Minoan Breakdown Materials

An explanatory breakdown for Initiates of the Minoan Brotherhood

This booklet was written by Minos Gwydion, Year 1 R&A (1976) in order to provide an explanatory breakdown, from his own perspective, of the key elements and symbols in our Rituals which might aid Initiates of the Minoan Brotherhood.

This material is retained by your Minos and may be given to 1st Degree Initiates at his discretion, with their copy of the Book of Shadows.


Breakdown Materials. 1

Foreword. 2

Questions. 3

What, Exactly, Is The Minoan Brotherhood?. 3

Who Are, "The Gods"?. 3

What Is A Minos?. 4

What Is A Server?. 4

What is a Kouros?. 4

What Do The Laws Mean?. 5

The Rituals. 6

The Festivals. 7

Winter Solstice. 7

The Feast Of The Sky. 7

Spring Equinox. 7

The Festival Of The Earth. 7

Summer Solstice. 7

The Festival Of The Sea. 7

Harvest Home. 8

The Feast Of The Dead. 8

Magick. 9

A Note About Death. 12

The Initiation. 13

The Charge. 14

The Initiation. 14

Afterword & Advice From Minos Gwydion. 16



As an Initiate in the Minoan Brotherhood, You are a Priest of the Great Goddess and Her Divine Son, and your first responsibility is in Their Service.

As a result of this fact, certain things in our Religion must be made clear in your mind.

Your second responsibility is to yourself — and, ultimately — to your people.

It is the purpose of this booklet to clearly explain 'where the Priesthood is at' in relation to these two major responsibilities in our lives.

I have written this booklet openly, and much of what it contains is composed of revealed Mysteries.  Therefore, we must consider this as a part of our Book of the Mysteries and, resultantly, as being covered by the Oath of Secrecy.

I hope that by KNOWING this booklet and its contents, you will expand your capacity for being a better Priest and, most important, a wiser person.

Let us pray for the day when our people can lead a free and happy life in peace — like the good old days.  And, if we can be instrumental in bringing this about, well, All-the-Better.

Blessed Be,

Minos Gwydion

Knossos Grove

Year 1 R&A



What, Exactly, Is The Minoan Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is a Religious Revival for Gay Men.  It is an involvement in a reconstruction of the Pagan Mystery-cult worship of the Great Mother Goddess of the Bronze Age Aegean (circa 2,000 BC) and Her Divine Son, who is the Patron of Male Homosexuality.  The Cult is practiced as it was in Ancient Crete, the home of the First European Civilization — The Minoan Civilization.  We call the Great Mother Goddess by Her original Minoan Name: RHEA.  Now this is not really a name at all, it simply means "The Earth."  Within the Mysteries, we know Her by Her true names, five in number.  But these may not be written down.

Her Divine Son ASTERION (again, not a real name, but a title meaning "Starry One") is that part of Life which is inherent within ourselves: Male Homosexuality.  His True Name is one of our Deepest Mysteries.

The Minoan Brotherhood is also a form of Witchcraft — which simply and clearly means that our religious practices involve the use of "Magick" . . .  that is, THE ART OF CAUSING THINGS TO HAPPEN IN CONFORMANCE WITH ONES WILL.

It should suffice to say that our Witchcraft is older and more exact than the common British varieties.  It is also very similar, since all Witchcraft grew from the same roots in Prehistory.   I would like to note here that, in ancient Crete, the cult of Asterion was commonly known as "THE CULT OF THE BULL" in which He was called "MINOTAUROS" (from which the later Greek Legend of the Minotaur was derived).  Anyone who has seen the Genitals of a Bull can easily recognize the meaning behind the Symbol where it concerned the glorification of Male Sexuality.  Most appropriate to Phallic worship — which the cult of Asterion most definitely is.

The Minoan Brotherhood actually began in 1964, when I was initiated into the British Witch-cult.  13 years later, after intensive study, a decade of research, years of involvement in the High Priesthood, a million practical experiments in Magick, a rock-hard desire to find Freedom, Peace, and Happiness for myself and other Gay men, and the sometimes miraculous intervention of the Gods, the Brotherhood emerged as a complete Religion and way of Life.

Who Are, "The Gods"?

The Gods are Two-fold Beings:

1. The Spark of Life Itself

That which is present in All Living Things.   Therefore, we, ourselves are "The Gods."

Within the Brotherhood (as in all Mystery Religions) we work to attain "God(dess) Consciousness."  That is, to recognize our  own Godhead.

Scientifically, the Chromosomes reflect this.  This is why Male religious expression is more complete when it centers around a Dual Godhead (i.e., Male/Female;   Rhea/Asterion) since males possess Dual sex chromosomes (Male=Y Chromosomes and Female=X Chromosomes). In the Minoan Sisterhood (about which you will learn something later), our Lesbian Sisters are concerned almost exclusively with the Female aspect; The Goddess.  Females are formed from Single sex chromosomes (i.e., XX) and this is the basis of their Mysteries (which are incomprehensible to Males).

The Ancients, somehow, knew this Mystery, which is why Matriarchal Society was predominant.  The Matriarchal systems of the Bronze age were successful because they followed the Natural order of the things, a state conducive to Peace, Harmony and Prosperity.

2. Separate and Distinct Entities

The thoughts of Men (the Collective Subconscious[1])  produce Realities on  Higher Planes (the Astral).  This is a Theorem of Magick.  When people constantly worship and invoke a Mother Goddess or a Sky God (or anything, for that matter) over a long period of time, these collective Thoughts create a powerful and distinct Entity which exists in the Astral Planes.  Rhea and Asterion are examples of this.

Because of the Extent and Age of Mother Goddess Worship (from Man's beginning to the advent of Christianity), this Entity (which we call Rhea) is most probably the most powerful of all Entities, followed by the DIVINE SON CONCEPT (Asterion, Horus, Baal, Jesus Christ etc.).  Third in the List is probably the embodiment of All-Evil, which we know as "the Devil" or "Satan," an unfortunate  "Mistake?" of the Medieval Christian Mind, but none the less existent.

Thus we see that "The Gods" have both Always existed and have been created by Man.


What Is A Minos?[2]

First of all, a Minos is a High Priest.  But Minos also means Leader, so a Minos is a High Priest who leads a Grove.  There may be more than one High Priest in a Grove (remember, the Server is a High Priest also), but there is only One Minos per Grove.

In ancient times, a Minos was a Priest-King of a Minoan city.  The name itself is a Title (similar to "Pharaoh" of Egypt).

The functions of a Minos in the Brotherhood are:

·       To lead the Rituals

·       To Initiate

·       To Teach

·       To work the Magick

·       To assume the responsibilities of the Welfare of His Grove and His People.


What Is A Server?

A Server is also a High Priest (and therefore a potential Minos).  He is the Right-hand man of the Minos (even though He actually stands to the left!).

His functions in the Brotherhood are:

1.     To assist in the Rituals

2.     To Guide the Initiate during the Initiation

3.     To keep the Grove Records

4.     To lead the Magick

5.     To assume the role of Minos if ever necessary.

The Server may also be called upon to assume the role of the Kouros if ever necessary.

What is a Kouros?[3]

Kouros means "Youth" (i.e., Young Man).  His alternate title is "YEAR-KING."

Each year at the Winter Solstice Festival, the Minos of the Grove chooses an Initiate to Bodily Represent the God Asterion for one year.  At the Harvest Home Festival (the Autumn Equinox), the Kouros is SYMBOLICALLY SACRIFICED to insure Good-Fortune for the coming New Year.  His reward is, usually, elevation into the High Priesthood.

The Tradition of the Kouros (which is, by the way, also a Title of the God Asterion) dates back to prehistory when the Minos was the Year-King and was actually sacrificed at the end of his term for the assurance of fertility to the land and people.

The simple invoking ritual used to create a Kouros is an opening of the Third Eye of the recipient, leaving the channels of the subconscious mind open for Divine Possession.  This can be dangerous if performed outside of a Circle, for any entity — including Demonic Entities — would have a free passage into a Human mind.  The actual Possession manifests itself by the occurrence of deep Religious Insight and the widening of the Psychic Centers.  For this reason, The Kouros is frequently considered an advisor to the Grove in matters of importance.

The ritual of the HIEROS GAMOS (SACRED MARRIAGE) performed at Festivals assures an unbroken link between the Minos and The God Asterion through Material Channels and provides Sexual re-energization to the beholders of the act.  This vitality endures for the Season and is of great benefit to the Priests.  Since the Kouros, as the Earthly representative of the God, is necessary for the Hieros Gamos . . .  he is necessary to the proper functioning of the Priests in the Circle.  Contact with the Kouros, whether physical or mental, is always beneficial.


What Do The Laws Mean?

The most important of All the Laws is the First  . . .  " . . . LOVE UNTO ALL BEINGS . . . " .  It suggests to us that, above all, we are expected to acknowledge the Sanctity of Life — no matter what form it may take.  We might find it necessary, for reasons of survival, to kill a Cockroach . . .  and resultantly, we should ask Her forgiveness in the matter, reaffirm in our minds the necessity of the act.

In this day and age, such a concept is both hard to swallow and difficult to carry through in everyday practice — but we must try.

The remainder of the Laws are self-explanatory.  They have been designed to maintain a balance of power within the Groves and to guide us in difficult situations.  They also relay to us the concept of Salvation in Death and the recurrent Cycle of Life.

The Rituals

Aside from the fact that we want to be clean before the Gods and our Brothers, the Purificatory Bath which All must take before the Circle is of the deepest Symbolism.  With the addition of Sea-Salts and oils, we have created a representation of the Primeval Sea and Slime from which All Life originally sprung.  It is symbolically a renewal of our own evolution, which we are experiencing at this point and we should always keep this in mind while bathing.

The anointing oil is a Psychic/Sexual stimulant.  We rub it into the places that the blood stream comes closest to the skin.  When heated and mixed with our body oils and perspiration, it gives off an erotic odor , which subtly stimulates us sexually.  This state of arousal is conducive to the proper ritual attitude needed for the success of the rites and magickal operations performed.

The Bath . . . Anointing . . .  some wine and Nectar and Ambrosia (mild stimulating/ hallucinogenic drugs) all aid in shifting the consciousness to a level which is acceptable to the state of the Circle: the Transition from the Mundane World to that higher plane of existence at which we can come together with the Gods and Spirits of the Universe.

When we first gather inside the Circle, we notice Two things: The Altar and the Sea Shells.  The altar set-up is the way it is for two reasons: the foremost involves the "Great Mystery" of which only the High Priests may know.  The second, more obvious reason, is for convenience in facilitating ease in the performance of the Rituals.

The Sea shells are for Remembrance.  In ancient times, the Minoans paved the Shrines of the Lady with Seashells.  They knew then, as we do now, that All Life began in the Sea, and their oldest aspect of the Goddess was the Sea Mother.  The Womb from which we spring is a tiny sea of amniotic fluid — the circle represents the Divine Womb, ergo: the Sea-Shells.  There are 8 Shells, representing the 8 ways of Power.

The X which marks the exact center of the Circle (you will notice it under the altar) stands for the MINOS.  The reason for this is also a part of the "Great Mystery" and cannot be discussed here.

Of course, the four Point-Candles mark out the four traditional quarters of the Universe: East, South, West and North and, thus, help us to align ourselves in the proper, symbolic locations for various rituals and invocations.

You will notice that only the Water is "Purified" (Exorcized) and consecrated . . .  the Fire (Incense) and Salt are merely blessed.  This is because both Fire and Salt, in their natural states, are intrinsically Pure, while water may harbor Demonic influences, germ, etc.


The Festivals

The main purpose of the 8 Festivals is Having Fun.  They are times when no work (except, perhaps, Initiation) should be done in the Circle.

Like all European Pagan Religions, the Brotherhood celebrates the Seasons of the Year and the 4 Ancient Festivals of the Great Mother.

Winter Solstice

The year begins with the WINTER SOLSTICE near December 21rst.  This is the traditional Birthday of the Sun — the Divine KOUROS of the Mother (which is probably why the Christians chose it as the birthday of Jesus — the "Son" of God).  The Witches of Northern Europe and Britain call this day YULE.  For us, it is the promise of a New Year, and on this night we choose the "Year King" — our Kouros — to receive into himself the spirit of the Newborn God Asterion (here known as ZAGREUS).

The Winter Solstice is the First Night of the Hieros Gamos — the Sacred Marriage.  Sexual penetration upon the Altar is a ritual as old as Man himself.  It is the collective intercourse with our God which assures us of our Oneness with Him.  The ritual of the Hieros Gamos is over in minutes, but its sexual regenerating effects are realized throughout the following Season.  It is, perhaps, the most Erotic ritual situation which you will ever encounter.  If it is performed with the Phallus, we call it TOKEN.  This is the usual way in which it is performed.  If the Minos actually penetrates the Kouros himself, we call it TRUE.

The Kouros lies with his head to the West to symbolically receive the God into himself from the East . . .  the place in which the Sun rises.

The crown of Peacock feathers may be worn by the Kouros.  This is traditional, as wall paintings from the ancient Minoan Palaces have shown.  Only a Kouros or Minos may wear the Crown of Peacock feathers.

The feast of the Winter Solstice should be a large one of Roast Meats and Cakes etc.  This is a good time to invite close friends to the festivities after the Rituals.

The Feast Of The Sky

Following the Winter Solstice, on or near February 1rst, we celebrate the First Great Feast of the Goddess, THE FEAST OF THE SKY, at which we honor the Mother of the newborn Kouros: The Queen of Heaven.  The Witches of Britain call this festival "Imbolc," and the Christians adopted it as "Candlemas" . . .  the Jews: "Chanukah," all festivals of light.

Spring Equinox

The "SPRING EQUINOX" follows on or near March 21rst.  The Kouros here is growing into the Youth of Fertility, Asterion-Hyakinthos, and we invoke His blessings for the coming time of warmth and love.  The flowers and scarlet-dyed eggs on the Altar are the traditional Cretan-Greek symbols of Spring, and the Sacred flame is symbolic of the coming warmth.

The Festival Of The Earth

On May 1rst, "THE FESTIVAL OF THE EARTH" which honors the Earth Mother, is the Greatest of all the Goddess Festivals and the first of the two GRAND FESTIVALS in the calendar (the other being the Festival of the Dead).  It is also the shortest of the rituals, leaving as much time as possible for "Play."  The Earth Mother is the aspect of the Goddess who is the closest and most important to us all.

Summer Solstice

When the "SUMMER SOLSTICE" comes on June 21rst, the young Hyakinthos emerges as the lusty, adult Asterion, and the time of Sexual Fulfilment has arrived.  This is a Festival in honor of Him — the epitome of all male beauty and perfection.  The sprinkling of Sea-water (the Semen of Earth) attests to this, as do the fruits and pink wines of the feast.

The Festival Of The Sea

"THE FESTIVAL OF THE SEA" honoring the Sea Mother on August 1rst is the oldest Minoan feast day.  The Ritual invocations are self-explanatory.

Harvest Home

On September 21rst, the "AUTUMN EQUINOX," our HARVEST HOME, arrives.  It is the time of Asterion-Dionysus and his sacrifice (symbolic of the cutting down of the crops).  In ancient times, the Kouros (and originally the Minos) gave up his life for the good of the people at this time, in a barbaric rite of human sacrifice.  The drunken revels of this feast bring to mind the modern Mardi Gras: getting it all in before the lean times to come (i.e., winter).  It is also a Thanksgiving for all the Good that we have gotten from the year.  Volumes could be written on the significance of the Harvest Home Festival.  I suggest that anyone interested should read: THE GOLDEN BOUGH by Sir James Fraser and HARVEST HOME, a novel by Thomas Tryon.  It is obvious that, since the Kouros is ritually "dead," there is no Hieros Gamos.

The Feast Of The Dead

On November 1rst the year dies officially at "THE FEAST OF THE DEAD" and the Minos invokes the Mistress of the Underworld to "open the Gates of Death" so that the departed souls can join in the festivities.

NOTE:            Writing about the DARK MOTHER is unwise . . .  any questions should be directed to your Minos.




Before anything else is said, Magick is Hard Work!

When we do Magick in the Circle, we are actually using 7 of the 8 Paths of Power (and, very often, all 8).  Now, 2 or 3 are usually sufficient — therefore, by using 7 or 8, we know that we are giving it all that we have.

Just before we start the actual Ritual of Magick, we discuss 3 important things: First, what we are going to work for.  Now, it is logical that we should choose that which is most  important, since we are putting all we've got into it.  Technically, a Minos has the ability to work 2 Spells during one Magickal Ritual — however, only 1 should be worked unless it is a dire emergency.  It simply takes too much of the Life-force to work 2.  Of course, all must agree on the working — and it must be wholeheartedly, otherwise it just won't work.  YOU MUST NEVER HOLD BACK ANY DISAGREEMENT.  It is also DANGEROUS FOR THE MINOS if someone within the circle who is at variance with the Magick being worked.  Since the Power is passing through his body and mind while his spirit is literally away, any variance can leave scars on the mind which will take long to heal and cause a great deal of mental anguish upon the return of his spirit.

Secondly, we devise a Spell and a Visualization for the work being done.  This is the most difficult part of Magick.  It may only be truly learned by experience in the Circle.  A note to remember: if you must have more than one line in a Spell, do it in Rhyme.  Rhyme is easy to remember and seems to "say itself" rather than having to stop and think: "what comes next?".

Third and lastly, we decided upon who is going to "WORK."  When you think about it, this is really asking a lot.  After all, you are actually giving a physical part of yourself (Semen through Masturbation) as well as giving a portion of your "Pleasure-energy" which could otherwise be enjoyed after the Circle.

Once all of this has been accomplished satisfactorily, we are ready for the Ritual itself.  The Minos reforms the Circle with Mother Labrys, 3 times.  This is to ensure that a solid, unbroken boundary is erected to contain the Power raised, until it is released and used.  We all then hold hands and dance the CRANE DANCE (step, hop, step, hop, etc.).  An important note: the Minos or Server will lead the Tempo (which is always begun slowly and progresses faster and faster).  It is very important when dancing to KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR FEET, making sure that you do not breach the Circle boundaries or knock anything over.


While we dance, we Chant:





















We then chant the spell that we have devised . . .  over and over and over until the Minos feels that enough power has been raised and he says "STOP."  This is the time to sit down and rest for a while.

After we have rested sufficiently, we begin the actual "WORKING" which can only be truly understood within the Circle.  However it is sufficient to say that Erotic Pictures etc., are kept under the Altar to aid in the Masturbation involved and it is of the utmost importance to (1) remain within the Circle, and (2) ejaculate upon your belly.  Always aid each other as much as you can.  One must forget everything but coming at this point.

Only the Sacrificial Knife and the Pentacle may touch the Semen to be used.  Those who sacrifice their Semen for the Magick are the essentials to the Ritual — the combining of the Semen psychically binds them together in the same what that parents of a child are bound together, you have created a MAGICKAL CHILDE.

A natural sponge and bowl of warm water are available under the altar.  We should clean ourselves before the Power is used — it is very difficult to concentrate while you are sticky with congealing Semen.

The Server will now completely bind up the Minos.  We call this Warriking.  The use of binding for Magick is as old as Magick itself and is used by practically all forms of Witchcraft and Paganism.  The process itself (which retards the blood flow to the brain) induces Astral Projection in the Minos.  With his spirit free from the body, the Power can be pushed through the body shell and guided by his spirit to do its work.  The large quantity of incense used, and the 120 Scourges also help to induce this effect.

Everyone sits cross-legged in the proper position for sending the power (which must be taught in the Circle).  This attitude brings all the Power Centers of the body into close proximity with the Dagger, which actually directs the Power.

The Minos now says the prescribed Prayer:




















The ending of the prayer should signal everyone to being the directing of the Power.  As the Minos gazes into the Pentacle and its Semen, begin to visualize what has been decided upon — at the same time, FEEL THE POWER FLOWING OUT OF YOUR CENTERS THROUGH THE DAGGER BLADE AND INTO THE BODY OF THE MINOS.  If you cannot visualize or hold the visualization long enough, blank your mind and continue sending the Power.  If you being to tire before you are signalled to stop, try to keep pushing yourself until you cannot bear it anymore.

The Server will keep a check on the Minos to see that he doesn't grow cold or clammy or being to grow bluish.  If you see that the Server is rushing to unbind the Minos, HELP HIM AND FORGET ABOUT THE MAGICK . . .  THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.

When the Minos feels or sees that the Magick has been accomplished he will silently say the Prayer to himself, this time thanking the Lady for Her aid.  He will then say, out loud:


This is your signal to stop.  The Server will then Scourge the Minos 40 times with strong strokes.  This is to bring him back.

Now the Pentacle acts as a "Magick Mirror" — a window into the World of the Gods, and many times the Minos will see visions in it during the Magick.  It is all right to ask him if he saw anything — but one must not talk about the Magick itself for the rest of the night, except to ask if it went well . . .  dismiss it from your mind, after all, IT IS ACCOMPLISHED.

It is essential, now, that you relax.  Have some wine and enjoy.



A Note About Death

As Witches, we profess the dogma of Reincarnation.  Volumes could be written here explaining why, but a book has been published which does it better than I could, it is called:

Life After Life by R.A. Moody Jr., MD[4]

I strongly suggest that all of you read it.

It will suffice to say here that the Plane of Existence after Death, in which the Soul grows young again in preparation for rebirth upon the Earth, is known to us as the Underworld and sometimes, the "Celestial Vineyards".

Hell or Hades is sometimes used, in its Pagan significance (ie. as the Underworld)... the Christians have adopted it to mean a place of Eternal Suffering.  This Christian Hell has been created by the collective unconscious over a period of almost 2000 years as a means of frightening the Christian Community into moral submission in accordance with their Church Dogma.  It is a very real place.  HOWEVER, it is applicable ONLY to Christians, just as is their "King" demon; Satan, and we need not concern ourselves with it.  It is pleasing to see that the Christians, to some extent, have begun to question the concepts of Hell and Satan, and eventually, perhaps, they will succeed in de-creating it.

The Initiation

The acceptance ritual into any Mystery Cult is called "Initiation".

An Initiation comprises:

6.     a Challenge or Warning

7.     an Ordeal

8.     Direct Communication with the Deity/Deities

9.     an Oath

·       an Explanation of the Mysteries involved

All are centered around Parthenogenesis[5], that is, symbolic Death and Rebirth and an acceptance into a selective community of Initiates.  Our Initiation is no different.

Many times, while going through these "rites of passage", the initiate is so "psyched-up" that he loses a conscious grasp of what exactly is happening.  And although the Symbolisms are designed to register in the sub-conscious mind, it is good to bring it all up front as soon as possible, for a better and richer understanding of the Religion.

Let us go over the Initiation step by step and see what it all means in general (since each initiation affects us personally and differently this can only be a surface explanation).

When we are first brought to the perimeter of the Circle we do not really know what to expect.  The altar is laid out properly, and the Minos stands naked and wielding "Mother Labrys" facing us.  His first words to you tell you exactly where you are, and he asks you if you truly have the fortitude to be there and continue the rite, for you will be stepping out of the familiar World into another Place which will be strange and different to you.  He then warns you that you must come into this place in a certain frame of mind, otherwise, it could be dangerous to the mind in the actual transition.  While he does this, he holds the Sword to your heart, making a direct link between you and he, both in different worlds.  (The Sword & Dagger are the only things which can safely protrude through the Circle barriers.)

The answer that you give him contains some of the key passwords of the Brotherhood!  Of course, at this point you can also back down and go home!

Once you give the affirmative answer, there is no going back.  The Minos satisfied that you are ready to enter the Priesthood, will inform you to prepare for the Ordeal which is to follow.  As he replaces the Sword upon the Altar and picks up his Dagger, he is openly accepting you into the Brotherhood.

Approaching you, he will cut himself out of the Circle in the proper way, and close it behind him.  He blindfolds you.  This symbolizes your Death to this World.

Turning your back to the Circle, he gently, with his body, pushes you into the Circle with a kiss... you came into this world with Love, and so you must leave it with Love to be properly reborn in the Mysteries.

The process of Parthenogenesis now begins.  The Minos binds your arms tightly, then binds your left knee and right ankle telling you that your feet are neither bound nor free... this is because you must be bound for Death & Rebirth, but at the same time, you must accept the Mysteries of your own volition.


Your Minos informs the Powers of the Universe to witness that you are properly prepared (naked & bound) to become a Priest in the Brotherhood.  With his dagger held erect in his right hand, he holds you to him and dances you around the altar 3 times to:

10.  raise the Power and

11.  make you dizzy and confuse you, making the blood course through your body.

It is after this, when you are again behind the altar (although you probably did not know where you were) that, speaking the words of the Goddess, the Minos reveals the Dogma's of our Religion to you for the first time.  This is called "The Charge" and it follows here in its entirety:

The Charge

Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who is known by the peoples of the Earth as Rhea, Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, Hathor, Aphrodite, Ashera, Artemis, Venus, Diana, Cybele, Astarte, Ashtoreth and Countless Other Names.

“At my Altars, the Youth of All Nations made due sacrifice.  For Men who love Men are my Special & Holy Children.  Whenever ye have need of anything, once in each month (and better it be when the moon is full) assemble in some secret place and worship me, who am Queen of the Universe.  To you will I teach the secrets of Magick and the Mysteries of Love which are yet unknown to you.  And ye shall be both proud and free... And as a sign that ye be truly free, ye shall be naked in your rights.  And ye shall dance, feast, and make love, all in my presence.  For mine is the Ecstasy of both Body & Soul, and Mine also is the Joy & Pleasure of the Earth — For My Law is Love unto All Beings.

Keep pure your highest ideals, strive ever towards them let nothing stop you nor turn you aside.  For Mine is the Secret Door which opens upon Eternal Youth & Mine is the Cup of the Wine of Life which is the Holy Font of Immortality.  Ye who drink of the shall live in youth forever.  This is my Promise to you.   For I am the Gracious Goddess who gives the Gift of Joy unto the Hearts of Men.  Upon Earth I give Love, Pleasure and Knowledge.  And beyond Death I give unutterable Peace & Freedom & Reunion with those who have gone before — then Rest & Ecstasy & Rebirth upon my green Earth amongst your own.  Nor do I demand the Bloody Sacrifice, for behold, I am the Mother of All Living, and My Love is poured forth upon the Earth.

I who am the Green Earth, the White Moon amongst the Stars, and the Mystery of the Sea, call unto Thy Soul: Arise and come with me!  For I am the Soul of Nature who giveth Life to the Universe.  From Me all things proceed, and unto me all things must return.  Let My Worship be within the hearth that rejoices, for behold, All Acts of Love & Pleasure are My Rituals.  And Thou that seekest Me and My Son, know that the Seeking & Yearning will not avail thee — unless though knowest this Mystery:

That if thou seekest, and thou canst not find Us within Thyself, thou wilt never find Us without thee — for behold, We have been with thee from the beginning, and we are that which is attained at the End of Desire.



The Initiation

The Five-Fold Kiss follows, explaining two things:

12.  the Humility of the Priesthood — recognizing you as an equal or better.

13.  the major Power Centers of the Body, which are Holy.  Namely: the feet, knees, genitals, breast & lips.  There are 2 more: the hands & Spinal Ganglia area, but these are dealt with in the High Priesthood.

When your Measure is taken you make your Blood Bond with the Brotherhood — like becoming Blood Brothers.  This is the single, most important part of the Ritual — it is the Personal, Unspoken Oath.

The Measure has 5 knots... one for each aspect of the Goddess; it is wound into a figure 8 (the Symbol of Eternity) and then sealed and put into a safe place.

You are now ready to swear the Oath.  Once you agree to do this you receive your first, ordinary purification — the purification that you will receive and give at each Circle.

The Sword is placed at your neck while your forehead touches the Pentacle to show your subservience to the Gods and your direct mental communication with them.  In other words, your Oath is Sworn directly to the Gods with your complete consent, in perfect love and perfect trust.

It is at this point that you are reborn, complete with a new name and a new role in life.  It is the end of the ordeal.

When the blindfold is removed and you are unbound, you are raised to see and move within the Circle as a new and free person.  The Minos consecrates you with oil to the Service of the Mother & the Son.  He uses the sign of the Trident which means "Sacred Purification" and you will undergo this at each and every circle, along with the binding and scourging... therefore, at each Circle, you are "Doubly Purified".

He kneels before you and with 5 kisses in the form of a Pentagram tells you the 5 secret names of the Goddess...

The 8 major tools are shown and explained to you and you are asked the first question asked of all Priests: "Art thou willing to suffer to learn?", in other words, are you willing to undergo the hardships of a priest's life for the good of yourself and your people?  On your affirmation of this, the Minos declares to the Universe that you are now, in fact, a Priest of the Goddess and Her Son and a member of the Minoan Brotherhood.  He seals you with a kiss on the mouth — symbolically re-affirming that you are bound to secrecy.


Afterword & Advice From Minos Gwydion

Our Ultimate Goals in the Minoan Brotherhood are to help our People (Gay People) to acquire the situation in Life & Society conducive to a peaceful, happy & prosperous existence.

Each time we hold a Circle, our energies go into the building of a Positive Entity binding our People together in Protection and Motivation and also, creating a stimulus in the Collective Unconscious conducive to the understanding and acceptance of our lifestyle by the heterosexual community to the extent of what it once was, in a World where the Myriad of Life Forms & Styles were held Sacred under the Great Mother.

As the Brotherhood (& Sisterhood) grows, the Entity will grow thus making our goal closer to realization.  It is a Mighty Task — but, like anything else, it can be done.

We must, if we are to succeed, become Priests of the People — not just Priests together.  This is our first step.  The rest will follow.  But our prelude must be Growth.  For this reason, we urge all Initiates to study for the High Priesthood.

Christianity & Judaism condemn us (no matter what they might say) — we Know this!  The permissive Eastern Religions are closed to most of us — even if only because of the incapacity of the Western-bred mind to accept the necessary mortifications of body and soul stressed by Eastern Philosophy.  The Pagan Religions of the West were developed for the Western Mind and house a treasure-trove of Spiritual Transcendence techniques and Physical Attainment.

The Minoan Sisterhood is working towards similar goals.  Although there are many differences between us in Ritual & Mysteries, they are our Sisters & Friends under the Great Mother, and we should always aid them in any way that we can.

The Mysteries of the Minoan Sisterhood cannot be fathomed by Men.  They Balance our own and are, therefore, essential.  We are a Perfect Balance, and this Balance must be preserved at all cost.

Every Priest in the Minoan Brotherhood should study constantly.  Read all the books so that you will know your religion and yourself.  Read the Ritual Book often and question your Minos often.  It is the way in which we ALL learn together.

Pray!  Prayer is Magick and it works if you use it as such.  Pray for our People.

Make a household shrine.  Your Minos and your personal aesthetic senses can help you with this.

Fill your lives with the Symbols of the Cult — they will turn your whole world into a Religious Experience and enhance the Beauty in Life.

Communicate with other life forms.  You can learn a lot from animals and plants... they are our Brothers.

Experience Sexuality often.  It is the best way to achieve Deity Consciousness.  Love the people that you experience... remember, Sex is a Sacrament and is Holy.

Develop the talents that have been given to you by the Gods — they can be a form of worship and a path towards ecstasy.

Keep a record of everything that you do magickally etc.  Share it with your brothers so that they may benefit by your successes and avoid the failures.

Try to understand others who are not like you... they will try to understand you in return.  Greet people with a smile and with Love and recognition that they, like you, are human children of the Great Mother.

Learn Divination: Tarot, I Ching, Scrying in Crystals or Water etc.  It can help you in your daily life and help others in theirs.



[1] “The Collective Unconscious” is the correct term. - Sabazius X, 1998

[2] Pronounced: Mee-nos

[3] Pronounced: Kor-os

[4] There are additional titles available on this subject.  Ask your Minos - Sabazius X, 1999

[5] “Reproduction from an unfertilized egg” - Webster’s Dictionary, 1981.  As you will see  our interpretation of this principle is slightly different than the common dictionary  definition. - Sabazius X, 1999