Feng Shui has become fashionable in the west in recent years, though it has been observed in the East for probably thousands of years. Here is a selection of simple Feng Shui tips that you can apply to your home. You never know, they may have a big impact on your life!

SPIRAL STAIRCASE - Open spiral staircases are considered inauspicious, as it is thought that it can cause a loss of money. A solid curving staircase is fine - as long as it doesn't face the front door!

BED - When placing your bed, you should remember to ensure that your feet will be directly point towards the door, ( as this is the position many chinese place their dead - so that the deceased's soul can easily find it's way out! ). Also, ensure that you will not be sleeping underneath a beam or a window.

GOLDFISH - Goldfish create good Feng Shui! Place an aquarium of Goldfish ( make sure that one of them is Black! ), in a good position in the living room. Never place Goldfish in the bedroom, ( or indeed plants! ), as this creates bad Feng Shui & will disturb sleep.

PEONIES - It is believed that images of these flowers will encourage romance for single women. Hang a picture of these flowers just outside the bedroom door.

CACTUS - Do not place a cactus plant within the home,as the sharp thorns create bad energy.

CARPETS - Do not choose carpets that have " busy " patterns or designs, as these cause confused energies.

FLOWERS - Flowers give out good Yang energy, but always throw them away as soon as they start to wilt, as dead flowers are very, very negative.

CHINESE COINS - The hanging of 3 chinese coins tied together with red ribbon on the handles of your main doors, ( NEVER your back door though ), can bring good fortune into your home.

MOPS & BROOMS - Always keep mops & brooms out of sight as they are associated with sweeping out negative energy.

TOILET SEAT - Always keep the toilet seat DOWN, as the toilet is associated with the flushing away of good energy! You may, quite litterly, be flushing away your money!

CRYSTALS - Hang crystals from sunny windows to bring in good yang energy.

WATER IN BEDROOM - Avoid anything that suggests water ( even a picture! ) in a bedroom as it causes mis-understandings & sleepless nights.

FAMILY PHOTOS - Never hang photos of family facing a toilet, a staircase or the front door, as this is considered unlucky.

POINTING YOUR FINGER - Never point at someone or allow them to point at you. This is directing bad energy. If someone points at you, you will experience bad luck.

TEA - When pouring tea for guests, make sure the spout of the teapot is pointed away from your guests so as not to harm them with negative energy.

SITTING - Never sit with your back to a door. Also, never sit in an office or at a desk that directly faces an entrance.

BOOKSHELVES - Open bookshelves resemble knife blades, & therefore send out harmful energy. Much better to have bookshelves with doors! If you have to have them open, then ensure that every book sits flush to the edges of the shelves to minimize the effects of the bad energy created.

SHARP POINTS - Never sit with anything sharp or angular pointing at you, move, so that you're not literally sitting in the line of fire!

QUARTZ CRYSTAL - By placing a piece of quartz crystal on your desk, you can help to energize your career.

WEALTH GOD - Place a statue of a wealth God facing your front door to attract wealth to your home.

THREE-LEGGED FROG - The placing of a three-legged frog near your front door ( ensure that it's not facing inwards or facing the door ), will attract wealth to your home. Place the frog in a cupboard or under a piece of furniture