The Basics of Karma

Simply put, karma is the result of previous acts or deeds,
either in the past or in past lives. Many people for some
reason, think there is only 'bad' karma. But think about it,
if you owe karma to someone, then someone is in a
position to receive a karmic repayment. So there is both
positive and negative aspects of karma.

In all walks of life, karma is in affect for everyone. But in
magikal or spiritual rituals, it is doubly so. What you put
out into the universe will come back to you. If you put
out good thoughts, energies and intentions, then good
will be returned to you. By the same token, if you put out
negative thoughts, energies and actions, negative events and energies will
be returned to you.

In magik this is often called the Law of 3-fold, meaning what you put our
will be returned to you 3-times over. So be careful what you wish for, YOU
will get it!

What Is The 3-Fold Law?
SA belief that any energy put out into the divine universe will return to
the sender three times.

Ancient beliefs state the energy will return to the senders mind, body and
spirit, thus the threefold concept.

The 9-Fold law (also called the 3x3x3 law) is also practiced by some Craft
traditions. The concept is the same, however, the return is a little
different. In these traditions, the essence of the mind
holds within itself the energy of mind, body and spirit. The essence of the
body holds within itself the energy of it's own mind body and spirt. And so
for the essence of the spirit. When energy is returned, it comes back 3
times to the Mind, 3 times to the Body and 3 times to the Spirit.

The Laws of Magikal Rites
When you're performing a ritual, rite or spell, karma is always in affect.
As a Shaman, or witch you must always think of the spiritual implication of
your intent. Here are some basic do's and don'ts for the magikal practioner
to adhere to. Follow these simple rules and the laws of karma will not come
back to bite you and knock you off your feet.

The Do's:
1.All actions should be of positive intent.
2.Conduct a spell or rite with happiness, love and kindness.
3.Hold respect for all living things.
4.Accept the responsibility for your actions.

The Don'ts
1.Never cast a spell or rite out of anger, jealousy or greed.
2.Never cast a spell for harm or to endanger another living being.
3.Never conduct a spell or rite that requires harm to another living
4.Never cast a spell or rite to force someone into following your will
and desire.

The Reasoning Of The Laws
Now that you know the basics, think about why they're in place to begin

The most important and ultimate lesson of any spiritual belief system is to
learn, practice and live unconditional love. Above all else, this is the
underlying goal of all spiritual paths. Unconditional love is not an easy
path to follow. We are all human and we do make mistakes. But as a magikal
practioner you must make the extra effort to adhere to this path. And the
lesson starts with yourself.

But why do you think this one lessons is so important and is the underlying
reason behind all the laws of magikal rite? Well look at the laws. Your
actions in life and in magik should be positive in their intent. Having
respect for all living things is part of being positive and practicing
unconditional love. You wouldn't harm a living creature if you loved it

Karma - the force generated by a person's actions held to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence

Dharma - the basic principles of cosmic or individual existence

Samsara - The continuous cycle of life, death and rebirth

For example in a football game:
People have their place in a game, this can be equated to dharma. At the end of the game the coach sees how well, or poorly, someone has done, This is similar to karma. In the next game,the player goes through this cycle again. This is like samasara.