Formulas to get rid of insects in your home

To keep ants out of a house or a garden: sprinkle ground cinnamon around base of house. (I get the bulk cheap stuff works great no ants in 7 yrs!) You can also sprinkle it on ant beds, to kill the ants (or they will travel to your neighbors yards). For your garden: sprinkle concentrated lemon juice round the whole garden, keeps ants & insects out of garden. Both are ok to use if you have pets or little kids around, safe for all to use & you can get the kids to do it for you without worry! Contributed by
ANTS formula 2:
?œ Boric Acid
?œ Sugar
?œ Cotton Balls

Mix Boric Acid and Sugar in a bowl. Then soak Cotton ball in Mixture and let dry. Place Cotton balls in path of Ants.Contributed by Michelle Potter

?œ 1/3 cup molasses
?œ 6 tablesthingys sugar
?œ 6 tablesthingys active dry yeast

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl until they form a smooth past. Spread the mixture into plastic lid. Any old plastic container will do. Set the mixture near the mouth of ant hill. For kitchen areas, coat a strip of cardboard with the mixture and lay along floor or in crevices where ants travel. Works best with medium to large ants. Try substituting honey for the molasses.

?* 1/4 cup maple syrup
?* 1 tablesthingy brown sugar
?* 1 tablesthingy granulated sugar

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Pour over strips of brown paper and let soak overnight. To hang, poke a hole in one end of a strip and tie a string to it.

Formula 1: Ingrediance
?* aloe vera gel
?* essential oils of citronella
?* tea tree oil
?* lavender oil

Stir all ingrediance together
Mix becomes opaque. (make it as strong as y0u like)

contributed by Lucy

REPELLENT Formula 2:
?* 3 cups rubbing alcohol
?* 1 1/2 cups red cedar wood shavings
?* 1/2 cup eucalyptus leaves

Mix ingredients together in a large bowl or jar. Cover and let stand 5 days. Strain the solid ingredients out and save the remaining liquid. Store tightly sealed. Yield: 2 cups. To use, pour into a small spray bottle and spray lightly on skin.
Formula 3: Ingredients
?* 1/4 cup denatured alcohol
?* 1 1/2 teasthingys camphor
?* 1 1/2 teasthingys calcium chloride

Mix ingredients together in a bowl and stir until dissolved. To use, rub on skin before going outside, or pour into a small spray bottle and spray lightly on skin. CAUTION: Do not use near eyes. Discontinue use if you notice a rash or other allergic reaction.

Formula 4: Ingredients Mix together:
?* One ounce of either oil of citronella or pennyroyal
?* Baby oil or vegetable oil, a few drops

Citronella and pennyroyal can be found at most health food stores. Apply to skin before going outside.
(Note: caution should be used with pennyroyal around or by pregnant women)

Formula 5: Ingredients
?* Four parts glycerin
?* 4 parts alcohol
?* 1 part eucalyptus oil

Or make a solution of equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and methyl phthalate.
Avon's Skin-So-Soft
Although some people swear by this product, I didn't find it to be particularly effective.
The castor bean plant

Seeds available from any nursery. Plant in pots within the house; replant outdoors. Decorative and they grow like weeds! (Please read note 1)
Garlic Juice

My grandson is allergic to any type of repellent with chemicals in it. So we use a mixture of Garlic juice and water. Use at least 1 part garlic juice to 5 parts water in a small personal size spray bottle. Works every time, works great in the woods, hubby forgot one day and had a terrible case of chiggers. We originally started to use this in our garden instead of poisons and decided to use it on ourselves since it worked so well. Contributed by Becky Holcomb,

Mix the following:
?* Borax, one pound
?* Powdered sugar, 60 oz.
?* One oz. cocoa powder
?* Two oz. sodium fluoride

Mix well and sprinkle around places pests are known to frequent. Keep out of reach of children!

Melt together
?* 4 parts naphthalene and
?* 8 parts paraffin wax
Paint on paper while still warm.

Note1:the castor bean contain ricin which is harmfull if eaten. PLEASE keep seeds out of the reach of children and pets.
Caution should be use with all chemicals and plants.
Please read warnings labels before using.