Look at the moon in the sky, if it looks like a 'D', it is waxing, if it looks like 'O', it is full, & if it looks like a 'C', it is waning. Just remember DOC, waxing, full & waning

The New Moon always rises at sunrise and the first quarter at noon. The Full Moon always rises at sunset and the last quarter at midnight.

There is nothing more mysterious & magickal than our satalite, the Moon. The moon is still largely an unknown object to mankind, as because of its elliptical orbit of the earth, we only ever get to see one side of this facinating heavenly body, the unseen side is commonly referred to as " the dark side of the moon ". At the moment one full lunar circle is approx 29 days, 12 hours & 44 1/2 minutes long. I say at the moment, as the moon is actually pulling away from the earths gravitational influence on it by 3 cm per year! So the length of the moons cycle is actually increasing by a miniscule amount annually. The moon has an extremely strong influence on our Earth & our bodies.As the Moon pulls & influences the tides of the earth, so she does the same to our bodies, affecting moods, mental & emotional stability, health & womens cycles. The Moon has always been seen as female, wise, intuitive & a free spirit. No-one can say for sure how the moon came to be, although she is thought to be around the same age as the Earth ( 4600 million years old ). Ancient civilisations recognised the power the moon seemed to have over the crops, tides, weather & the female cycle, & worshiped her accordingly. Many cultures depicted the moon as both the giver & the taker of life & trusted in the fact that the moon was the keeper of all wisdom. A lunar year is made up of months, rather than days, with each month consisting of one full lunar cycle.


The Moon, because of her cycle of waxing & waning, was seen as imortal by ancient cultures. They regarded the moon to be the place the souls of the dead travelled to. The ancients also noted the effect the moon has o weather. They saw that although the moon could encourage the crops to grow through gentle, nourishing rain, she could also, at a whim, cause terrible storms that ruined the crops & caused mass destruction. Hence, they termed the moon as unpridictable & potentially destructive. Moon Goddesses therefore were seen to have both creative & destructive powers within them. The Mayan moon Goddess was called " Ixchel ", & she was much feared within the Mayan culture. She was seen as the bringer of storms & of floods. It is said that she wore a skirt of bones & a snake as a crown, it is therefore seemingly contradictory that Ixchel was also seen as the protector for women in childbirth!  It is very common for moon Goddesses to be seen as both the bringers & takers of life.  It was also common for different Goddesses to represent the different phases of the moon.  The Greeks worshiped Artemis for the " New " moon,  Selene for the " Full " moon & Hecate for the " Waning " moon. Whereas in Rome, Diana was worshiped  for the new moon. The moon is traditionally considered to have four phases; new, full, waning & dark, but the ancients only recognised three phases; the crescent, the full & the waning. This represented the triple Goddes which comprises of " the maiden, the mother & the crone." Sacrifices were made to the appropiate moon Goddess to try to court her favour & ensure that she brought no ills to the devottees crops. Several of the solar festivals we obseve today, were actually originally lunar feativals. The Celtic festivals of Imbolc & Beltane,were also moon dedicated.  The lunar cycles is celebrated by pagans in the form of " full moon esbats ", where requests are made & feasts shared to celebrate the fertile mother that the moon is considered to be when she is at the full stage.


The new moon is associated with Artemis the archer & is the beginning of the moons cycle. It is a time for magick practices where the need for new opportunites is called for.  The moon is seen as the Maiden at this time, vulnerable but filled with growing potential. This is a time of conception, a time to put plans for the coming month into action, a time to initiate personal growth.


The Full moon is associated with Selene, Diana, Isis & numerous others. She is the mother at this time, abundantly fertile. A time to ask for fertility for the body as well as for the fields. This phase of the moon is also associated with madness, & the name Lunacy is taken from " Lunar ", meaning moon!  The full moon can manifest itself within some people as emotional or mental instability or it can trigger epilepsy.


Hecate & Ceridwen, amongst others, are associated with the waning moon & the dark moon. She is in her crone phase now. This is the time for healings, a time where things can be released. It is also a time for insight.  The dark moon is a time for contemplation. This is not a time for direct action, wait until the moon is new before starting anything.


Everyone has heard of the saying " once in a blue moon ", but not many actually know what it actually refers to! A blue moon is the rare occurrance of  two " new " moon within one calendar month. This occurs about once in every 2 1/2 years. A blue moon is a magical moon, & not at all unlucky as a lot of people think! The influence of the moon on the earth & our lives is doubled at the time of a Blue moon.

End of text written by Mystikia.

Month Common Names Celtic Tree Name Type of Moon Celtic Tree Correspondence
January Wolf/Cold Moon Birch Moon of Inception; Moon of Beginning protection of children, purification
February Storm/Quickening Moon Rowan Moon of Vision; Astral Travel Moon healing, empowerment
March Chaste Moon Ash Moon of Waters prosperity, protection, healing
April Seed/Wind Moon Alder Moon of Utility; Moon of Efficacy; Moon of Self-Guidance completeness, spirituality
May Hare/ Flower Moon Willow The Witches' Moon; Moon of Balance love, healing, protection, fertility
June Dyad (pair) /Strong Sun Moon Hawthorn Moon of Restraint; Moon of Hindrance fertility, peach prosperity
July Mead/Blessing Moon Oak Moon of Strength; Moon of Security all positive purposes
August Wyrt (green plant)/ Corn Moon Holly Moon of Encirclement; Moon of Polarity protection, prophecy, magick for animals
September Barley/Harvest Moon Hazel Moon of the Wise; Crone Moon manifestation, protection, fertility
October  Blood Moon Vine Moon of Celebration courage, protection, prosperity, healing, inspiration, spirituality, 
November Snow/Mourning Moon Ivy Moon of Buoyancy; Moon of Resilience healing, protection, cooperation, exorcism
December Oak / Long Night Moon Elder Moon of Completeness exorcism, prosperity, banishing, healing


Moon's Position

Spell Correspondences

Indicated Healings

Astrological Correspondence

Moon in Aries

Authority, rebirth, leadership, courage, confidence.

Healing of the face and neck.

Good for starting things, but lacks staying power. Things occur rapidly, but quickly pass.

Moon in Taurus

Love, money, romance, acquisition.

Healing of the neck and throat.

Things begun now last the longest, tend to increase in value, and become hard to alter.

Moon in Gemini

Communication, writing, freeing of mind blocks, travel.

Healing of the arms, hands and lungs.

Things begun now are easily changed by outside influence.

Moon in Cancer

The home, honouring Gods and Goddesses.

Healing of the stomach and chest.

Pinpoints need, supports growth and nurturance.

Moon in Leo

Authority, courage, fertility, children.

Healing of the upper back, spine and heart.

Showmanship, favors being seen, drama, recreation, and happy pursuits.

Moon in Virgo

Employment, health, success.

Healing of the nervous system.

Favors accomplishment of details and commands.

Moon in Libra

Justice, unions, balance, artistry.

Healing of kidneys and back.

Increases self-awareness, favors self-examination and interaction with others.

Moon in Scorpio

Power, psychic growth, sex.

Healing of the reproductive organs.

Increases awareness of psychic power. Ends connections.

Moon in Sagittarius

Travel, sports, truth, honesty.

Healing of the thighs and liver.

Encourages flights of imagination and confidence.
Moon in Capricorn
Organization, ambition, career, politics, direction.
Healing of the teeth, skin, bones and knees. Increases awareness of the need for structure, discipline.
Moon in Aquarius Science, freedom, friendship, addictions. Healing of the calves, ankles and blood. Favors activities that are unique and individualistic.
Moon in Pisces Art, dreams, music, poetry. Healing of the feet. Energy withdraws from the surface of life, hibernates within, secretly reorganizing and realigning.

New Moon From the day of the new moon to 3 days after Starting new ventures, new beginnings, love, romance, health, job hunting
Waxing Moon From 7 to 14 days after the new moon Constructive magic (love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck, help)
Full Moon From 14 to 17 days after the new moon Prime time for rituals, prophecy, protection, divination, anything that needs extra power, love knowledge, healings, etc.
Waning Moon From 3-1/2 to 10 days after the full moon Banishing negativity, illness, addiction, etc.
Dark Moon From 10-1/2 to 14 days after the full moon Dealing with attacks, exploring dark recesses, understanding angers and passions (introspective)