Vibrational medicine has been used for many centuries and has produced astounding results. We are creatures of vibrational energies, thus increasing the efficiency of the elixirs on our physical be-ing.

Todays Gem Elixirs are made using an old Alchemical formula. The stones are especially chosen and their vibrations are transferred into a medium of pure distilled water with 1% alcohol to enhance quality. Effects from using the elixirs can be noticed almost immediately when taken on a regular basis. All elixirs are bottled in an amber one ounce dropper bottle. A suggested dosage is 20-3O drops 2 or 3 times daily until desired results are attained. For informational purposes only: Please consult your physician for medical treatment.


Amber- Transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Calms nerves and enlivens the disposition. Helps one to manifest desires into reality. Stimulates the intellect and opens crown chakra.   Helps one to make choices and brings luck to those who fight for a cause. Balances one’s electromagnetic energies, purifies the body, mind and spirit. Treats diseases of the throat and helps treat kidney and bladder disorders. Amethyst-Excellent for opening the third eye chakra. Releases tension of all the chakras and helps one to gain knowledge in the art of spiritual healing. Repels negativity, protects against psychic attack, encourages sobriety, increases psychic ability and intuition. Helps with hearing disorders strengthen skeletal endocrine, and nervous systems. Treats insomnia and arthritis. Helps one to connect to Spirit.


Aquamarine- Promotes courage, stability, order, communication, spiritual awareness. Stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra. Helps with swollen glands, excellent for eyes, teeth, bones, and improves vision.  Also acts as a shield for the aura and subtle bodies.


Azurite- Stimulates third eye. Opens psychic development and insight into life. Enhances creativity, intuition, psychic awareness, self-confidence, and connection to spirit guides and animals. Dissolves energy blocks, treats circulatory and spinal disorders. Clears toxins from the body and allays spasms and 'tics’.


Bloodstone- A very healing elixir. Promotes courage, harmony, adaptability to change, centering and grounding, especially of the heart. Heals spleen, purifies the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver Neutralizes toxins within the body. Helps treat leukemia, failing eyesight, lung congestion and rashes.


Boji Stone- Promotes a general healing and tissue regeneration.  Aligns all subtle bodies so one can become in tune with nature. Excellent for those who work with plants. An increase one’s channeling abilities, strengthens all chakras and energy centers, removes energy blocks, an all around balancing and grounding elixir, also relieves discomfort of pain.


Carnelian- A second chakra stone and one of prosperity, the elixir protects against envy, fear, rage, and dispels sorrow.  Stimulates initiative, pro-creation, increasing physical energy, personal power, creativity, and compassion. Dispels apathy and passiveness. Useful to treat neuralgia, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies and colds. Helps heal cuts and abrasions.


Citrine- Stimulates, Opens, and activates the solar plexus and aligns other chakras.  Dissipates and transmutes negative energy, increases personal power, creativity, intellect, focus and mental endurance. Dispel fear, bus with clarity, clears aura and aligns aura with physical body. Aids digestion, circulation, increases vision, balances thyroid and activates the thymus.


Diamond- Breaks up blockages in the crown chakra and personality, enhances brain function, dispels negativity, and purifies physical and etheric bodies.  A master healer, enhances will and power aspects of God. Aligns one to higher self.  Opens one up to abundance, innocence, purity, faithfulness and energizes all chakras.


Euclase-Stimulates happiness in one’s life, inspires pride which restrains one from repeating old lessons. Helps one to reach for and attain the 'ultimate’ in all areas. Enhances communication skills, stimulates crown, throat, and. heart chakras, beneficial for clarity. Awakens creative force from within. Provides understanding of math and geometry, and aligns, energy fields. Provides relief from aches, arthritis, muscle tension, cuts, cramps, inflammation, swelling, and spasms. Can be used as an anti-bacterial and antiseptic.


Hematite- Enhances memory capabilities, balances yin/yang energies and meridians within the body. Dispels negativity, facilitates peace, self-control, meditation, grounding, tranquillity, emotional clarity, and helps one to find inner happiness.  Reduces fevers, helps leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders, insomnia, heals fractures and breaks, and assist in spinal alignment.


Herkimer Diamond-Cleanses subtle bodies, relieves stress and tension, stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathic communication.  Helps in the absorption of carbon, magnesium, phosphorus, and silicon. Helps one to accept 'higher’ information, and draws forth past life memories. Helps in elimination of toxicity.


Iolite- Helps in transitions of spiritual growth. Strengthens and aligns auric fields, stimulates visions, and is very useful in 'Shamanic medicine’. Balances yin/yang of one’s character, brings harmony within, releasing discord. Awakens inner knowledge, assists in meditation and astral travel. Helps one to accept responsibility, and understanding money management. Lessens fatty deposits, eliminates toxins and helps the liver.


Lapis Lazuli-Enhances wisdom, spirituality and understanding, activates and energizes throat and brow chakras, creates 'total awareness’. Helps one to create and assist in understanding dreams. Stimulates emotional, mental, and physical purity and clarity. Helps overcome depression, brings cheer and success to relationships. Balances yin/yang energies, protective, and boosts immune system helping total overall health.


Lepidolite-Activates throat, heart and third eye chakras including the intellect. Opens crown chakra assisting one to become aware of subtle energies. Used for stress reduction, and alleviates despondency. A source for lithium, it is an all around mind elixir. Elixir of transition and change. Facilitates astral travel and helps one to cope and understand death. Helps with wrinkles, tendonitis, leg cramps, muscle and nervous systems, candida, and calms the heart.


Malachite- Used to promote sleep, strengthens the eyes, head, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, stomach, and heart.. Treats right-left brain imbalances such as dyslexia, autism, epilepsy, etc. Detoxifies the whole system and promotes complete tissue regeneration.   Excellent for burnt-out healers because it opens heart chakra, stimulates circulatory system and aligns etheric and  emotional bodies.  Balances 3rd chakra, self expression improves, and is excellent for use during fasting. Stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning, helps one to attain goals, clarifies the emotions, and helps one to release negative experiences.


Moldavite-Works with third eye, throat, and crown chakras.  Helps with connection to extra-terrestrial life and the understanding of the communication with those beings. Facilitates strong, clear and direct connection with higher planes of light and consciousness.


Morganite-Activates, cleanses, stimulates heart chakra. Brings love into one’s life. and. understanding of past lave experiences.  Stimulates creativity in issues of self-control.  Assists one to act from love, activates and energizes loving thoughts, and actions, bringing forth patience and reverence for life. Treats emphysema, TB, asthma and stabilizes heart and clears the lungs.


Moonstone- Balancing, introspective, reflective, lunar-New Beginnings. Increases intuition, perception, discernment stimulates confidence creativity, and self-expression.  Cleanses negativity from the chakras. Alleviates emotional tension, female complaints, change of life, PMS, promotes ease in childbirth. Enhances feminine aspects of one’s nature.


Peridot- Helps one to understand changes, cleanses and stimulates heart and solar plexus chakras, regulates cycles in one’s life, inspires happiness, helps protect from outside influences. Peridot also acts as a body tonic, strengthening and regeneraing the whole body.  Helps eye conditions of astigmatism and nearsightedness. Helps in childbirth, also helps to heal ulcers.


Phenacite-Stimulates third eye, deep meditation and provides for bringing love into one’s life. Phenacite adds energy to other elixirs, clears, cleanses and activates all chakras, and purifies the whole body. Helps one to connect to other planes of existence, and helps one to manifest needs on physical planes.


Purple Fluorite-Third eye elixir, increases intuition, psychic and spiritual growth. Helps with disorders associated with bones and bone mama Heals on physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels Rose


Quartz-Works on all chakras to remove negativity and reinstate self-love. Especially helps heart and crown chakras-an elixir of gentle love. Attunes one to spiritual love, balances yin/yang energies.  Produces loving energy that is calming and self supporting.


Ruby-Stimulates first chakra of survival.  Stimulates nurturing, spiritual wisdom, health, and knowledge.

Gathers and amplifies energy and promotes concentration. Protects on all levels including psychic attack. Assists in decisions and stability, working against unhappiness, and distressing dreams. Promotes creativity, and purifies disoriented energy. Aligns auraic and physical bodies and provides access to spiritual realms. Treats fevers, heart disorders relating to blood flow, decreases time required to expel chemicals and toxins from the body.


Tanzanaite-Stimulates throat, third eye, and crown chakras, Helps produce visions of higher spiritual realms. Brings revelations of the 'Gods’, brings the will to aid in manifestation, a 'magician’s elixir’. facilitates communication with spiritual world and other-worldly beings. Treats skin disorders, spinal misalignments, disorders of the eyes and brings one out of a comatose state.