APHRODITE: Love, passion, sex, beauty
ARACHNE: Weaving, high ambitions
ARTEMIS: The huntress, the moon, women's mysteries, Patron of Witchcraft, healing, unrequited love, inner strength, virginity.
ATHENA: Wisdom, strategy, warfare, government, virginity, bounty, the Olive Tree, weaving, strength.
ATLANTA: Marriage, strength, unpaid debts.
BELLONA: Victory, war.
BRIGIT: Motherhood, the Earth, fires, poetry, Knowledge, smithcraft?
CALLISTO: Motherhood, strength.
CIRCE: Magic, enchantress, Witchcraft.
CLYTIE: Unrequited love.
DEMETER: The Earth, Mother, grain, crops, fertility, farmers.
EOS: The dawn, morning, young people, new beginnings.
EUMEIDES: Justice, fate.
FATES: Fate, life, death, the path of life.
FLORA: Spring, flowers.
FORTUNA: Fortune, luck, fate, change.
FREYA: Love, flowers, music, beauty, sexual love.
FRIGG: Knowledge, wisdom.
GAIA: Mother Earth, bounty, fertility, defense of children.
HECATE: Queen of the Witches, night, inner strength, women's mysteries.
HEL: Death, endings.
HERA: Marriage, jealousy, inner strength, beauty.
IRIS: Rainbows, flowers, sadness.
KORE/PERSEPHONE: Spring, death, beginnings, endings, youth & age, innocence and self-possession.
MARPESSA: True Love.
MNEMOSYNE: Memory, strength.
MORRIGU: Death, suffering, anything horrible, darkness, carrion.
MUSES: Inspiration, creativity, great works of art.
NAT: The night.
NORNS: The Fates.
PANDORA: Beauty, grace, innocence, hidden gifts, misfortune.
POMONA: Fruit trees, apple trees, the Pentacle.
RHEA: Motherhood.
SIRENS: Women as dangerous, beauty, solitude, temptress.
SYRINX: 'The pursued woman'.
THISBE: True love, unhappy endings.
VALKYRIES: Death, endings, glory, happy endings.
VESTA: Fire, virginity, purity, life, knowledge.
VICTORIA: Victory.


ADONIS: Sexual Passion, change
AESCULAPIUS: Healing, Protection
: Music, healing, protection, scrying, men's mysteries, victory, poetry, fun.
ARES: Victory in Battle, sexual lust, protection from enemies, anger
ATLAS: inner strength, determination
BALDER: innocence, happiness, spring, wisdom, knowledge, inspiration.
BALOR: victory, protection, age, wisdom
BAUCIS: hospitality, friendship
BRAN: music, poetry, inspiration, endings, reputation
CERNUNNOS: Fertility
CHIRON: wisdom, inspiration, music, hunting, healing, protection, scrying, divination
CRONUS: fear, strength, death, inevitability, time, the old giving way to the new
DAEDALUS: Inspiration, victory through thinking, creativity
DAGDA: Family, men's mysteries, the turning wheel, heritage, leadership
DIONYSYS: Alcohol, partying, overindulgence, justice, peace, 'the original hippie'.
EPIMETHEUS: Figuring out the past, acting without judgment
EROS: Love, anguish through love, justice, 'doing what must be done', 'waiting until the right time'.
FIONN MACCUMHAL: wisdom, foresight, leadership.
FREY: fertility, wealth.
HEPHAESTUS: smithcraft, anything mechanical, fires, the beauty within, bad temper
HERAKLES: dealing with guilt, inner strength, finishing a task, determination
HERMES: News, gossip, messages, theft, public speeches, trickster, sports, money, business, contracts, men's mysteries, wealth.
HYMEN: Marriage, sex, virginity.
HYPNOS: sleep, rest, meditation.
JANUS: Foresight, hindsight, beginnings, access.
MANANNAN: trickster,
MIDAS: Greed, keeping secrets, things 'too good to be true', the fool.
NARCISSUS: Arrogance, just desserts, self involvement.
ODIN: Wisdom, leadership, strength, knowledge, manners, poetry, battle.
PAN: Fertility, solitude, unreasoned fear, rustic music, sexuality, simple joy
PHAETHON: Adopted children, hard challenges, foolhardiness
PLUTO: Death, endings, loneliness
PROMETHEUS: Forethought, planning for future, knowledge, undeserved suffering, relief from grief.
PROTEUS: Prophesy, divination, truth.
TERMINUS: Neighbors, the outdoors, fences.
ZEUS: The turning of power, thunder storms, weather, rain, hospitality, leadership.