivals of Medieval Magic in Neo-Paganism?
M. Cavendish: ch. 4
W. Leland (Aradia): introd.; pref.; ch. 1-7, 15; appendix
(pp. 101-120 only)
Kelly (Crafting): introd.; ch. 1-2, 4, 6, 8
Rose: ch. 10
F. Kelly (Crafting): ch. 3, 5
Farrar: vol. 1, introd.; ch. 1-3, 10; vol. 2, ch. 1-5
[Also of interest: Thorsson (3 titles); Kelly (Neo-Pagan
Witchcraft); Luhrmann; Hutton]

13. How Far Did Medieval Magic Work, and Why?
M. Leland (Gypsy): ch. 11-12I
Seabrook: foreword; pt. 1; pt. 3, ch. 1, 5-7; with notes to
the assigned chapters in pt. 4
Leland (Will): skim only
W. Neher: introd., ch. 1-5, 8; skim ch. 6-7, 9
F. Luhrmann: ch. 1, 9, 13-17
Achterberg: introd.; ch. 1-2; skim ch. 3-6
[Also of interest: Bonewits; Crowley (Book Four; Magick in
Theory and Practice)]

FINAL PAPER due on Friday of Week 13

14. Retrospect on the Course
M. Luhrmann: ch. 18-20
W. Luhrmann: ch. 21-23
F. Tambiah (Magic): chs. 1-4
Neusner et al.: ch. 10 (Sharot)
[Also of interest: Tambiah (Culture): ch. 1-2, 4; Mauss &
Hubert; O'Keefe; Neusner et al.: ch. 1 (Penner)]

FINAL EXAMINATION on Friday, May 14, 9:00 am - 12 n

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