Days & Magic Correspondences

SUNDAY Colors: gold, yellow, orange
This day is associated with the Sun. Spells relating to health, success, career goals, promotion, buying & selling, ambition, personal finances, authority, law, crops, children, and men's mysteries are good on this day.

MONDAY Colors: white, silver, gray, pearl
This day is associated with the Moon. Spells regarding dreams, astral travel, short trips, psychic pursuits, spirituality, all things pertaining to water, household activities, totem animals, shapeshifting, religion, astrology, and women's mysteries, are right on this day.

TUESDAY Colors: red, pink, orange
This day is associated with Mars. Spells relating to courage, swift movement, sex, passion, partnership, action, energy, strife, aggression, masculine activity, tools, metals, surgery, combat, business, repair, gardening, woodworking and beginnings should be done on this day.

WEDNESDAY Colors: purple, magenta, silver
This day is associated with Mercury. Spells relating to wisdom, intelligence, education, correspondence, phone calls, students, merchants, advertising, signing contracts, siblings, neighbors, clerks, music, visual arts, and astrology are well suited for this day.

THURSDAY Colors: blue, metallic colors
This day is associated with Jupiter. Spells suited for this day are business, logic, gambling, material wealth, publishing, long distance travel, foreign interests, luck, growth, sports, horses, law, doctors, charity, self improvement, researching, studying and guardians.

FRIDAY Colors: green, pink, white
This day is associated with Venus. Spells relating to friendship, beauty, soulmates, romantic love, artistic ability, harmony, alliances, luxury, music, marriage, gardening, dancing, designing, poetry, home improvement and social activity are best done on this day.

SATURDAY Colors: black, grey, red, white
This day is associated with Saturn. Spells best done on this day are those related to protection, binding, work, endurance, obstacles, dentists, tests farmers, real estate, joint money matters, discovery, transformation, separation, criminals, limits, laws of society, reality and manifestation.