These are some of the tools that Witches use in their rituals. Tools are not absolutely necessary but can be used to direct energy or power. The tools themselves have no power, the power comes from within. Tools are used to help the mind focus on the intent and to connect to the God and Goddesses power that is in us.

Athame- the athame is a magick dagger which is not used for cutting but to direct energy raised in rituals and   spells. This dagger is double-edged and usually dull with a black or dark handle. Black absorbs the energy from you and around you. Some Witches engrave their athame with runes or other magickal symbols.

Bolline- the bolline is a white handled knife used for cutting herbs, wands, inscribing symbols or cutting cords. It is not used only for ritual & magickal purposes but also in everyday life.

Bell- the bell has been associated with the mystical for a long time.Bells are used for protection from evil or negative forces. When a bell is rung, vibrations are released. These vibes carry energy. Any type of bell may be used. The bell is usually rung to signal the beginning or end of a ritual.

Broom- the broom has become a powerful symbol and tool against curses.The broom is used in ritual and magick. This tool is sacred to both the God and Goddess.The area to be used for ritual is swept clean with the broom. This sweeping doesn't have to be a physical sweeping, one must visualize the broom sweeping away all the astral dust left behind from previous workings.

Censer- another name for the censer is the thurible. The censer holds the incense burned during ritual. It can be made of metal or it can be a sea shell. Make sure you have a fire proof base for it because it can get hot. The scent of incense affects our emotions and reaches the deep conciousness we need to do ritual. It relaxes the mind preparing it for working magick.

Cauldron- the cauldron is an ancient vessel of cooking full of magickal tradition and mystery. It is often the focal point of rituals. It can be filled with flowers during Spring rites, have a small fire in winter rites or used for scrying by filling it with water. The cauldron should be made of iron and have tree legs. The tree legs represent the triple aspect of the Moon Goddess. The opening should be wider at the top than at the base. The size of the cauldron is up to you.

Cup- the cup can be silver, brass, stone, glass, pottery- anything will work. Another name for the cup is chalice.

Pentagram/Pentacle- a pentagram is a five pointed star. The pentagram is also called Druids Foot, Wizards Foot, and Goblins' Cross in different parts of Europe. The pentacle is a flat piece made of brass, iron, wax, clay, gold, silver, wood or any other material that is inscribed with the pentagram. Objects that are to be ritually consecrated are placed upon the pentacle. Four of the five points on the pentagram represent Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. The top point represents Spirit, always set above the others. It is worn for protection against negativity. Worn with the single point up.

Wand- the wand is used to bind the energy of a spell together.The wand has been used for thousands of years and the God and Goddess are invoked with the wand. The wand is also used to direct energy, draw magickal symbols during ritual or to stir a magickal brew in your cauldron.When directing energy, it is sent in the direction the wand is pointing. If you use a wand it is best to make your own. you can use metal or wood. Go for a walk and you may just find a small branch that you like.

Book of Shadows- also called the Book of Illumination, Book of Light, or the Grimmoire. It is a place where you keep all your notes, spells, rituals, dreams, etc. It can be a spiral notebook or a three ring binder. All information you find valuable is kept in here. The BOS is thought to have more power if handwritten. Some Witches keep their book on disc. Do what you will.

Robes- robes may be worn for ritual or spell work. If celebrating the seasons choose a robe of the appropriate colour.Robes are usually long sleeved, floor length, and hooded. A cord is worn at the waist.

Candles- candles have long been used for religious ceremonies. They represent the power of light coming out of the darkness, as well as knowledge and spiritual illumination. Wiccans use candles to represent the Elements, the God and Goddess and as tools in spells. Candles are also used to meditate with to create a special atmosphere. You can carve runes or other symbols on your candles to give it more power.Use fresh candles that are not cracked for each spell. Let the candles burn down but do not leave them unattended. If you can't watch the candle it is okay to light over several nights, this won't affect the outcome of the spell.

The Altar- your altar is a personal place for ritual and meditation. It is a place where the Divine and the spiritual can be experianced at home. At your altar you can express to the Lord and Lady how you feel and just talk to them. Your altar does not have to be elaborate. You can use a small table, shelf, your nightstand. Use what you can. Decorate your altar with stones, talismans, herbs, flowers, feathers, etc. You can use images to represent the God and Goddess. Remember, Wiccans don't worship the images, they are there to represent what power is available to us. The altar reflects your personality. is double-edged and usually dull with a black or dark handle. Black absorbs the energy from you and around you. Some Witches engrave their athame with runes or other magickal symbols.