Written by Mystikia

Dice have been used throughout history as a means of divination. In Classical Greece, Ancient Egypt & the Far East, cubes made of wood, ivory or metal with numbers from 1 - 6 inscribed on their sides were consulted regularly as a means of fore-telling the future.  Below, you will find a simple way of consulting the dice & brief interpretations of what each number means.


Draw a chalk circle on the ground, table or piece of board. Take 3 NEW dice & a NEW cup ( to be used to shake the dice in). Place the dice into the cup & hold the cup in your LEFT hand. Shake the dice & throw. If all 3 of the dice fall outside of the circle, then abandon the consultation, vow to ask no more & stay well clear of any arguments! If 1 or 2 of the dice fall outside the circle, the warning of arguments is much milder in nature & YOU MAY throw again if you wish.



1 That is one dice in circle showing the number 1 or one dot. ) Basically this means " Nothing Doing".

2 Slight trouble & a lack of good news, but nothing to worry about.

3 Seize any chances that may come your way today. You will get what you wish for or will enjoy a happy event.

4 A disappointment, but don't worry! Everything will turn out to be for the best.

5 You will hear news of a death, but it will be expected!

6 A sign of the loss of some money. Also, you could hear of a marriage which may be surprising or even distressing to you.

7 An omen of good luck! If you are anxious about something,don't worry - all will go well.

8 You will receive a letter which you find disagreeable. Better news will follow.

9  Success in love, a reconciliation after a quarrel or disagreement. Good happenings, but maybe a touch of scandal! A good throw.

10 Uncertainty, nothing worse.

11 Danger of losing money through treachery. Can indicate an illness of someone close to you.

12 Do not act on anything without first seeking the advice of someone  you trust. Refuse to do favours for anyone. Someone intends to involve you in an intrigue.

13 WARNING - An enemy is plotting your downfall! Throw the dice again & if the number is higher than 13, he will not succeed!

14 An indication that you may soon go on a long voyage. Profitable travels, but it won't be easy. Maybe a new friendship heading your way. Keep hope in your heart.

15 This number indicates some trouble domestically. Find out whether  there are people making mischief in your home & if there is, SORT IT OUT!

16 You are going to prove to be lucky in something for which you don't hold out much hope. Do not tell anyone about anything that you gain until 1 week after you first find out about it. Also a warning that you should not think about money too much as you are neglecting other things that are important to you.

17 Indicates something very, very good - something that is unearned & unsought! Be thankful when this comes. Maybe, even , a proposal or a suggestion from a complete stranger to you.

18 The best throw of them all! Great luck, happiness & high destiny. Beware of inconsistency though, when your luck is at its highest point.