Written by Mystikia

Scying is an ancient divination method which is used by many. Traditionally a bowl of water, or a crystal was used,but you can use a piece of glass just as effectively! Firstly, get yourself a  small ( about 9" or so ) piece of glass, an old frame is good as long as the frame is a dark colour & not shiny. Next get a tin of Black Enamal paint, make sure that it is suitable for glass!

If the glass is in a frame - remove it & clean the glass well. leave it to dry & make sure that there are no marks or fingerprints on the glass. Before you paint the glass, put down old newspaper to cover any surfaces that you dont want to get paint on. Place the glass on the newspaper & paint the glass, covering it evenly & completely. Leave it to dry. Once dry you may place it back into the frame if you have one. Now its time to consecrate the mirror. Light some incence & a white candle. get a bowl of water & a bowl of salt.

Take the mirror cover it with salt, & place your right hand ( left if your left-handed) over the bowl & imagine a white light coming from your palm & flowing down though the bowl, taking all the negative energies with it as it goes. Say " Blessed Lord & Lady, with salt & smoke, I consecrate this tool in your name, let it serve me well. " Remove the mirror from the salt, making sure that you've shaken off all the salt, then pass it through the incense smoke. Next sprinke it with water & then pass it through the candle flame.

Your mirror is now ready for use.Once made, you should use your scrying mirror in a dark room, lit by candlelight. Ensure that you can see the reflexion of the candle in the mirror flickering away. Relax yourself & concentrate on the mirror. Focus on it for a minute & say what it is that you want to have information on, then let your eyes unfocus. Keep yourself relaxed & your breathing steady. Don't try to force yourself into seeing something as thats the best way not to! If you do see something, after you finish your session, write it down in as much detail as you can remember. Don't be put off if you don't see anything at first it will come with practice. Never let anyone other than you touch the mirror & always handle it round the edges in order to avoid fingerprints on the glass.