Herbal Remedies


Use only stainless steel, glass, porcelain or ceramic pots for heated mixtures. Never use aluminum or iron as they will taint the mixture. All storage containers should have air tight lids. Plastic can be used, but I do not recommend it for liquids. No matter what type of container you choose, make sure it is clean, dry and in large enough quantity for your needs.


Use all natural gelatin capsules when using powdered herbs. Many herbs have a bitter taste, this often is the medicinal value in the herb, but makes teas unpleasant. Capsules can be used to take herbs quickly and pleasantly.


This is a preparation made by boiling herbal substances in water for a considerable period of time, usually about 30 minutes. Hard materials such as pieces of roots, bark, seeds, etc. are usually prepared in this way as they require longer subjection to heat in order to extract their active principles. Generally 1 ounce of the botanical substance is placed in 1 pint of cold water. The container is then covered and the solution allowed to boil for one-half hour, after which it is then strained, cooled and ready for use. However, since some of the water boils away, may herbalists prefer to use 1 1\2 pints of water so that when the boiling period has ended, the decoction measures approximately 1 pint.


Dip cloth in the infusion or decoction, wring it out, and apply locally.


Infusions are frequently called teas, and are generally prepared in the amount of 1 ounce of the plant substance to 1 pint of water. However, sometimes plants contain very active principles, and little less herb is sufficient. Bring the water to a boil and pour over the herb, in a covered container, let the solution steep (stand) for 15 minutes (stirring occasionally). When the steeping has ended, strain the infusion and use. Infusions can be prepared by placing 1 teasthingy of the plant substance in a cup and pouring boiling water over it. It is then covered with a saucer and allowed to steep for 15 minutes, after this, it is strained and used. Sometimes a little honey is added to make the infusion more palatable. INFUSIONS ARE NEVER ALLOWED TO BOIL.


An easy method to make a salve or ointment is to take approximately eight parts of vaseline or vegetable shortening and two parts of the herb you are wanting to use. Heat on low heat and stir occasionally for 20 minutes. Let cool, strain into glass or porcelain container with a wide opening, for easy assess.


Poultices are used to apply moist heat to draw or soothe. Fresh leaves of the particular herb called for is bruised and steeped in boiling water (only enough to moisten) for a short time. The leaves are then spread between two pieces of cloth and applied as hot as possible, then, covered with a dry cloth to retain heat. A second poultice is prepared while the first one is still being used. It is to replace the first poultice the moment it begins to noticeably lose heat. The powdered herb of a plant may be substituted for the fresh leaves. Use enough of the powdered herb to make a paste. The paste is then spread between two pieces of cloth, applied and renewed, several times.


Boil tea for 20 minutes, add 1 oz. glycerin, and seal up in bottles, as you would fruit. Small juice bottles are the right size for this.


These are spirit preparations made with pure or diluted alcohol (not rubbing alcohol), brandy, vodka, or gin is the best. Tinctures are used because some herbs will not yield their properties to water alone, or may be rendered useless by application of heat. In other instances, an herb will more readily impart it's active principles when prepared as a tincture. Usually, 4 ounces of water and 12 ounces of alcohol is mixed with 1 ounce of the powdered herb. The mixture is allowed to steep (stand) for 2 weeks, the bottle should be shaken thoroughly every night. After the 2 weeks are up, the clear liquid is strained off carefully, so as not to disturb the sediment. Strain and discard the sediment. The tincture is then bottled for use.

ABSCESSES: Carrot powder (poultice), slippery elm.
ACNE: Burdock, chaparral, parsley, echinacea, red clover, capsicum.
AGING: Kombucha.
ANEMIA: Alfalfa, Red beet root, yellow dock root, strawberry leaves, chickweed, burdock root, nettle, mullein leaves.
APPETITE (Increases): Chamomile, ginseng, golden seal, marjoram.
APPETITE (Decreases): Spirulina, Patchouli (combine the two).
APOPLEXY: Black cohosh, hyssop, vervain, blue cohosh, catnip, skullcap.
ALCOHOLISM: Milk Thistle, cayenne, golden seal, valerian, skullcap.
ALLERGIES: Cayenne, chaparral, grapefruit peel (powdered), chaparral, burdock root, golden seal.
ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Comfrey, evening primrose oil, cayenne, golden seal, rose hips, garlic.
ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM: Yucca, alfalfa, chaparral, devil's claw, burdock, mullien, agrimony, burdock, celery, colts foot (lotion), garlic.
ASTHMA: Ephedra, comfrey, nettle, powdered grapefruit peel, mignonette (eases spasms).
ATHLETE'S FOOT: Goldenseal, garlic, black walnut hulls, powdered turmeric, benzoin, myrrh.

BAD BREATH: Alfalfa, myrrh, parsley, rosemary.
BALDNESS: Aloe vera, nettle, yarrow.
BED WETTING: Watermelon seeds, cranberry powder.
BITES: Cornflower (poultice or topical lotion).
BLOOD CLEANSER: Red Clover, chaparral, dandelion, garlic, burdock, daisy, red dock, marshmallow, honeysuckle flowers, marigold.
BLOOD PRESSURE (High): Cayenne, hawthorn berries, garlic, valerian root.
BLOOD PRESSURE (High or Low): Hawthorne berry, ginseng, kelp, golden seal root, ginger root.
BLOOD PURIFIER: Pau d'Arco, red clover, chaparral, oregan grape root.
BOILS: Chapparal, dandelion, red clover mullein, echinacea, chickweed.
To Heal BONE, FLESH AND CARTILAGE: White oak bark, comfrey root, black walnut, scullcap.
BOWEL (Lower) CLEANSER: Senna, cascara sagrada, golden seal root, red raspberry.
BREAST FEEDING (Increases milk): Alfalfa, fennel, red raspberry.
BREAST FEEDING (Decreases milk when ready to wean): Parsley, kelp, sage.
BREATHING DIFFICULTIES: Powdered Grapefruit peel, ephedra, comfrey leaves, mullein.
BRONCHITIS: Powdered Grapefruit peel, ephedra, comfrey, eucalyptus, chickweed tea, slippery elm, mullein, cayenne, ginger.
BURNS: Burdock. Aloe vera.
BURSITIS: Alfalfa, chaparral, comfrey, mullein.

CALCIUM DEFICIENCY: Horsetail, comfrey, alfalfa.
CANKER SORES: Burdock root.
CANCER: Pau d'Arco, rhubarb root, slippery elm, red clover, sheep sorrel, garlic, ginseng, golden seal, burdock, yellow dock, goose grass (tumor or skin).
CANDIDA ALBICANS: Pau d'Arco, psyillium seed.
CHICKEN POX: Lobelia, cayenne, red clover.
CIRCULATION: Bayberry, cayenne, blessed thistle, gotu cola.
COLD FEET: Cayenne, bayberry, kelp.
COLIC: Catnip, fennel, camomile, peppermint.
COMMON COLD: Red raspberry tea, chaparral, rose hips, honey, garlic, golden seal, chamomile flowers, slippery elm bark, cayenne, peppermint, blessed thistle.
COLDS AND FLU: red clover, raspberry tea, chaparral, rose hips, garlic, golden seal, yarrow leaf, peppermint.
COLITIS: Alfalfa, camomile, caraway, peppermint, plantain.
CONSTIPATION: (Do not take during pregnancy) Aloe vera, cascara sagrada, psyllium. To help a nursing baby, mother: drink a weak licorice tea, (this will pass on to baby gently).
COUGHS: Comfrey, coltsfoot, ginseng, horehound, hyssop, myrrh, black cohosh, wild cherry bark, bistort, coltsfoot, elfwort, garlic, hollyhock (makes coughing up phlegm easier).
CONVULSIONS: Black cohosh, catnip, scullcap, valerian, hops, hyssop.
CHILLS: Cayenne, bayberry bark, peppermint, willow, sage, catnip.

DANDRUFF: Yarrow, chaparral, aloe vera, nettle.
DEPRESSION: Nutritional yeast (one of the best), ginseng, gotu kola, cayenne.
DERMATITIS: Pau d'arco, aloe vera (topically), dandelion, golden seal, evening primrose.
DIABETES: Pau d'Arco, cedar berries, licorice root, cayenne, mullein, juniper, uva ursi, blueberry leaf, raspberry leaf.
DIARRHEA: Red raspberry, slippery elm, nutmeg and cloves for cramps, alder, ginger.
DIGESTION: Comfrey leaves, aloe vera, cayenne, fennel, ginger, papaya.
DIZZINESS: Peppermint, catnip, wood betony.
DROPSY: horsetail.
DRUG DEPENDENCY: Pau d'Arco, camomile, licorice.

EAR INFECTION: Blue cohosh, scullcap, echinacea.
ECZEMA: Aloe vera, chickweed, red clover, yellow dock, Pau d'arco.
EDEMA: Uva ursi, safflower, parsley, juniper, dandelion tea.
EMPHYSEMA: Comfrey, anise seed, ephedra, powdered grapefruit peel.
EPILEPSY: Irish moss, black cohosh, nettle, scullcap(especially good), powdered elder bark (good combined with scullcap).
EYE DISORDERS: Eyebright, cornflower (conjunctivitis), teasel (fresh juice).
EYESIGHT: Celery (strengthens), elder leaves (said to cure and prevent some types of blindness), eyebright.

FATIGUE, STRESS: Ginseng, gotu kola, cayenne, nutritional yeast, guarana, chamomile.
FERTILITY: Feverfew (women).
FEVERFLU: Red raspberry, elder flowers, garlic, rosehip, golden seal, yarrow, red clover, willow. Peppermint tea and powdered grapefruit peel at the onset of flu to halt. Bistort, [combine peppermint, yarrow, elder flowers] will sweat the flu out, ginger, mignonette.
FIBROSIS: horseradish (rub).

GALL BLADDER: Asparagus, goose grass.
GANGRENE: Comfrey (topical lotion).
GAS, INTESTINAL: Catnip, ginger, peppermint, horseradish.
GENITAL (Burning and itching): Raspberry leaf, slippery elm, chickweed. Combine all herbs as a wash.
GLAND INFECTIONS: Bee pollen (excellent although not an herb), golden seal, saw palmetto, echinacea, horsetail, knapweed, sea holly.
GOUT: Yucca, stinging nettle, safflower, Pau d'arco, lobelia.

HAIR: Nettle, rosemary, jojoba oil, burdock, quince.
HAY FEVER: Powdered grapefruit peel, ephedra, nettle, black cohosh, elfwort.
HEADACHE: Catnip, feverfew, peppermint, rhubarb root, rosemary, thyme, vervain, wood betony, marjoram, red root, camomile.
HEART: Hawthorne berries (covers a wide variety of heart ailments, a strengthener), barberry, shepherds purse, cayenne, garlic.
HEMORRHOIDS: Yellow Dock, butcher's broom, marshmallow, black walnut, lobelia. (all external as well as internal application)
HORMONE REGULATION: Blessed thistle, damiana.
HORMONE IMBALANCE: Valerian, don quai, licorice.
HOARSENESS: Mullein, horehound, hyssop, coltsfoot, goldenseal.
HYPOGLYCEMIA: Blueberry leaf, juniper, safflower.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Echinacea, goldenseal, chapparal.
IMPETIGO: Echinacea, red clover, licorice root, turmeric (made into a paste and applied externally)
IMPOTENCE: Damiana, sesame seeds.
INSOMNIA: Hops, skullcap, valerian, mullein, passion vine (combine all).
ITCH: Yellow dock (excellent), chickweed, plantain, oregano, white willow bark, myrrh, golden seal.

JAUNDICE & LIVER: Irish moss, dandelion, horsetail, rose hips, parsley, fennel, birch leaves, agrimony, burdock, celery, fumitory.

KIDNEY AND BLADDER: Corn silk, dandelion, juniper, parsley,asparagus, uva ursi, thyme, carrot powder (excellent),daisy, goose grass, hydrangea, nettles, celery, marshmellow (makes passing of foreign objects much easier), twitch.

LABOR and DELIVERY: Red raspberry (coordinates the uterine contractions, often making labor shorter.), Jasmine flowers (makes easier).
LAXATIVES: Psyllium husks, flaxmeal.
LEG CRAMPS: Horsetail grass, alfalfa, comfrey herb, oat straw, scullcap.
LEUKEMIA: Pau d'Arco.
LEUCORRHEA: Bayberry bark (douche), golden seal and myrrh (douche and internally), plantain, slippery elm, white oak bark (douche), wintergreen, yarrow, juniper berries.
LIVER DISORDERS: horsetail, dandelion, cascara sagrada, blessed thistle.
LOWER BOWEL PROBLEMS: Psyllium seed husks, calamus root tea.
LYMPH INFECTIONS: Dandelion, hydrangea.

MEMORY AID: Ginseng, gotu kola, cayenne.
MENTAL TROUBLES: Sage (for wide variety of mental aberrations).
MENTAL EXHAUSTION: Guarana, fennel.
MENSTRUATION PROBLEMS: Red raspberry, uva ursi, dong quai, honeysuckle flowers (eases pain), melissa (eases pain), tarragon (delayed), thyme (regulates excessive flow & ease swollen & painful breasts).
MENOPAUSE: Ginseng, black cohosh (not to be taken during pregnancy), blessed thistle, licorice root, sarsaparilla.
MIGRAINE HEADACHES: Feverfew, camomile, celery.
MISCARRIAGE: Strawberry leaves (prevents), bistort (prevents)
MORNING SICKNESS: Red raspberry (prevents), peppermint leaf, alfalfa, catnip, ginger.
MOUTH SORES (Canker, Thrush, Pyorrhea): Aloe vera, golden seal, myrrh, red raspberry, white oak bark, lecithin.
MUMPS: Lobelia, echinacea, bayberry root bark, ginger.

NAUSEA: Ginger, lavender, mint, oregano, peppermint, red raspberry, yarrow.
NERVOUS DISORDERS: Skullcap (good for mild or severe problems), valerian, hops, rosemary, chamomile (tranquilizes), cornflower, elder bark (severe problems), fennel, heather (tranquilizes), mignonette, sage (balances mental facilities),
NOSEBLEEDS: Witch hazel, bayberry bark.

OBESITY: Chickweed, kelp, saffron, papaya leaves, hawthorn berries, and licorice, spirulina, patchouli, nettles, white willow ephedra, gotu kola, cayenne, bladderwrack.

PAIN: White willow, mullien.
PARALYSIS: Horseradish.
PNEUMONIA: Comfrey, eucalyptus, fenugreek, mullein, yarrow (breaks fever and promotes sweating), marshmallow (makes coughing up phlegm much easier)
P.M.S. (PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME): Red raspberry, uva ursi, nutritional yeast, alfalfa (for its calcium content, studies show that women who take calcium on a regular basis have reduced or eliminated P.M.S. symptoms).
PHLEBITIS: Calendula.
PINWORMS: powdered Watermelon seed.
PROSTATE AND KIDNEY: Golden seal, corn silk, uva ursi, juniper berries, ginseng, cayenne.
PSORIASIS: Chickweed.

RHEUMATISM: Yucca, alfalfa, chaparral, cayenne, fennel, garlic, red clover, red raspberry, devil's claw, burdock, elfwort (lotion), horseradish (rub), hydrangea, jasmine flower oil (rub), nettles.
RINGWORM: Black walnut, golden seal, turmeric, castor oil. (Make a paste of the three powdered herbs, smear on spot and cover. Change bandage twice daily. Bath thoroughly daily and rinse entire body, including hair, with apple cider vinegar. Pat dry and apply castor oil to entire body, then apply paste to spots. Must continue for 30 days.

SENILITY: Dandelion, ginseng, gotu kola, alfalfa, licorice, yellow dock.
SINUSES: Comfrey, fenugreek, ephedra, natural bioflavanoids.
SKIN: daisy (tones), red dock, nettles (closes pores).
SNAKE BITES: Drink combination of garlic, plantain, black cohosh, borage, scullcap, hyssop, echinacea, and wood betony, ephedra. Put a poultice of cornflower, plantain and garlic on bite.
SPLEEN: Eyebright.
STOMACH (Indigestion and Gas): Angelica, thyme, valerian, vervain, witch hazel, willow, wintergreen, wood betony, camomile, marjoram, echinacea, chickweed, aloe vera, bayberry bark, caraway seed, catnip, cayenne, comfrey, fenugreek & fennel (allays nausea and cleans impurities), ginseng, golden seal, sage, sassafras, slippery elm, spearmint, hyssop, nettle, oregano, plantain, rue, anise, bay leaf.
STRESS: Reishi Plus (strengthens and balances stomach, spleen, and brain chemicals, making stress easier to handle), Black cohosh root, cayenne, scullcap, valerian root, lady's slipper.
STYES: Carrot, strawberries.
SWELLING: Coltsfoot, comfrey root (combine two for topical lotion).

TESTICLES: Chickweed, mullein, burdock.
TETTER: Borage, plantain, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaf.
THYROID: Mullien, parsley, kelp, black walnut, irish moss, bayberry, white oak bark, scullcap, black cohosh, sage (gets rid of toxins).
TONSILLITIS: Echinacea, bayberry root, ginger.
TUBERCULOSIS: Comfrey, myrrh, wild cherry bark, golden seal, pau d'arco, bayberry bark, burdock root, coltsfoot, yellow dock, marshmallow (makes coughing up phlegm easier), honeysuckle flowers, icelandic moss (an old but successful Viking cure), sage (brings relief).
TUMORS: Horseradish, onion (two combined for poultice).

ULCERSSKIN: Honeysuckle flowers (excellent), myrrh, golden seal, aloe vera, comfrey root, marigold (topical lotion for varicose veins).
ULCERSSTOMACH: Carrot powder, bistort, cornflower, horsetail, licorice, burdock, Pau d'Arco, goldenseal, myrrh, slippery elm bark white oak bark, red raspberry, valerian, aloe vera.
UTERINE DISORDERS: Bistort (prevents miscarriage), chamomile,jasmine flowers, melissa, mignonette.

girl thingyL PROBLEMS: Aloe vera, blessed thistle, garlic, ginger, golden seal root, red raspberry, slippery elm bark, yellow dock root, comfrey root, uva ursi.
VARICOSE VEINS: White oak bark, calendula, witch hazel, yarrow.

WARTS: Clove of Garlic laid on wart for 3 days will blister up, when blister heals, wart won't come back. Castor oil applied twice daily.
WATER RETENTION: Dandelion, parsley, uva ursi, cranberry, juniper, buchu, corn silk.
WEIGHT CONTROL: Spirulina, chickweed, guar gum, bladderwrack, patchouli, nettles.
WHOOPING COUGH: Valerian root, cayenne.
WOUNDS: Horsetail (antiseptic), honeysuckle flowers (poultice).