Fragrances that Assist Spirit Perception

Apple Blossom--connects you with nature spirits

Carnation--provides protection against spirit beings, especially the discarnate.

Chamomile--is drawing to those devic orders associated with Egypt and Arabia. Helps to attune to nature kingdom. Balances aura so that spirit perception is facilitated

Frankincense--cleansing to the aura and environment. Its high vibration prevents intrusion by unwanted or lower level spirits. Enhances greater perception. Protective and cleansing.

Gardenia--extremely drawing to nature spirits. Stimulates telepathy, communication with spirit realm on many levels. Used in rituals to draw good spirits.

Lavender--eases stress, facilitates altered states of consciousness. Stimulates higher vision, used to connect with various devic orders.

Lemon--drawing to good spirits. Assists in discrimination when working with spirit realm.

Lilac--Helps stimulate physical vision and draws good spirits. Very drawing to fairies--used to cleanse haunted houses, and stimulates higher forms of clairvoyance.

Rose---Draws spirit guides of love and joy. Used in spirit meditation to open connections with guides that assist in divination and increasing psychic ability.

Rosemary--Sacred to Elf kingdom. Protective energy and guards one against negative entities. Used as an oil in bath, it increases the body’s sensitivity to spirit realms.

Violet--flower of Fairy Queen. Drawing to all nature spirits, it is used to awaken greater telepathy and communication with them. Anoint forehead prior to meditation to activate greater awareness of them.

Wisteria---to attract good spirits and specific guides for their individual situations. Brings one closer to those guides who will serve as creative forces to inspire and those who will assist in healing.

Water is an element of Spiritual work. Many psychics and clairvoyants place a bowl or glass of water in their working area to appease the spirits and to be able to communicate with them. Add a fragrance or combination of scents to a bowl of water and sprinkle to the 4 Quadrants while you ask for their help and guidance.