Cernunnos-honoured by our ancestors throughout Gaul and more so in these Celtic Isles of Britain.  Cernunnos, the Horned God of the Woods and of Animals. He is the Lord of all. His sacred energy union with the Goddess created all life and their sexual energy current flows through all living things.  Cernunnos shares a special relationship with men, as his powerful, masculine and sexual energy runs through them in a unique way.
Cernunnos is recorded in history, the first records come from the Val Camonica dating from the 4th century BC. The most famous image of Cernunnos was found on the Gundestrup Cauldron found on Jutland in the first centruy BC.   Cernunnos is a very masculine and highly powerful sexual God. He is the Father of all creation and for men a connection with Cernunnos is a very powerful experience. It's a spiritual and sexual experience and once men have been through the initiations on the workshops at the HomoMoot, they begin to feel horny in a unique way in his presence and in normal everyday life.
For  men, the power and energy of Cernunnos seems to be very intense; sadly our sacred God has been given a bad name; the early Christian Church saw his image-a man with antlers,  as evil. They began to teach that Cernunnos was in fact the devil and sadly, his name was tarnished and demonised. Those who paid homage to Cernunnos knew that he was no devil, far from it. Scholars today have proved he was very highly regarded by the Celts as a sacred deity and his sacredness is once more being reclaimed and rightly so.
Today, as men we can stand before Cernunnos and reclaim him and his powers.  You don't have to practice the Celtic tradition-Witchcraft to honour him; the rites are open to all men. Many men ask me what rites are there out there to honour him? Well, there is hardly any historical accounts of any liturgy to honour Cernunnos. Today, we rely on spiritual inspirations to help form liturgy. The HomoMoot has many very powerful rites that Julian has composed and which is taught men on the workshops; whereby Cernunnos decends upon his men, flows through their blood, sperm and penis.  Cernunnos becomes us and empowers and makes sacred our male erection. Standing before Cernunnos with an erection is nothing to be ashamed of; far from it; standing before Cernunnos erect is to pay him homage and attunes to his sacredness, his masculine energy. The rites that honour Cernunnos, form a very powerful male bonding, the rituals and initiations help men attune to the sacred powers of our mighty Celtic God and by so doing, Cernunnos empowers us as men, regardless of our sexuality.