Written by Mystikia

The following are some simple techniques for meditation that may be of use to you. As always, it can take a lot of practice to become adept at these, so do not be dis-heartened if at the first attempt you don't quite manage it! Concentration also comes with practice, & it is not always easy to stop worries & anxieties from imposing themselves on your mind. You will get better with practice! For best results ensure that you retreat to a quiet place where you wont be disturbed.    Blessed be, Mystikia


A lit candle in a darkened room ( that you have ensured that is free from draughts) is a very good tool for meditation! - Light the candle. Settle yourself into a comfortable position & gaze at the candle flame. Ensure that all of your attention is focused on the flame & keep gazing for a minute. Now, close your eyes. Notice how the candle has imprinted itself onto the darkness! Keep this in your minds eye & keep concentrating on it until it fades away. Open your eyes & resume focusing on the candle flame, letting it hold your gaze & complete concentration for another minute, before again closing your eyes as before. Continue this cycle for as long as you can at first & over time try & build it up to ideally around 20 minutes.


Get yourself into a comfortable position & try to relax. You can close your eyes if you wish, ( if you are not used to meditation, then it is better to close the eyes to avoid distractions, but those that are used to it, then keep them open or half open!). Focus your mind on the movement of your abdomen as you breath steadily & naturally & start counting your inhalations, ( e.g. 1- inhale, exhale, 2-inhale etc..),until you have counted to 10. Repeat the process of counting you inhalations to 10 over & over again for as long as is comfortable to you, ideally working up to 20 minutes.


"Om" is a Sanskrit word & is the primal sound. It is probably the most widely used mantra & is very highly regarded  as a meditative tool. - Settle yourself into a comfortable position. Slowly & gently inhale. As you exhale,say the word "om" as 3 sounds, " a ", " oo " & " mmm ". Let yourself feel the vibrations in your body, & always keep yourself focused on the word & its vibrations. Repeat this & after saying "om" aloud for 10 breaths, lower your voice until you are saying in under your breath. Keep this going & you will find that all of a sudden your lips aren't moving & the word is merely a thought in your mind!


This simple little meditation will help you banish past mistakes & problems from your mind so that they no longer have a hold on you, enabling you to get on with your life. - Settle yourself into a comfortable position & breathe normally. Concentrate on observing how long each inhalation & exhalation lasts. After a couple of minutes, imagine that the things that are holding you back
(past mistakes, negative energy etc.), are leaving your body in a cloud of black smoke each time you exhale. As you inhale, imagine that everything that is positive in the universe is entering into your body in a strem of pure, white light, which is flowing to every part of your body, renewing you.


If ever you suddenly feel pain ( as a result of banging your ankle for example), then focus your thoughts on the area that is hurting. Now, touch the tip of your first 2 fingers on your right hand with your right thumb. Breathe deeply,visualizing the breath going right to the area of pain & as you exhale, see the pain being carried away on you ehaled air.


Here is a simple little meditation for people who are used to meditation to meditate on a wedding ring! - Take a deep breath & bring the tip of the thumb of the hand that you wear the ring on into contact with the first 2 fingers of that hand, ensuring that the ring finger is slightly raised. Slowly breathe out & focus your gaze onto the ring, gazing at any glint that catches the light. Repeat this 5 times or so.


For instant calm, brathe in & touch your your first 2 fingers of your right hand with the thumb on that hand. Slowly exhale, counting from 10 to 0 as you do so, visualizing in your minds eye each number fading as it gets replaced by the next one. You will have a feeling of serenity around you when by the time you have reached zero!