At the HomoMoot, at the start of any ritual, the High Priest ties under his testicles, a strap that has on it several silver bells, see the photo below. These are a bit like the bells that are used by Morris Dancers, that are tied to their hands and feet. Once the circle is cast, the High Priest starts at the North of the altar -skyclad, bows low to the North and as he does so, he exposes to the altar his testicles (southward) and by gripping the shaft of the erect penis, the testicles are slightly swung, producing the sacred ringing of the bells. This is continued around to the East, South and Western Gateways. The bells remain tied to the testicles througout ritual, until the circle is finally un-cast.
You may ask why this is done. In ancient Judea and Greece, the testicles represented man's virility and a symbol of strength, respect and honour.  It is also used in the same way as the Sistrum were at the altars of the Goddess Bast at Her temple in Bubastis. Hence at the HomoMoot, the testicles are exposed to each corner of the altar, to bless it and the bells ring that blessing unto Cernunnos and our Lady Aradia. The Gods and Goddess' love the smell of incense, it is their spiritual food; seeing as they cannot partake and enjoy the taste of food on earth. In a similar way, the bells swung from the High Priest's testicles are to the Gods, both a sexual and spiritual sound, that they hear and equally enjoy.
In the ritual room of the HomoMoot, you will notice that on the four walls of North, East, South and West are the symbols of the erect penis and testicles of man. This is a sacred tradition that was very popular in the Roman City of Pompei, where every door post of a house or place of business had the phallic symbol with the words carved " Hic Habitat Felicitas"; which means "Here dwells happiness" ( see above image). It was an important talisman to also ward off the Evil Eye.  In the HomoMoot, one of the ways to ward off the Evil Eye and to protect  the Third Eye Chakra, is for the High Priest's erect penis and testicles to physically lie over a person's Third Eye chakra, esp' after the Chakra has been opened with Amethyst in the ritual circle. This is a powerful way of protecting the Third Eye in a sexual and spiritual way. The erect penis in all of the HomoMoot rituals is a blessing and a sign of the divine presence of Cernunnos among his men in ritual.
It is important for men to know that their penis and testicles are a sign of great power, strength, honour and respect. The male penis erect, is in the world of men, also the physical manifestation of the sacred masculine energy and power of Cernunnos; who flows through every man, filling the penis with life blood, lust and joy.  Of all that man received from the Gods, nothing is so more highly prized than the gift of love and sex. The Gods serve man in sex, man in sex worships the Gods in return.
May those sacred bells ring out at every altar that honours our Celtic God, Karnayna!  Men, lift up the Spear of Light, and shine it outwards upon His divine holy hill of vision. Let us behold the sacred vision and from it, may we come to know the sacred mysteries, taught by our Celtic ancestors, here in this sacred land of Wales.
Julian Riley
High Priest

Photo of the strap of bells that are used in the Homomoot Rituals, which are tied under the scrotum

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