AQUA : healer 

BLACK : abused children,divorcees, drug addicts and torture victims.

PALE BLUE : the colour of sensitivity. 

SKY BLUE : strong natural instincts

COBALT BLUE : intuition coming from the higher dimensions of the aura

PRUSSIAN BLUE : represents harmony 

DELFT BLUE : strong ethics

ULTRAMARINE : seen in the aura of sailors, surfers and people who are around sea.

NAVY BLUE : people with this colour tend to move slow,but safe and sure

ROYAL BLUE : people who have found their chosen path in life I

NDIGO : strong psychic ability

AMBER : personal strength and courage

CARAMEL : people who are going through positive career changes

COPPER : people in the mining industry RAW SIENNA : poor thinking process

FAWN : period of problems is coming to an end

MUSHROOM : a slowing of destiny

DOE-SKIN : found in people who are very orderly

CHOCALATE BROWN : the colour of enviromentalist and farmers

RUSSET-BROWN : a hard working person

GOLD : a higher level of consciousness

TERRACOTTA : people who challenge convention

PALE GREEN : spiritual advancement

DARK BROWN : indicates a person with common sense

APPLE GREEN : healers

LEMON GREEN : people who are liars and cheats

IRIDESCENT GREEN : friendly people

EMERALD GREEN : a problem is being put to rest

JADE : a charitable nature

VIRIDIAN : emotional and mental stress

DARK GREEN : mental stress

TURQUISE : people who fought their way out of poverty to become a success in life

OLIVE GREEN : scrooge

GREY : people who feel trapped in life

PRIMROSE : optimism

SILVER GREY : I often see this in people involved in yoga

PUMPKIN : self control

CHARCOAL GREY : depression

APRICOT : caring communication PALE PINK : true love

ORANGE : strong motivation

PINK MADDER : loyalty and commitment

SALMON PINK : people who work in a carreer they love

DUSTY PINK : foolish people

IRIDESCENT PINK : sexual desire

LAVENDER : people who have had a NDE

LILAC : spiritual balance

MAGANTA : often found in entrepreneurs

GRAPE : laziness MAUVE : humble people

IMPERIAL PURPLE : heightened dream activity

VIOLET : once again humble people

CARMINE : people who are seeking change

VERMILLION : indicates creativity

RUSTIC RED : short tempered

SCARLET RED : found in people with a big ego

CRIMSON : natural creative skills

MAROON : self empowerment

CLARET : self determination

PEARL : authentic mediums

SILVER : this is the link between the spiritual realm

PALE YELLOW : shyness

ZINC : often seen around sexual organs when aroused

GOLDEN YELLOW : inspiation

CREAM : heading in the right direction

LEMON YELLOW : strength of direction

BUTTERCUP YELLOW : focused on a course of action

MUSTARD : people who are manipulative

STRAW YELLOW : day dreamers